Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves Review

Ringside has been developing the all new Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Gloves for many years and they are finally here. The gloves are representative of the next generation of professional training gloves.

A unique foam injected padding system is used for ultimate protection and the pre-curved structure of the gloves and allow for superior shock-absorbing capabilities, with a limited break-in time.


Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves are a very popular high performance gloves that are a welcome addition to the market, after being in the development stage for a number of years.

Despite the amount of time spent on these gloves and the great amount of features, they are reassuringly affordable and will make a great first glove to a new boxer. Highlights of these gloves include the eye-catching design, ground-breaking padding and good quality materials.

If the great design of these gloves has caught your eye and you are thinking of buying a pair, take a look at this review to make sure that they are the right gloves for you.



Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves

Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves


There are many positives about these IMF Tech gloves, including:

  • Design- These gloves are very distinctive and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd
  • Quick Tie Technology- which comes in very handy and is something that fighters have been crying out for
  • Price- we were amazed by how much bang you get for your buck with these gloves, they troy are excellent value for money
  • Quality/Construction-they can withstand a lot of abuses, even from the most powerful of boxers
  • Protection- superior shock absorbency
  • Great wrist support
  • Comfortable- the injected foam not only protects your hand but allows for ultimate comfort.


Whilst there are many features in the pro column, there are a few negative aspects of these gloves, including:

  • No palm vent holes-this makes the gloves prone to getting too moist and your hands too sweaty
  • Tedious to break in- although the brand state they do not to be broken in, some people have struggled for the first few weeks of use
  • Foam technology is not ideal for sparring
  • Rough tag on the liner which can be annoying to some
  • Fit- these gloves are on the snug side and will be uncomfortable to those with large hands

Protection And Padding

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced fighter, your body will go through a lot of traumas. Every punch will impact your body, so you need to make sure that you are fully protected and are doing everything that you can to prevent serious injury. One of the best ways that you can do this is by wearing high quality boxing gloves.

Ringside take their fighters seriously and when looking at the best way to protect hands and wrists, they invented IMF (injected molded foam) technology. The foam is injected directly into the glove using machinery and is very precise in order to achieve ultimate results.

Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves White

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You will not see this form of padding from other brands, but Ringside were the innovators and the first to use this technology. Whilst standard padding does the job in hand, with some great padding out there, it is hard to compete with foam injection in terms of performance and we, for one, are certainly impressed.

Quality And Durability

Ringside is renowned for manufacturing high quality gloves that are durable and these gloves are no exception. The gloves can with stain hours of boxing every week and they will last you a good few years, even if you are a very powerful boxer.

The gloves allow you to throw punches well over a hundred times each day due to the clever foam technology and then use of high quality leather on the exterior. We have no qualms about these gloves whatsoever in terms of quality.

Design And Aesthetics

Design and aesthetics is where Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves stand out from their competitors. The gloves are aesthetically pleasing and are made to stand out. Despite their high visibility they remain classy and are not tacky, as some brighter gloves can be. If you are looking for gloves that stand out, Ringside Pro Style are the ones for you.

Overall the craftsmanship on these boxing gloves is very agreeable. The hook-n-loop version gives fighters great wrist support. A lace-up closure offers the best, personalized, wrist support, but you will need someone to tie up the second glove for you. Feedback from other users has praised the wrist closure as being one of the easiest to use on the market.

The gloves are available in three traditional colors: red, white, and black.

Fit And Comfort

The Pro Style gloves are reasonably comfortable, buy maybe not as much as we had expected. The hand compartment, with a straight thumb, is snug, but it does feel a little too tight. Other feedback from reviewers have said the same about them tight fitting, with some saying that they do get better once they have broken in. Of course, comfort is ver personal and some boxers may prefer a snug fit, it is just something to keep in mind if you are leaning towards buying these gloves.

The liner in these gloves is very impressive as it does a good job at managing sweat, but with no vent holes, there is a risk of moisture retention if you are fighting for long periods. As mentioned when we started out, there is a tag on the inside which is a bit rough and it is a little annoying.


These gloves come in a variety of different sizes. Fighters can get them in 14, 16, and 18 oz increments. Generally, litter fighters will need the lightest glove and heavy fighters will need to the top weight, but there will be some anomalies.

People who are unsure as to what size gloves they should buy need to do two things. They should talk to an expert to get some advance and they should measure their hands. When fighters want to see how big their hands are they simply need to measure the area below their knuckles. This will give them the information that they need.

Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves

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Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves have definitely made strides in terms of padding and protection and they are a great option if this is your primary concern. The gloves are very reasonably priced, well manufactured, very protective, stylish, and super stylish. There are a few niggling issues with the fit of the gloves and the comfort levels, but a lot of these are down to personal choice rather than bad design.

The gloves have some superb features that make them stand out against other brands and a fun addition to a collection if you are an experienced boxer.

Whilst these gloves are competitively prices, they are still an investment piece so we would advise you to think about the downsides of these gloves seriously before buying.

That said, our overall opinion of these gloves is very positive and after they have broken in we are sure they will serve you well for many years. You can read more about best boxing glove brands here.