Title Freestyle Throwing Dummy Review

The Title Freestyle Throwing/Grappling Dummy is primarily a dummy for practicing throws and strikes and it is a good choice for those not too worried about doing a lot of submission work. This dummy is cheaper than some dummies, so will suit  those on a low budget or those just starting out in the sport.

We like how realistic this dummy is and the fact that you can get a variety of weights and heights means that it is almost personalised. The unit is extremely durable and there are no concerns at all when it come to the longevity of the dummy.

If you are considering purchasing this best grappling dummy for bjj
read our review to see exactly what you can and cannot do with this unit.


There are many positive points about this grappling dummy including:

Affordable — The Title unit enjoys a very agreeable price tag, something which surprised us icing the quality of the product compared to some other dummies on the market.

Choice — It is not often to find a dummy that comes in a range of sizes, as the Title Freestyle does. You can get a dummy in anything from 70-140 pounds, meaning there is a dummy out there for everyone.


The main downsides of this dummy are:

Arms — The limbs of tis dummy are very stiff and are almost impossible to move, something that a number of reviewers have commented on. As the limbs stay together, the amount of moves are limited.

Weight Issues — Feedback from many fighters has shown that the materials inside the dummy differs from one product to the next. Buyers have found different types of material inside the dummy, so if they want to alter the weight it is often a struggle. This little issue is of concern when it comes to the quality of the product, so it may sway your view.


As this dummy is extremely heavy it struggles at being flexible. As it is not made for submission it will not bend as much as some other grappling dummies and you cannot perform rolls that require a bend of the waist. If you do want a dummy that you can perform any move on, then you will be pushed to find one as they all have limitations. Consider what moves you think you need help with most and if it does not require too much bending then it will suffice.

As the legs of the dummy are very stiff, they cannot be used for performing ankle locks as they are designed to be straight. Fighters are also restricted with chokes as the thickness of the neck does not allow for flexibility.


The title dummy is for throws and strikes, so it has to be spot on when it comes to strength and durability. We think that it does very well in both areas and we have not seen any negative feedback from other reviewers. The outside of the unit is covered on a strong synthetic material that can take on the most powerful of strikes and will not be affected by strong throws. You can be confident that you can be as forceful as you like with this dummy without risking the stuffing ending up all over your gym.


The Title dummy comes in a variety of weight, starting at 70 pounds and going up to 140 pounds. Not many grappling dummies come in different sizes so this is a welcome introduction from the Title team. If ever there were a dummy that you can buy to your personal needs this is it.


As there are different weights of this dummy, there are a variety of heights too. If you buy the small dummy, the height will touch 5 Ft 4” and the heaviest weight will stretch to 6ft 4”. Again, fighters who usually struggle with a standard height have welcomes such variety from Title.

Ability to fit a Gi

The stiffness in the arms make this dummy a bit tricky to dress in a Gi, it will just result in a bunched up suit that will not be good to grapple in. As the dummy comes in different sizes, this can also pose a problem when it comes to dressing it.


The Combat Dummy has been designed to stand on its owns that fighters can stand away from the dummy to makes sweeps and strikes, amongst other key manoeuvres.

Whether you need to practice strikes, throws or grapples, the Combat dummy is a brilliant and versatile piece of equipment. We are sure you can carry out every move with this dummy, in the most flexible and dynamic way.

Title Freestyle Throwing Dummy training

A number of BJJ moves can be made with this dummy, more so than on some grappling dummies. It may be disappointing to some that there is no chance of practising submission moves on this dummy, you cannot argue with its superior support in strike training.


The Title Freestyle is a superb piece of sporting equipment, but like most grappling dummies it is not perfect. If durability is what you are after and you want to work on your throws and strikes, then this is a great dummy to buy. The fact that it is fraction of the cost of some high-end dummies is a big bonus and will lessen the blow of not being able to do too much submission work on it.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our review of the Title Freestyle Throwing Dummy and that you have many productive training sessions iff you decide to invest in this gear.