Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Venum is a US based company that creates the majority of their boxing equipment in Thailand. While Venum are by far best known for producing MMA equipment and clothing, they are getting better at manufacturing boxing gloves and have taken on-board feedback from negative reviews in the past.

If you are a beginner and are overwhelmed with the number of gloves on the market, stay with us and we can help you decide if these Venom Elite gloves will be the ones for you.


In the past Venum has had a lot of negative reviews of their boxing gloves and have since taken great strides in making them more appealing. Like we have said, these are certainly not the best boxing glove, but they do a good job for beginner boxers.

The price of these gloves is another reason that they are ideal for new fighters as many other brands cannot compete with a glove of this quality at the price they sell for.

Some people will say that they are cheap and cheerful and although there may be some truth in that statement, we think Venom deserve a lot more respect than that. They get a lot of things right with these gloves and with a few tweaks, they may be onto something good.


The effort put into how these gloves function is what makes them stand out amongst some of the brand’s biggest competitors. With a seamless fabric on the outer surface of the gloves, there’s little to no friction and there’s virtually no chance of picking up an injury during training or when sparring.

The creatively built inner fit and wrist strap fit hands of all sizes, even fighters who have larger hands. Did we mention how comfortable these gloves are? Well, we will tell you again- they are amazingly comfortable without being too restrictive. You can have an excellent piece of mind, whether you are the fighter or the parent of a fledgling young boxer. Think this all sounds great, then read on.



Venum Elite Boxing Gloves



There is no doubting that these gloves do what they say on the tin but they will never be anything more than entry level gloves. We would only recommend these gloves for those starting out in boxing as they would not give professionals the requirements that they need.

 Protection And Padding

Designed with a reinforced palm and attached thumb, these boxing gloves provide better protection even though they are lighter than many other best boxing gloves. The gloves also have a unique Skintex leather that is soft and will prevent injury to both you and your opponent.

Long cuffs add further protection to your wrists and there is a wide velcro strap, made of elastic, that can be tightened to suit the needs of the individual. We think this is a greta design feature as it certainly holds the gloves in place no matter how hard a punch you throw.

Parents of new boxers can rest assured that their child’s wrists and hands will be fully protected by using these gloves and, if worn correctly, there should be no issues at all.

Quality And Durability

The exterior is a friction resistant outer layer that gives these gloves a great amount of durability and are surprisingly durable, especially given the price that you pay for them. Often gloves that are durable can appear a little clunky and are awkward to wear, but this is not the case when it comes to Venom. You can read more about the fit of the glove shortly.

These gloves feature a triple density foam on the interior and a unique leather construction on the outside. The Venum Elite gloves give fighters the latest in cutting edge technology while giving new fighters a great confidence in their ability.

Design And Aesthetics

These may not be the most trendy of gloves, but appearances are not the most important factor when it comes to choosing boxing gloves. That said they do have a few unique design features that take them from looking too basic.

Of course, those starting out will want to make a good impression, especially children and young people, so these are a reasonably attractive glove to wear.

These gloves in addition feature strategically placed mesh panels — under the particular fists — that maximize breathability in addition to regulate your hand temperature to boost endurance. Thus, you could end up sure that the hands will remain great throughout your training sessions.

Simply stated, these mesh panels are designed to regulate heat in addition to keep the inside of your gloves dry. Training with damp gloves can be a thing of days gone by. They are available in red, white and black.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Salad

Fit And Comfort

Feedback from people who have used these gloves has been very positive in terms of comfort and we have to agree that they are a great fit. Often gloves that have heavy padding can become too stiff and fighters suffer from sweaty and smelly hands, eek, but with a clever mesh layer these gloves allow hands to breathe through the thick padding.

Even though the padding is thick, there is lots of room to move around and the gloves fit to general size guides, so are good for fighter who have large hands.

The superior amount of padding gives beginners a great peace of mind when training as it goes above and beyond in terms of hand protection. Reinforced seams also add to the durability of these gloves and it is nice to see that Venom have taken onboard feedback from previous complaints about gloves falling apart after a short amount of use.

It is the little features that often make a pair of gloves, ask any boxer and they could probably talk about the ins and outs of their gloves for hours on end.


As ever, it is very sound advice to speak to your boxing trainer or a retail expert when you are starting out in boxing, especially when it comes to the right boxing gear to wear.

Gloves are one of the most essential pieces of kit that you can own so you must do your research before buying. It is essential that gloves fit properly and that you do not wear the wrong sized glove.

These gloves come in 12, 14 and 16 ounce and we feel that they are very true to size.


Overall, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are a great choice for boxers, both beginners and professionals, who need a reliable glove to use for training and boxing matches.

They are lightweight, durable, and extremely reliable. If you are new to boxing and do not want to splash out on very expensive gloves, you cannot go far wrong with these Venom boxing gloves.

If you have a young child who is starting out in boxing, it makes sense to start off with a glove like the Venom and you can always upgrade to a better quality glove as your child progresses.