Gameness Platinum Weave Gi Review


The all new “Platinum Weave” Gi – Lightweight and durable, this is a favorite during hot summer camps at a great value. This gi is Pre-shrunk and Mercinized (color stayed). This Platinum Weave gi is made out of the finest cotton and woven to our specifications. This is one of the best Bjj gi’s to train in to prepare for competition.

A collar that has extra thickness is a special design feature that makes it hard to grip, but it is not stiff or restrictive as you may expect. The strength and durability of this gi is its selling point as you will be hard pushed to find a custom weave as good as this one for the price you will pay.


This premium weave is made from high quality preshrunk cotton and the superior stitching allows for very little shrinking.

The thick, coarse collar is very difficult to grip making it easier to escape chokes and, although there are some complaints about the thickness of the pants, overall this gi is so durable. Like all Gameness products, this Gi was built to last.



Gameness Platinum Weave Gi

Size Chart




5’1”- 5’6”105-135A-1
5’6”- 5’9”130-165A-2
5’9”- 6’0”155-200A-3
6’0”- 6’3”190-245A-4


This gi is made of high quality preshrunk cotton and celebrates superior stitching that allows for very little shrinkage. The jacket is a very comfortable fit that exudes quality as soon as it touches the skin.

Critics have said that Platinum weave pants are a little too thick and feel a bit too stiff for some athletes. This could be down to personal taste, but if you struggle when you are too restricted then it will be something that you want to think about. We will go into detail about the restrictive collar and also the tight fit of the collar, that some users have complained about.

The fit is superior with an ultra soft comfort you won’t be able to find in other gis. There are fewer categories of size than some other makes, but you should find a fit that suits you.


When it comes to strength, the Platinum Weave is one of the most high-end gis that do not hurt your bank balance. When the weave is customised there is a risk that it will have none of the qualities of a lightweight or a medium weight, but this platinum weave gi is spot on. The weave is very durable and would keep athletes in action for long periods of practice and through competitive matches.

The only downside is that the pants are quite a lot thicker than some other makes and for some this has an impact on comfort levels.


The jacket on the Gameness gi is a Platinum Weave, which is derived from a custom weave that is soft and comfortable. The sleeves are a little loose, but not too loose that they would get in your way when fighting.

The collar is thick and very difficult to grip giving you the advantage over your opponent in those tight situations. Because of the thickness of the rubber, an opponent will struggle when grappling so you will have a definite advantage. Complaints from some athletes have spoken about the collar being too restrictive, so if this is something you are conscious off or if your neck is on the larger side, try before you by to check out the comfort levels.

The jacket does not come with a belt, this will need to be bought separately.Gameness Platinum Weave Gi


The pants of this Weave are made from 8-ounce cotton fabric and have been made to be especially durable on the knees and crotch, with good reinforcement in these areas.

The strength these pants offer is undeniable, but the thickness does feel quite heavy on the legs and may restrict movement. This is the only criticism that we can think off to be honest as the rest of the gi is outstanding.

A rope drawstring features on the pants to allow for a greater quality of fit, as the wearer can adapt the tightness.


Athletes who like a gi made from a stronger, heavier fabric and a more substantial weave, the Platinum Weave will tick all of the boxes. Gameness boasts that this gi is best tournament Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi in the world. This is definitely a bold statement and we arent quite ready to agree with them, but they certainly have done a great job.