Twins Elastic Thai Review

Twins Elastic Thai gloves are used throughout Thailand by professional fighters and they sponsor some of the country’s most high-profile fights.

These gloves are relatively new to the UK market compared to some other and are fast becoming a market leader for those starting out in fighting. If you have just heard about Elite Thai’s and are wanting to know more, read on for expert advice on deciding whether these gloves are the best fit for you.


Twins Elastic Thai training gloves are a welcome addition to the boxing market as they offer everything a new fighter will need to get started. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice on the market, let us help you in your research. These gloves are manufactured with the highest quality and intended to last a very long time.

These gloves have a great level of features that even the most experienced fighters are appreciative of. They are in the higher price bracket for entry level gloves, so we hope that this review will give you insight into what you will be getting for your money. Do pay attention to the information that we have given, especially in terms of size and fit.



Twins Elastic Thai Training Gloves

Twins Elastic Thai Training Gloves


The padding in these gloves offer great protection to the fighter’s hands and wrists and they have certainly impressed us in terms of quality.  Although they are on the lower end of the market in terms of price, they offer great value for money and are pretty durable.

We have said that these gloves would be great for new fighters, but, honestly, some seasoned fighters would find lots of positives in these gloves.


We think that these gloves are reasonably priced in terms of the quality that is on offer, but some reviewers feel that the price could be a little lower in order to compete with some other entry-level gloves. If price is not an issue for you then you may want to give the Twin Elastic Thai serious consideration.

 Protection And Padding

Boxers will inevitably throw a lot of punches through the course of their fighting career, thus impacting their hands and wrists in a potentially serious way. By using top quality gloves, like these Twin Elastic’s there is ultimate protection and some pretty good comfort levels too.

The soft leather and effective padding make these gloves great for sparring as well as competitions, for those who cannot afford two pairs of fighting gloves. If you can afford two pairs of gloves, we think that these gloves are a superb choice for training as they can withstand long periods of punching without it affecting your hands.

These gloves can be used for heavy bag work and occasionally pad work too. Obviously,  they will not be as padded as 16oz gloves, but they are very durable and super convenient if you do not have a pair of training gloves at hand.

Quality And Durability

Twins have made a great effort to ensure that these gloves are durable and that they will not disappoint loyal fans. The padding in the glove is skillfully shaped to best support your hand  and wrist while you are throwing punches. The gloves have been designed with training in mind and are therefore padded for extra comfort during long periods of fighting.

There is an elastic wrist fastening which is a feature we like a lot. The ability to adjust the tightness of the gloves make the gloves fit as snugly as possible and limit the amount of friction endured by the fighter.

Design And Aesthetics

Twins Elastic Thai Training Gloves  are very easy on the eye and whilst they do not come in a huge amount of colors, it is the actual design that takes these gloves a cut above the rest. Do not buy these sleek looking gloves just to show off to your friends as you may gain a lot of attention when your boxing skills do not match up to your showmanship.

The padding in these gloves are very effective without looking too bulky, so you get a streamlined look and can have confidence that they will still protect you against the toughest of punches. Seaming and stitching are very traditional feel whilst still being fresh and modern.

A unique satin and nylon hand compartment liner provides extra comfort and moisture-repelling qualities while training, something all boxers will know about and will do anything to prevent.

Twins Elastic Thai Training Gloves

Fit And Comfort

You will save a lot of time, energy and money if you try on your gloves before buying, even if your ultimate intention is to buy them online. If you can, try on the gloves in your gym or school or ask a boxing friend to lend a hand. Getting the fit and comfort right will ensure that you get off to a great start with your boxing career.

A satin-nylon interior to makes Twin Elastic Thai’s a great level of comfort that fighters find hard to resist once they have tried them out.

Fighters often complain of chaffing and friction burns from their gloves if they do not fit properly, but these gloves are perfect. Not too big and not too small, a glove like this is surprisingly difficult to come by.


There are three main sizes that you can buy these gloves in: 12, 14, 0r 16 oz, offering something for everyone. These are the sizes of gloves that are the industry standard, but they are just fine as they fit true to size.

Some brands make gloves in more sizes, but as these gloves fit snugly there is no need, even if you have large hands. The different weights represent varying degrees of power and protection to fighters of different sizes and weights.

If you are an experienced fighter you will instantly know what size glove you need, but as a new starter you cannot simply look at your hand and make a guess.

It is best to try on a few gloves at your local boxing gym or ask your trainer for advice when you are first starting out. Whatever you do, do not simply guess your size as your boxing will definitely see the effects of poorly fitted gloves, with sloppy punches and lackluster movements due to uncomfortable gloves.


If you are a boxer looking for a reliable set of gloves that offer quality, durability and good protection then Twins Elastic Thai offer everything you need and more. Style wise, these gloves offer something different and whilst you will not necessarily stand out, people will recognize that you are wearing a quality glove.

Great for training and competing these gloves cover all the bases and if you are not too worried about splashing out more than the average price for a pair of gloves, then we say go for it. We really think that these glovescan be named as one of the Best Muay Thai Gloves on the market and we hope that we will not disappoint you if you decide to take the plunge.