Tatami Zero G V3 BJJ GI Review 2019

The Zero G V3 from experienced gi manufacturers, Tatami is a good quality, lightweight outfit that  is primarily used in competitions.

With a reasonable price tag, this GI is great value for money. The jacket consists of 475 gsm Pearl Weave, with areas of reinforcements and a thick rubber collar.

Improved version of the popular Zero-G range by Tatami Fightwear sees as a Gi that rivals their own Estilo model. The design elements are much improved and the cut is a little bit slimmer than previous versions.

I still prefer my Estilo over the Zero G, but, apart from price, there’s little to really set these two apart.


The Zero G V3 enjoys blue contrast stitching throughout the GI and is very easy on the eye. Patches are eye-catching but not too bold and the overall look is very classy.

It has Zero G branded patching featured on both legs and shoulders, as well as embroidery on the belt, collar and to the rear of the collar.

Gameness Platinum 100% Cotton pants and the famous 550 gram Pearl Weave will keep you rolling.

Tatami Zero G V3 BJJ Gi

The price is superb for the Zero G v3 though, this go is most certainly a bargain at and is a generally lower price than a lot of BJJ Gi’s that are available today.

Taking everything tint account and the uniqueness of the design, we definitely think that this kimono is a definite pick up for anyone who likes style mixed with durability in their kimono.


Overall, the  Zero G V3 is a comfy go that is soft and easy to compete in. The pants are tapered for a better fit and have a drawstring waist, so that you can adjust to your personal size.

The fabric is soft and lightweight making it very comfortable to fight in and practice in.

The outfit does come out on the large size, certainly larger than some other brands such as Gameness. Be mindful of this when buying your gi as too big an outfit will restrict your movements.

Size Chart




5’4”- 5’6”125-176A-1
5’7”- 5’9”130-165A-2
5’10”- 6’0”155-220A-3
6’1”- 6’3”190-245A-4

The Zero G V3 does run larger than some other Gis, so make sure you check your measurements and you may need to consider buying a smaller size. There will be some shrinkage, so do take this into account also.


10oz heavy cotton is used in the stitching on all areas of the jacket and pants. The jacket is lightweight and is soft and breathable, but it is still reasonably strong.

The sleeves are wider than some brands of Gi and some fighters have mentioned extra length in the sleeve.

Although there is little shrinkage, a few reviewers have noted that after  one wash there were noticeable thread breaks on the gi pants across the crotch area.


The Jacket made from 475gsm Pearl Weave reinforced GI material and is from a single piece of fabric. A ripstop rubberized collar is there to stop moisture absorption during training and competition.

Reinforced armpits and side- vents strengthen the jacket without making it too uncomfortable and the bold blue patches are effective.

The jacket is lightweight and is soft and breathable. Deep side vents, a very comfortable collar and plenty of room in the jacket make this go as light as a feather and you may not feel like you are wearing it!


The pants of this gi are made of surprisingly soft, 10 oz. cotton. The waistband of pants has four belt loops and comes with a bungee-style drawstring so that the wearer can adjust for their personal comfort.

Although there are knee reinforcements and the crotch is strengthened, these pants are not suitable for sustained use due to the lightweight nature of the material.


The Tatami Zero G V3 is a great option for those on the look out for a lightweight go that is elegant and good for competitions.

We would advise adding this go to your collection rather than making it your only gi. If you are regularly entering competitions, you can save this outfit for competitions.

If, on the other hand, you are starting out or are wanting a gi for practicing in, we would say that an ultralight like this one is not ideal.

We cannot complain about the price point and we don’t actually mind the lack of detail in the design, it just doesn’t sit well in terms of durability.

All in all this is gi that is not really anything to write home about but does the job in hand and does have its benefits to users.