Venum Absolute BJJ Gi Review


This premier Kimono was built with BJJ’s expert’s needs in mind. Heavier than the “Competitor” GI, The “Absolute” GI is very resistant with its reinforced gold weave stitching and a hard collar with absolute durability. This gi is without a doubt the brand’s star of the show, in every way. It is that good that it is the top choice for BJJ champion Rodolfo Vieira.

The gi is made up of a gold weave pattern and is the only weave that is not a single weave from Venum. The gold weave gives this gi great strength, 650gsm weight that makes it very durable.

Venum Absolute BJJ Gi jacket

Of course, with extra weight comes extra problems. At 650gsm, it is a heavy gi, which some athletes may struggle with. Despite the heaviness, the gi is comfortable to wear and for those who are bigger built, the weight should not cause a problem.

This gi was designed to cater to BJJ’s expert’s requirements in mind, which you can see in its great durability and attention to detail.


The team behind the design have certainly made a bold statement when designing the Absolute. The word “Venum” is creatively written on the chest and down the left leg, and the brand logo can be found on the bottom of the jacket, on one shoulder and across the collar lining.

The heavy-duty collar is done in gunmetal grey, like the side vents and is made from a twill denim cotton with an applique logo sewn at the bottom

This is a gi that lets competitors stand out without compromising on quality and we think it is one of the most appealing gi available.


The Absolute gi provides incredible durability and flexibility, so you can perform all manoeuvres completely unrestricted and in the confidence that it will stand up to the rigors of intense BJJ competition.

The inside of the jacket is lined with a soft material for extra comfort while the outside fabric is much more durable. Some reviewers of the Absolute have mentioned the 650gsm being too heavy, but others have not found a problem at all.

This certainly is one of the heaviest gis on the market and it may make it harder for some to move in them, it will depend on your personal preference to a certain level.

One downside of this gi is the tendency for a lot of shrinkage, especially with the jacket that can become a little too snug after many washes. The good sizing of this gi should alleviate this problem for many, as most athletes find themselves falling in-between sizes.

Size Chart




5’5”- 5’7”120-145A-1
5’7”- 5’8”145-155A-1.5
5’7”- 6’0”155-265A-2
5’8”- 6’0”165-180A-2.5
6’0”- 6’5”200-250A-3

As mentioned earlier, the Absolute does suffer from significant shrinkage so the advice is to buy a size up, particularly if you are the top end of the weight for the size that you buy.


At 650gsm, gold weaved material it is safe to say that this gi is going to be durable. This gi will see you through practice and competitions without any problems at all. In addition to the strong material, the Absolute features an extra stiff collar and triple stitching across all of the usual stress points.

Venum Absolute BJJ Gi

Reinforcements can be found at various points of the outfit, especially in the crotch area, which is usually the first to show signs of strain. Without looking like it, this gi is like a coat of armour and will fight off any opponent, as long as you have the skills that is!


The jacket of the Absolute is nothing short of phenomenal, as you would expect from expert gold weaving. Made with good quality 100% cotton and enjoying a gentle inner-lining makes, this gi goes all out in terms of comfort. This does not mean that the jacket is not durable, it is one of the most durable you can buy, if you can cope with the heaviness of this outfit.

The collar is thick and made of rubber, which helps when it comes to opponents trying to grapple you. Again, even tough the collar is thick, it is not uncomfortable at all.

We love how fun this jacket looks, with bold colours and striking patches and embroidery. The style may not be to everyone’s taste but it is great for those looking for something different.


The pants of this outfit are just as impressive as the jacket, superb quality and oozing class. Featuring the distinctive Venom snake design on the patches and boating super strength stitches, these pants are not going to wear thin any day soon.

The one downside of the pants is that many would like to see them fitted with a rope drawstring rather than a cloth one they currently have.


The Venom Absolute is the best gold weave on the market, which is reflected in the price tag but if you are looking for great durability, great style and great performances then it is so worthwhile paying extra. It can be a little on the heavy side, but is much lighter than it actually looks.

We simply cannot get enough of this go and it is one of the most impressive we have tried out in a long time. If you like to stand out from the crowd, wear an Absolute gi and see all eyes fall to you.