Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz Review

Every boxing brand on the market will claim to be the best, they would not be able to sell you products if they did not do this. Whilst most of these claims need to be taken with a pinch of salt, Winning actually practice what they preach and the feedback speaks for itself.

There aren’t enough superlative for telling you how good these gloves are, but we will try during this review. If we do not have you hooked already, read on through this review and we are sure we will have you convinced by the end.

The Review of gloves

Without a doubt, Winning boxing gloves are an investment that one should make wisely. If you are just starting out in boxing we would not recommend you buying a Winning pair straightaway as you will just look a bit silly really.

Be patient, spend time training and developing your boxing skills and you will soon be in a place in which you can buy a pair of Winning gloves without any shred of guilt on how much you have just forked out for them.


Almost everything that we have to say about these gloves is positive words, there is really not that much that Winning have got wrong. With a fine detail in the crafting or the thumb and the use of superior quality 100% leather, these gloves offer the ultimate protection for your hands.

The padding in the gloves is very efficient and create a comfortable level of snugness, that again will over protection for the fighter. If ever a pair of gloves were going to be branded as the perfect boxing glove, Winning would claim the title. If you pay attention to professional boxers you will notice that many of them choose the Winning formula.


Winning gloves are expensive and are out of the price range of many fighters. With such a high price tag you will want to be reassured that these gloves will stand the test of time and will be a good investment.

We hope by reading this review that you can take our word for it. A lot of new fighters will rush out to buy these gloves so they look the part, but they are not about being flashy, there are about protecting fighters and helping them to be the best that they can be.


Fans of Winning boxing gloves will lovingly refer to their precious gloves as “pillows.”, they are that soft and welcoming. Boxers need support for their hands and wrists and good quality gloves like these ones will give you piece of mind.

Made in Japan, Winning gloves enjoy strong padding allows the glove to absorb the impact of the punch and will be gentle on your hands. Winning gloves are, of course, great for competitions, but these training gloves are designed for long periods of sparring and work on the heavy bag. So in our opinion they best boxing gloves for heavy bag on the market.

As the padding is sufficient for training, you can hold long training sessions without damaging your hands.

The actual shape of the glove is designed to fit the contours of the hands and offer a snug and comfortable fit that will please most people, although we do know that taste varies from person to person.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz


You will experience little damage to these gloves for many years to come, as they are the most durable on the market. The company have been making quality gloves since 1937 and are definitely ahead of the game in the world of boxing gear.

The design team have outdone themselves when it came to creating these training gloves. Thanks to the innovative impact design that keeps the wearer safe, these gloves are subjected to less stress when they collide with an object.

We have no doubt that these gloves will stand the test of time and will be effective for the whole time that you wear them.

Design And Aesthetics

The anti-thumbing style is designed to protect your thumb from injury while promoting proper fist formation. If you are looking for a glove supported by many boxing champs worldwide, then consider the Winning Training Boxing Gloves in 16 ounces.

The design of these Winning gloves is very sleek, with many traditional features and clean lines. If a boxing glove ticks every box in terms of performance and comfort there is no need to be flamboyant. Loud colors and fancy designs are not required as these gloves stand out all by themselves.

We can guarantee that these gloves will draw attention when you head to your next training session. Winning knows what it wants when it comes to design and they like to keep things traditional, with classic lacing and bold colors that scream ‘look how classy I am’.

Fit And Comfort

Although every fighter will have their own person opinion on the best fit of gloves, we think that most will agree with us that these Winning gloves offer a perfect fit.

The gloves enjoy a unique ventilation system for extra comfort, so there is none of that dreaded sweating and chaffing.  The gloves do fit very closely but comfort is not comprised.

The lace up fastening allows each fighter to tailor the tightness of the gloves to they needs and it almost feels as though the gloves have been custom made, although we now that professionals can take it to a whole new level when they order bespoke gloves. Professional fighters love Winning gloves and we feel like a professional every time we put them on.

One enthusiastic reviewer over on Amazon cannot praise Winning enough “my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore, it absorbs the impact and protects your hands really well my hands got better, my wrist got better. it’s just really soft and really worth the money. No comparison to other gloves”


Winning Training Boxing Gloves come in the standard 10, 12, 16, and 18 oz. sizes and are very true to size. If you are a lighter boxer you will want to use a glove that has less padding, so a 10 or 12 oz should be sufficient and if you are on the heavier size, a heavier glove will give your hands the protection that you need.

Some people feel that they need to buy lesser padded gloves in order to feel more comfortable, but this is not the case and you could put your hands at risk.

As you will have read above, the comfort levels of these gloves are great no matter what the size.


If money is not an issue then these are truly great gloves and you will never regret buying them, if you are on a  budget however, you can find much cheaper options available to you without too much loss in quality.

You will not be disappointed with the gloves in any way, shape or form and they are quite simply the gift that keeps on giving. Winning Training Boxing Gloves lead the market due to their excellent design and high performance.

They truly are exceptional and thousand, make that millions, of fighters around the world will agree with us. Go treat yourself and see the difference that they can make to your performance.