Vulkan Pro Light Gi Review


The Prolight is Vulkans flagship GI model and one of my favourite GIs. I own 2 Prolights and many other top brand GIs and the Prolight is my GI of choice when it comes to my training.

This gi is made of Honey Comb Weaved Fabric and Rubber Lapel providing lightness, quality and faster drying. The Ultra Light model is even lighter than the Pro light, it weights about 2.6 lbs. It is the best option if you are close to being over the weight limit of your division at tournaments.


Vulkan gis are made of a unique Honey Comb Weaved Fabric, With a rubber lapel that is light, durable, high quality and dries faster than traditional gi’s. Vulkan gi’s are one of the lightest gi in the market today. Great Gi for everyday training.

Vulkan gi reviews say that it is one of the main things that give the Prolight its uniquely wide appeal. As well as coming in classic BJJ colors, you can also get red gis which are ok for practicing in or outside of official competitions.

The Vulkan Pro Light Gi is a somewhat simple gi. The gi top itself only has 3 rectangular and narrow patches located on both shoulders and the left lapel.

The Vulkan Pro Light Gi has no branded taping along the bottom skirt or on the inside of the sleeves. Additionally, the Pro Light was constructed with zero contrast stitching which means that the kimono only has one color.



Vulkan Pro Light navy blue

Vulkan Pro Light Gi


This gi is very comfortable and fits well according to the sizing chart. However, about 15 mins into your session it starts to stretch with sweat and stretches a lot. The sleeves grew by at least 2 inches. It also makes it easier for your partner to grip and hold onto your sleeves

There is plenty of room to move in this gi, as it designed to be comfortable, something Vulcan exceed at. Reviewers have said that they did not feel constricted in any way when fighting in this outfit.

The jacket is much longer then the average go brand, so you may want to consider a smaller size if you are short or have short arms.Vulkan Pro Light Gi red

Size Chart






It’s very light and comfortable but, unfortunately it does stretch an extreme amount. I can’t imagine what the ultra light does.

Despite it being pre-shrunk it was still dripping gray water while being hung out to dry. The dye was not totally set we guess, or maybe this is to be expected. What ever the case if you set it to drip dry make sure what it drips on doesn’t matter

Even lighter than the Pro Light, this Ultra Light kimono is sure to pleasantly surprise you. The Honey Comb weave is still strong, while the weight is as low as 2.6 lbs. True to Vulkan style, the lapel is rubberized so it dries more quickly and prevents bacteria buildup.


This gi is very light, comparable to the Vulkan Pro Lite. The weave appears to be a goldweave pattern, but seems much thinner than other goldweaves I have owned eg Atama. The cut is of the two-piece design with no seam on the back and no separate skirt.

There are double reinforced areas under the arms, around the shoulders and by the notch at the jacket base. It interesting to note the shrinkage percentage is greater along the length of the arms, and less so in jacket length – possibly due to the direction of the weave.


Much like the top, there isn’t much to say about the pants because there isn’t a ton of extra detail or contrast stitching. What these pants do boast is great stitching on critical parts that are more prone to tear or rip.

The flat drawstring though is a bit of a pain to untie as it gets damp from sweat. I do have to retie my pants after two rolls due to the drawstring not staying correctly.Vulkan PRO Light pants


Overall, the Vulkan Pro Light is considered one of the best BJJ gis on the market. The fit is good, and it is lighter than any other gi in the price bracket. Besides that, it is reasonably durable and is good in most weather conditions.

It stands apart from other BJJ gi’s in that it has a wide array of color options for those who like to have fun with their fighting. While there are some flaws that people should know about it is a superb BJJ gi.