Venum Competitor BJJ Gi Review


MMA enthusiasts are sure to have set their eyes on many Venum gis as they are popular amongst UFC competitors who are sponsored. Venum is one of the most well-known brands of BJJ gis in the world and all of their outfits are top class.

The Venum has a large line of single weave and gold weave BJJ his and they lead the way in terms of innovation in the MMA and BJJ industry.


The BJJ Sports Pearl Weave Blank Gi features a premium pearl weave made from 100% cotton, making it light weight without sacrificing durability. Adding to this is reinforced stitching at all seams and a single piece construction (no seam down the back). The pants are made from super light weight canvas material. All these features make it great for training and competition.




Venum Competitor BJJ Gi


Aside from its design and aesthetics, the Venum Competitor also gets a high grade when it comes to fit and comfort. The inside of the cuffs are lined with satin tape that gives users the extra comfort that they need. Aside from that, many people have claimed that it is a lot softer than their other gis.

Some users even claim that it is so comfortable that they forget that they are wearing the jacket. Unlike its competitors, the gi is made in half-sizes. This allows for a perfect fit for everyone.


The Venum Competitor boasts great strength and is arguably top of the game when it comes to durability, due to its superior weave and stitching.

Firstly, this uses a formidable 450 GSM Pearl Weave top with new and improved vent reinforcements (stronger and more efficiently shaped) and a thicker and wider collar. The heavy-duty collar is done in gunmetal grey, like the side vents and is made from a twill denim cotton with an applique logo sewn at the bottom.


The Competitor jacket is made of a lightweight single weave. The white gi has green contrast stitching and is reinforced at the stress points. There is extra reinforcement at the armpits and the slits at the sides of the skirt. The skirt slits are lined in a yellow canvas as an additional design element.

There is some overstitching on the gi but the seams are all tight and uniform. The insides of the cuffs are lined with satin tape for extra comfort. The collar of the jacket is foam-filled, has a good thickness and is a little more flexible than most of the other collars I have used.

The jacket’s collar is also foam-filled. However, it has all around thickness and is more flexible to wear. This BJJ gi also has a black label inside the jacket.

Venum Competitor BJJ Gi


The pants are made from canvas and have the same green contrast stitching that is found in the jacket. There are also six yellow belt loops along with a green flat cord drawstring. Aside from that, the gi has triple stitching at stress points that can handle any strenuous fall.

The pants of this outfit are just as impressive as the jacket, superb quality and oozing class. Featuring the distinctive Venom snake design on the patches and boating super strength stitches, these pants are not going to wear thin any day soon.

The one downside of the pants is that many would like to see them fitted with a rope drawstring rather than a cloth one they currently have.


The Competitor is one of most professional BJJ gis available to those in competition. The Venom has some of the best weaves on the market, which is reflected in the price tag but if you are looking for great durability, great style and great performances then it is so worthwhile paying extra. It can be a little on the heavy side, but is much lighter than it actually looks.

We simply cannot get enough of this go and it is one of the most impressive we have tried out in a long time. If you like to stand out from the crowd, wear a Competitor gi and see all eyes fall to you.