Rival High Performance Boxing Gloves

Rival gloves are the baby of the boxing glove world, entering the market in revet years and claiming good reviews from the USA and beyond. We think that these gloves are competitively prices, they look good and feel great. More importantly, despite a lack of experience in the field, you can be sure that these gloves will protect you.


Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves are  fairly new on the market, but have quickly gained popularly in Canada and the US and are reaching other parts of the world as we speak. Jean Pascal is the resident professional on the team and we are sure that there will be more onboard as the company grows.

Boxers can be very picky when it comes to their gloves and once they are happy with a brand they are very reluctant to change.

Given this and the fact that Rival are new to the market, you may be in two minds as to whether or not to buy these gloves. This review will give you a rundown of everything in terms of size, comfort and safety as well as that all important price.



Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves

Rival High Performance Gloves


Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves have some very nifty features that attract fighters of all levels. We like the level of padding in these gloves and are confident in their ability to protect a fighters hands.

Feedback from users states that after multiple heavy sessions, the gloves were fully intact. These gloves are easy on the eye and have great style features without being too in your face.


Many boxers will have had difficulty tying laces up at some point, but most manufacturers have tweaked their designs year upon year to alleviate this problem. Rival have not done as well in this area as feedback from many fighters, including us have had quite a few problems lacing the second glove.


A poorly angled punch can seriously damage your hands, so you must always make sure that you are protected by good quality gloves. Where Rival gloves may lack in aesthetics and a good history check, they make up for in their padding and protection.

Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves are reliable and enjoy a 1.75 inch layer of padding that keeps hands safe. The absorbent padding makes these gloves good for sparring and will last a reasonable amount of time before you start to become uncomfortable.


We are very impressed by the quality and durability of these gloves and it seems that Rival have done their homework in terms of creating a long-lasting product. These gloves can withstand a lot of punches so you can enjoy long sessions in training and sparring.

A lot of care has been taken when designing these gloves, so they are definitely worth the price tag. The gloves are made of good quality leather, rather than fake leather as some brands use, making them last a long time. You will need to take care to store your gloves properly if you are not wearing them for a long period.

Design And Aesthetics

While we are not overly concerned about the appearance of boxing gloves (we try to focus on how effective and durable they are) we think that these look pretty nifty and have some good design features.

For us, there is nothing worse that outlandish gloves that are all abut style over substance. While these gloves are not plain, the clever design features make these gloves look as good as they feel without being too ‘out there’. Of course, we know that some of you fighters love a bold design and it is each to their own and all of that!

Classic red, blue, black and white colors feature on the main part of the glove and they are all as equally as attractive as one another, although we have to say that we do have a soft spot for the red gloves.

An “Ergo Xtrem Strap System” is an angled strap that offers ultimate comfort and is a neat design feature that made us look twice at this brand. If they carry on designing more features like this we think their popularity will grow even further.

The only issue that people have had with these gloves and their design involves the straps. Because of the fact that they use an angled hook-and-loop configuration many people have complained that they had trouble strapping their gloves.

They needed to ask someone else to help them. This can be a bit of an inconvenience but isn’t an issue that is unique to these gloves. You will need somebody to help you with your gloves due to them being lace ups.

Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves Black

Fit And Comfort

Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves enjoy a snug, but not too restricting, fit that offers both comfort and protection.

The padding on these gloves is a little thicker than most of the best boxing gloves that we have seen, but it is not to the gloves detriment.

Some people have fed back that the padding makes the gloves look bulky and awkward, but we thick that they are being very picky. There is a separate thumb compartment for extra comfort, which we think will benefit you if you plan on training hard.


Boxers generally find out their glove size by measuring their hands below the knuckle. The best piece of advice we can give is to speak to an experienced trainer for advice on glove size and if need be ask a few boxing friends if you can try their gloves for size.

The wrong sized gloves will really effect your perforce and you will be putting hard work in for nothing. What is more, wearing the wrong sized gloves will damage your hands and cause a lot of friction and skin irritation.

Rival gloves come in the industry standard sizes, 12, 14, 16, and 18 ounce, so there is a glove to fit all sizes and weights. We think that these gloves are a true fit and have not read any feedback from users stating differently.

The padding in these gloves make the gloves look slightly bulky, so do not be tempted to get a size less so you look better. It does not matter what your gloves look like, it is how they perform that you should be most interested in.


If you like to be different and are not afraid to give a new brand a go, Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves are a great choice. Whilst they are not very well known we think that they soon will be as the small design team that they have is ticking all of the right boxes for us.

These gloves mean business and will do a great job at protecting your hands and keeping you comfortable during long training sessions and heavy bag practice.

The price point is very competitive and the only downside that we can see is the lack of experience in the boxing world and the tricky lace up wrist feature. There is very little else we can see getting in your way of giving these gloves a serious though.