Tatami Sub Zero Ultra-Light Competition Gi Review – The Lightweight One

The latest edition to the Zero Gi range is the Sub-Zero Ultra Light Competition.

This is a Gi that is up there with some of the best, and probably one of the lightest non-ripstop GI’s on the market weighing just 2.6 lbs (1.2kilo) for the jacket and the pants. The Sub-Zero features a new cut and longer pants to give you the best possible competitive advantage.

On the BJJ circuit, ultralight gis are becoming more and more popular and are on a different level than standard gis.

Competitive fighters love to wear ultralight gis for comfort and superior movement. If you are looking for a gi to wear for practice you may want to think about an additional gi, and save this brilliant gi for competitions.

The Sub Zero gi is made from materials that are allowed during competitions, so you will have peace of mind that you are following the strict rules.

This gi may look pretty standard, with no flashy features, but it is very sturdy and defiantly does the job the athlete wants.

Tatami Sub-Zero Ultra Light Competition Gi


As this gi is ultralight, the design is very fuss-free with virtually no patches or embroidered sections on the outfit, in order to keep the weight as low as possible. If you like to stand out a little more during competitions and are conscious of your style, the Sub Zero may not be for you.

There is a little embroidery on the legs of the pants and to the rear of the collar, which is a nice touch.

I like the contrasting turquoise and black colors that stand out against the white suit.

What you lose in design you gain in the functionality of the suit, so I guess you just need to weigh up what is more important to you, looking different or standing out from the crowd with your performance, I know which option I would choose.


While not as light as some of the other Tatami gis, the Tatami Sub Zero manages an impressively low weight without plumping for either the ripstop or non-standard material option.

Athletes who have bought this gi have commented on how comfortable it is to wear and the superior grappling abilities it holds.

The jacket is just 350gsm and the pants eight ounces of twill, so all in all this is a very light go indeed. The rubber collar looks like it may be stiff but it is very soft on the neck, giving athletes just the right amount of support.

Many fighters complain about chaffing around the neck area, something that you will not get with the Sub Zero.


5’4”- 5’6”125-176A-1
5’7”- 5’9”130-165A-2
5’10”- 6’0”155-200A-3
6’1”- 6’3”190-245A-4

I have found the Sub Zero to be true to size and feedback is that shrinkage levels are limited, so there is no worry about washing your gi too much!

The smallest size is a little larger than some brands so for those who are shorter, this may not be the gi for you.


Due to the weight of ultralights, there are genuine concerns about the durability, none more so than the Sub Zero. People have had issues with the longevity of this gi due to its extreme lightness.

As expected, this gi cannot stand up against heavier materials but then again heavier materials are nowhere near as comfortable.

The shoulders, armpits and crotch have been reinforced but not to a level that would be beneficial for very frequent use.

It is, however, more sturdy than some other ripstop fabrics which does make it fit for purpose, you may just need to replace your gi more often than you would with a heavier weave gi.


The Sub Zero jacket is made from 350gsm pearl weaved cotton, which is soft and breathable. Deep side vents, a very comfortable collar and plenty of room in the jacket make this gi as light as a feather and you may not feel like you are wearing it!

The sleeves are wider than some brands of gi and some fighters have mentioned extra length in the sleeve.

Tatami Sub Zero Ultra-Light Competition Gi jacket


The pants are made of 8oz Twill Cotton and they are very easy to wear with good comfort levels. There is crotch reinforcements to help with durability but they are not as strong as the pants on some other gis.

The design of the pants is very simple, with just a few pieces of embroidery to add to the overall style.

The waistband of pants has two belt loops and comes with a bungee-style drawstring so that the wearer can adjust for their personal comfort. Some users have noted stitching coming away from the pants, but this is not something that I have seen.


I would advise adding this gi to your collection rather than making it your only gi. If you are regularly entering competitions, you can save this outfit for competitions.

If, on the other hand, you are starting out or are wanting a bjj gi for practicing in, I would say that an ultralight like this one is not the best option. It likely will not hold up to repeated practice sessions as it is meant to be a competition gi.

I cannot complain with the price point and I don’t actually mind the lack of detail in the design, it just doesn’t sit well in terms of durability.

All in all this is a decent gi that is not really anything to write home about but does the job in hand and does have its benefits to users. 

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