Moya Sapphire Kola Gi Review


The Moya Sapphire is one of the most superior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis available today. This is an IBJJF – approved gi and features white contrast stitching and a matching trim. Moya Brand is today’s world’s leader in tomorrow’s Jiu Jitsu trends! The Moya Brand mission is to enhance athletic performance through passion durability and the relentless pursuit of image and innovation. With the Sapphire, Moya does not disappoint.


The first thing we noticed was how soft the fabric material was. It has to do with the weave (450 gram Pearl weave), which is pretty interesting to look at closely, and is definitely the softest, most pleasant-feeling we have tried. I would compare the feel of the gi top to corduroy pants, except the fabric ridges of the gi are not as big.

Not only does this gi fit well, rolls we’ll but you look like a professional when stepping onto the mat. The first time we tried this gi, we were full of compliments as soon as it came out of the bag. We are big Kimono fans anyway and this gi has heightened out love.



Moya Sapphire Kola Gi

Moya Sapphire Kola Gi


The cut on the Moya Sapphire is a perfect fit for athletes, with the pants and the jacket soft to touch without feeling too flimsy and soft, there is no itchy fabric here at all.

The outside of the jacket is hard wearing, but we will talk about durability shortly. They key feature of the jacket and pants is that it is made of 100% cotton of a very high quality as Moya have never wanted to compromise the feel of the gi in order to cut costs.

All MoyaBrand Kimono are 100% Cotton and will shrink. Please note, hot wash and hot dry if you would like the kimono to shrink down for a better fit. If you would like the kimono to maintain its sizing and not shrink, please cold wash and hang dry.

Size Chart




5’1”- 5’4”115-140A-0
5’4”¬ 5’8”140-165A-1
5’8”- 6’0”165-200A-2
6’2”- 6’4”230-250A-3
6’4”- 6’7”250-275A-4


We have to say that the durability of the Moya Sapphire is truly exceptional. The Moya Sapphire is made up of a thick and strong pearl weave, the Sapphire jacket is reinforced in the crotch, side vents and across the chest seams and boasts a very thick, rubber collar.

The pants are fully reinforced in all stress areas and the waist notches are fully strengthened too, with full-width reinforcements running from the top of the thigh all the way down the pants leg. Combine all of this with tight, quality stitching and the Moya Sapphire is almost guaranteed to last.


The most notable feature of the jacket is that is about an inch wider than most other gis. This is a downside for some people, with others not really minding this difference.

The jacket on this gi has been designed and manufactured to very high levels and is one of the best quality jackets we have seen. The sticking and the seams are strong and effective and all the patches are of high quality, so there is no shabbiness.

Besides the slight wave in the collars stitching there were no other loose threads or popped stitches around the jacket that I could find. We are very pleased with the quality and look of the jacket.

Moya Sapphire Kola Gi


The 12 oz cotton twill pants are paired up with a 450 gram pearl weave jacket, with an EVA foam padded collar, 4 loops on the pants and the Moya brand white belt included with each gi.

The drawstring is a fantastic feature that is very noticeable and handy for wearers to adjust the pants to their own liking. There is a sheath of fabric found on one end of the drawstring that looks great. Aside from that, it prevents the drawstring from being pulled into the pants. This makes tying the gi much easier without the user having to look at what they are doing.


We are extremely impressed by the durability of the Moya Sapphire and it is definitely its main selling point when it comes to how incredibly comfortable this gi is. This go is perfect for practicing and for competing and will stand the test of time, however, much action you get.

The Kassen is a no frills gi that lends itself well to athletes who want to get on with the job in hand and are not bothered about standing out from the crowd.