Submission Master Grappling Dummy Review 2019 – Your Training Partner

Grappling dummies are reasonably new to the MMA and BJJ market but are now an essential to a fighter’s training regime. The dummies are vital to fighters who need to practice as much as possible in a realistic way.

The Submission Master is very realistic and one of the best grappling dummies available to fighters.

This best grappling dummy is one of the market leaders and I can certainly see why. The dummy has been designed to mirror how fighters train and compete, for ultimate reality.

Guarded practice can be achieved by putting the dummy in a seated position and it can be used for other key positions too, such as side-control, making it a very versatile dummy.

You can move the arms and legs back to the normal position after each repetition easily, something which is quite difficult to achieve with many grappling dummies.

Pro Submission Grappling Dummy

There are cheaper grappling dummies on the market, but you will struggle to find a dummy of this quality for this price tag and I think it may be worth investing a little more for the benefits it offers.

If you sound impressed so far, keep reading this review to see if this pro grappling dummy is a good investment for you.


The benefits of the Submission Master Dummy include:

  • Realistic Versatility – This grappling dummy is very flexible so it can be put into a number of positions and the arms and legs are stiff and life-like
  • Sturdy – With reinforced seams and excellent stitching this dummy withstands the test of time. It is also water-resistant
  • Extra Touches – The dummy can be moved into a variety of positions and stances, offers a great variety of possible movements a fighter may train for in comparison to other grappling dummies.


The main downsides of this product are:

  • Material – The material is quite stiff until it has had time to break-in
  • Limited Sizes – This dummy will only suit taller athletes
  • Dense – The inner materials of this dummy are quite stiff which may end up in bruising if used for long periods


This dummy is extremely realistic due to the effective positioning of the arms and legs and it’s ability to be as resistant as possible for the fighter.

Often dummies that offer good resistance do not offer good flexibility, but the arms and legs on this dummy move very well indeed. You can achieve positions on this dummy that seem impossible on another brand of dummy.

This dummy stands out in its ability to kneel inside the guard, which is a unique position in BJJ and MMA.

Additionally, you are able to flex the dummy into multiple positions, without the risk of it collapsing. The brand has really listened to the needs of fighters as a lot of people have been crying out for this level of flexibility.


As mentioned earlier, the inside of the dummy is quite hard and it will take some time to break-in, but once it does it is quite comfortable and will withstand a lot of poundings. If you are a fighter who is experienced in grappling with a dummy, the hardness will not affect you too much.

The Submission Master outer layer is made up of 1000 Denier Cordura fabric, a high-quality material that Submission have really done their research on and that adds to the durable nature of this product.

This sturdy fabric withstands a lot of use and it should not rip or tear, even during the most robust workouts.

Pro Submission Grappling Dummy for Adults

I like that the material is waterproof, so the prone to sweating more do not need to worry. The waterproof nature also means that you do not have to worry too much about its storage.

Overall, this dummy is reasonably sturdy and is much more reliable than some grappling dummies on the market.


The dummy comes in at  85 pounds, which suits the majority of people, although I think that heavier fighters will benefit much more. If you are on the light side, it may take some getting used to. This dummy is only offered in one size.


The dummy is approximately six feet long when laid out straight, making it ideal for tall fighters, but perhaps a little too big for those who are smaller. The traditional position for dummies is kneeling down, so this may alleviate the size issue.

Ability to fit a GI

The Submission Master is true to size for most fighters although it could be a problem if you are short.

The dummy’s six-foot height needs to be taken into consideration when attempting to dress it in a best looking Bjj Gi. The exterior is made of waterproof material, which will repel moisture and keep your session feeling comfortable throughout.

I would advise looking into purchasing a relevant gi to dress the dummy in so that it will not gather dust. The gi also helps mimic the opponents you will face in real competition.

The realistic nature of this dummy allows for a true to life experience for the fighter, which will be enhanced by the use of a gi, so that you get used to fabrics and how to grapple materials.


The Submission Master is one of the best on the market when it comes to versatility and is without a doubt its main selling point. With excellent flexibility and good limb movement so it is extremely versatile.

Grappling practice and submission practice is the primary aim of the dummy, but it is sturdy enough to withstand the toughest pounds and throws too.

As the Submission Master can be out into a number of positions easily, fighters enjoy a varied amount of training and they can do much more than they could with other dummies.

Due to the great versatility, fighters can enjoy great skill development and have much better opportunities to grapple in different positions one after another, rather than having to reset the dummy. The legs of the dummy remain bent at the waist so that fighters are able to pass the guard and can overcome opponent blocks.

Overall, feedback about the versatility of the Submission Master Dummy has been outstanding and I am very impressed by the price range for the quality that it gives.


Flexible, versatile, high-quality, and durable, the Submission Master is a superb option for those wanting to buy a grappling dummy that will enable them to experience many years of worthwhile training.

While it is a little on the high side when it comes to cost, I am confident that this dummy will stand the test of time.

There are a few issues with the materials on the inside causing bruising at first, but this problem is alleviated once the dummy has had time to break in. Let’s face it you are bound to get more bruises when you are fighting real-life people, so a few from a dummy should not cause too much harm.

The Submission Master is the next best thing when you do not have a partner to train with.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this review and you have gained more insight into the benefits of investing in the Submission Master Grappling Dummy.