Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing is a great way to exercise and use the whole body. It expects a great amount of upper and lower body strength, as well as good cardio strength.

Boxing gloves are an integral piece of safety equipment and you should not box without them. They are also necessary for working on a heavy bag, and other boxing exercises.

One of the best pairs of gloves we think you can train and compete in are Hayabusa Tokushu’s.

Haybusa training gloves are aesthetically pleasing and are extremely durable. They are genuinely amongst the greatest gloves that we have used and would recommend them to fighters of all levels.

It seems that fighters and glove reviewers agree with us as they too great and feel even better.

The type of boxing gloves that fighters choose during training, as well as on the night of the fight is very important which is why we have got you covered with the names of the best boxing gloves.

It is important to invest in the best gloves because it will not only help you develop unique skills but it will also ensure that you are getting the proper protection.

We think that these gloves hit all of the right spots when it comes to great boxing gloves.



Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves


  • Offer incredible wrist support
  • Prevent hand and wrist injuries
  • Lightweight
  • Offer a high level of protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Well-constructed
  • Long-lasting and resilient


There are not many downsides when it comes to these boxing gloves. The only thing that we would point out is that these gloves can be on the snug side, so they may not be suitable for fighters with larger than average hands.

Advice would be to try out in a store before buying or to try a friends glove on to see if it fits well. We certainly hope that you manage to find a pair that fits as this is truly the only bad thing we can think of.

Protection And Padding

When your opponents see the Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis 16oz Gloves in Black coming towards them, they know it’s over.

Hayabusa have been boasting of cutting edge technological breakthroughs in sport science and have university research behind their latest designs. If this sounds impressive to you, read on to see if their bark is as big as their bite. We nada feeling that these gloves would be as good as they suggested, so read on to find out.

These gloves have a unique Delta EG inner core technology—which are great for fighters who want ultimate padding and protection, which is particularly beneficial when training.

The design of these gloves has shown to allow fighters to recover from punches a lot more quickly, thus making it the ultimate in both safety and comfort.

These gloves will give you the ultimate power in your punch by removing energy leaks and are made out of a unique  engineered leather for unmatched strength, durability and performance.

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves


Hayabusa are renowned for reproducing boxing gloves designed with the most recent technological advances in mind and they are worn by millions of sportsmen and sportswomen around the world.

Every glove is made from 100% leather and has the ultimate amount of padding allowed by UFC guidelines. We love the training gloves and competition gloves in equal measure and at a reasonable price there is no excuse not to buy both.

With a state-of-the-art Delta EG inner core, these display an exceptional level of glove impact characteristics that facilitate maximum performance and protection.

These gloves also feature a Dual-X Wrist Close and Fusion Zone System, injury prevention is clearly an important aspect to Hayabusa when it comes to boxing glove construction. The engineered leather Vylar allowed for a superior performance and great durability too.

Design And Aesthetics

This brand has been making boxing gloves for quite some time, and they are extremely popular online. The Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves are available in a variety of color schemes, including:

  • Black and slate gray
  • Weight and slate gray
  • Black and burnt crimson
  • White and burnt crimson
  • White and desert sand
  • Black and steel blue

Fighters can keep a lot of power in their punches and can limit the amount of injuries by using the adjustable strap on the glove, another unique feature thought up by all of that university research.

The Hayabusa Tokushu gloves have made greta technological strides within the MMA community and are vastly becoming THE cutting edge brans. Other brands are coming close to implementing some of the state of the art features introduced by Hayabusa, but none are currently coming close.

Fit And Comfort

The design of these gloves  is very pleasing for the fighter and feels well constructed,  even though comfort is something of a personal opinion, the vast majority of fighters are satisfied with the fit of these gloves.

There are people with larger hands who feel that these gloves are too snug (see size guidelines for details).

We like that there is good spacing between the knuckle and the backhand and that the seams are stress-resistant, which makes them both comfortable and durable.

Another cool feature of the Tokushu Regenesis is the cloth thumb, which is something you don’t see very often in a boxing glove.

You wouldn’t think right away that adding a feature like that would really do anything, but you can definitely notice it after 30 minutes on a bag and your hands aren’t overheating.


The gloves are sized between 10 to 16 ounces, though.The gloves do come out on the small side, but they should fit most hands. If you know that you have larger than average hands then it may be worth trying before you buy.

Lighter gloves are better suited for fighters who weigh less and still want to have some power. These Hayabusa Fight-wear Tokushu Gloves allow you to throw faster punch which you never imagine.

It sounds like we are having a full on love affair with these gloves and you would be right in your thinking, they are simply awesome. Not many gloves are suitable for beginners and professionals, but we think that these gloves certainly will be.


Hayabusa Tokushu MMA gloves are the ultimate option for those who do not want to feel sore after their many training sessions, the padding really is impressive. Despite the amount of padding, you will not feel sweaty and you should not small either, which is handy!

Whether you are a serious fighter or you are just starting out, these gloves are an excellent choice and are great value for money.  Every time we try buy a new Hayabusa product I think there is no way it could get better, but, guess what?

They do, very much so, overall, we think that  Hayabusa gloves provide great support and are made with best-quality leather. These are definitely amongst the best brand of boxing gloves on the market.