Ring To Cage MMA Grappling/Jiu Jitsu Dummy Review

This Ring To Cage MMA Grappling/Jiu Jitsu dummy is ultimately made for practicing grapples and submissions. There are a number of other moves out can make and the limbs are flexible enough to put into different poses and positions.

The arms and legs on this grappling dummy are stiff enough to offer good resistance when practicing, but are not too stiff so as to make your session uncomfortable. The limbs have the flexibility to be moved into a number of positions and offer a great alternative to trying to find a training partner at the last minute.

This dummy is made up if a thick interior that can withstand the most powerful of blows and as well as submission techniques it can be used for strike practice.

You may be tempted to make your own dummy, as plenty of people do, but this will take a lot of time and energy and by the time you have added up all of your costs, it may be cheaper to buy a grappling dummy instead. If you are wondering whether or not this grappling dummy is best grappling dummy, read on to see if our review can help you in your decision making.


Good ability to control limbs-The arms and legs of the MMA dummy have a  bend in the knees and at the elbow to allow it to kneel without having to reposition. The arms and legs are stiff enough to give good resistance and can be reverted back to its original stance

Ability to manoeuvre-The dummy is made to perform at every angle around the surface of the body, for ultimate flexibility, making it one of the most versatile dummies you can buy.


Restrictive Moves-A lot of grappling dummies that are on the market have a lot more in the way of being flexible and offering up more positions, so it will disappoint users who have tried out other brands. Whilst this dummy excels at submissions it does not do well in terms of throws.

Stitching-Uneven stitching along the body has been found in many of these dummies, a design flaw that is more annoying than performance affecting, but something given the price may be an issue for some.


You can trust on the limbs of this dummy for sturdiness as they are firm but still enjoy a flexibility that some other dummies cannot. As the joints can bend in at any angle, you can practice a good number of submission moves, such as rear chokes and arm bars.

This dummy is very realistic, due to the effective positioning of the arms and legs and it’s ability to be as resistant as possible for the fighter. Often dummies that offer good resistance do not offer good flexibility, but the arms and legs on this dummy move very well indeed. You can achieve positions on this dummy that seem impossible on other brands of dummy.


Despite that fact that this dummy is primarily used for practicing grapple moves, it has the ability to put up with the force of ground-and pound tactics as well. The MMA dummy has been covered with a good quality  nylon material, and it can withstand a lot of pressure without ripping or tearing. The exterior strength alongside the dense inners layers means that the dummy should win points for durability.

We did notice feedback from some reviewers who thought that the dummy was not as durable as MMA make out. One user noted significant bursts in the zips after just a few days of use. We can’t say that this is a problem we have come across, but it is something to look out for and we are sure that MMA would pick up on this issue if you contacted them.

Ring To Cage MMA Grappling Jiu Jitsu Dummy


The dummy comes in at  85 pounds, which suits the majority of people, although we think that heavier fighters will benefit much more. If you are on the light side, try before you buy as there is only one weight. If you cannot quite afford this model, you can buy with the padding removed to save on the cost.


The dummy is approximately six feet long when laid out straight, making it ideal for tall fighters, but perhaps a little too big for those who are smaller. The traditional position for dummies is kneeling down, so this may alleviate the size issue.

Can it fit a Gi?

Due to the size of this dummy, 75 pounds, we see no issue in dressing it with a gi for a more realistic training session. Putting a gi on a dummy allows you to get a realistic feel for an opponent and all let you know exactly what you are dealing with when grappling. You will want to make sure that the gi is fitted correctly and is not too big for the dummy, as this will end up in it being too bulky and can restrict your movements.


The MMA dummy is useful for many areas of training, including side control and turtle positions as well as standard submissions.Whether you need to practice strikes, throws or grapples, the MMA is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. You name it, this dummy can do it, in the most flexible and dynamic way.


The grappling ability of the MMA is great, but the dummy is strong enough to take the force of a number of powerful. It has true to life joint movement feature that will enhance the flexibility of the dummy and allow it to revert back to the position it started at in time for the next move. We hope that we have given you a good insight into the MMA frapping dummy and that you have many great training sessions with it if you choose to go ahead and buy it.