Gameness XT Limited Edition Gi Review


Gameness currently offer a wide range of gis, with the XT standing out as being very different from their other products. The outfit packs a punch with a heavy 550 gram pearl weave, with both the jacket and pants coming out heavier than most gis.

Reinforcement in the elbows are a unique feature of the XT and there are 10 belt loops on the pants, which is unusual. Overall, the XT Limited Edition is a great go that adds something a bit different into the Gameness product range.


The color of the contrast stitching and the embroidered pit bull logo look great and will stand out as soon as you set your eyes on the XT. The XT logo can be found on the left shoulder and the famous Gameness pit bull is on the right shoulder. You can also find that patches on the jacket can be at the bottom of skirt and on the chest of the jacket.

Overall the design of the XT is good, not brilliant but good. Other Gameness gi shine way better than the XT, but not all fighters like to stand out. If you are a modest fighter, the XT does its job without being too bold but certainly does not look shabby.



Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi

Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi


The XT Limited Edition is not as comfortable as some people who have reviewed the outfit would suggest. While the jacket is not too uncomfortable, the trousers are critiqued for being a little stiff and difficult to move in. The additional weight of this gi also affects the comfort levels, which is a disappointment.

Features like the use of alternative, softer material for the inside of the jacket plus the addition of ten belt loops to the pants make the XT a little more comfortable but not to the levels you get in other Gameness gis. The outfit fits well and is perfect to size until the shrinkage occurs.

Size Chart




5’3”- 5’7”115-140A-1
5’8”¬ 5’10”145-187A-2
5’11”- 6’1”175-205A-3
6’2”- 6’4”210-250A-4
6’5” >255-300A-5

The sizing of this gi is quite accurate and runs in line with most Gameness gis.


Strength and durability are areas where the XT stands out. This gi is certainly not the most comfortable but it will withstand anything that is thrown at it, which makes it great for competitions.

Reinforced stitching is included in the elbows and a thick rubber collar and 10 Loop MaxDraw ® drawstring system makes this outfit really strong. Gameness Platinum 100% Cotton pants and a 550 gram Pearl Weave top give fighters an air of confidence that is required during big matches.


Adding a unique touch on the jacket is a design feature that contrasts the blue stitching to the background and is included on the jacket and pants, with limited edition embroidery details and chest patch

Another design feature that we like in this Limited Edition’s jacket is the sturdy rubber collar that is comfortable and adds good protection. The thick fabric on the collar means that opponents will struggle to grapple and cannot hold a grab for long periods, a definite advantage indeed.

The jacket is constructed very well. Good reinforcements, heavy collar and at 550 GSM weight it should definitely withstand a lot of training. The jacket has blue contrast stitching. No back seam or patches on the back of the top.

Gameness Limited Edition XT Gi


These Gameness pants are not made from ripstop material, which you usually find from this brand, which is a negative from the general consensus.

These Gameness Platinum 100% Cotton pants and the famous 550 gram Pearl Weave will keep you rolling. The extra material above the string on the platinum keeps the string from grinding into the skin, which is another positive.


Fighters who like a gi made from a stronger, heavier fabric and a more substantial weave, the Platinum Weave will tick all of the boxes. At 550 grams, you would be forgiven for worrying about the breathability of this gi, but it is surprisingly lightweight in the jacket, with only the pants posing problems when it comes to the weight.