Gameness Pearl Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi Review 2019 – A Sturdy & Lasting Gi

The Gameness Pearl weave weighs up to 4.9 pounds depending on size, so it not for fans of lightweight gis. If you are a fan of heavier gis, you can enjoy the great durability that the Pearl Weave holds, giving you peace of mind if you are going to use your outfit frequently.

Regardless of the weight, I must say that the Pearl Weave’s fabric is soft and comfortable.

The strength of the material along with an elegant design, make the Gameness Pearl Weave a smart option for practicing in and for competing.


The highly anticipated Gameness 2013 Pearl Gi has been released. The Gameness Pearl has been the go-to Gi for training centers and world champions around the globe for more than 10 years.

The 2013 model keeps the traditional cut and has additional features to please fans, such as ripstop pants, a six loop belt system and a rubberized collar.

I like the classy patches found on this gi, which can be found on the jacket skirt, shoulder, pants and chest. A simple, clean design that is not too fussy but not too plain, the perfect middle of the road go that is great for beginners or experienced fighters.


This gi is made of high quality preshrunk cotton and celebrates superior stitching that allows for very little shrinkage. The jacket is a very comfortable fit that exudes quality as soon as it touches the skin.

Critics have said that Pearl weave pants are a little too thick and feel a bit too stiff for some athletes. This could be down to personal taste, but if you struggle when you are too restricted then it will be something that you want to think about.

I will go into detail about the restrictive collar and also the tight fit of the collar, that some users have complained about. A few people have also commented on the width of the pants, stating they are too wide, but again, I did not find this to be a significant problem.

The fit is superior with an ultra soft comfort you won’t be able to find in other gis. There are fewer categories of size than some other makes, but you should find a fit that suits you.

Gameness Pearl Weave Gi

Size Chart

5’3”- 5’7”115-140A-1
5’8”- 5’10”145-187A-2
5’11”- 6’1”175-205A-3
6’2”- 6’4”210-250A-4
6’5” >255-300A-5

As with a few Gameness gis, the Feather does run a little big, so you may need a smaller size if you are on the lower end of the size brackets. There is no significant shrinkage noted after washes, which is something fighters usually have to consider.


The durability and value of the Gameness Pearl Gi is why it remains one of the best BJJ Gi Brand in the world. The Pearl features preshrunk cotton, ripstop pants, and a rubber collar.

Key areas in which the outfit can usually wear, such as the crotch and knees, are reinforced for confidence and should last for years to come. This gi is one of the strongest on the market, if you can put up with the extra weight.


The Pearl jacket is made from one piece of 550 gram, pearl weaved, 100% cotton fabric. This means that the material is quite heavy and would not suit fans of lightweight or ultra-lightweight gis.

The jacket fabric is not as comfortable as a Tatami Estilo or even a Keiko Raca, but it sure feels durable. With sleek and well-designed patches on the shoulders, lower skirt, and one on the chest, the Pearl’s jacket is both durable and attractive.

Gameness Pearl Weave Gi


Made of ripstop fabric with six belt loops that sit on the waist. There is a drawstring that is also made of rip stop and is a flat drawstring. The one thing I thought was kind of trendy was the pit bull logo on the left leg, which gains attention from others.

The pit bull is a nice addition to the pants to give it a little bit more flair. Gray accents on the belt loops and side slits give an attractive look without being too over the top in terms of logo or color placement.


Athletes who like a gi made from a stronger, heavier fabric and a more substantial weave, the Platinum Weave will tick all of the boxes.

At 550 grams, you would be forgiven for worrying about the breathability of this gi, but it is surprisingly lightweight. Gameness boasts that this gi is “best tournament Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi in the world.”

This is definitely a bold statement and I’m not quite ready to agree with them, but they certainly have done a great job.

If you’re also not quite there yet to believe this may be the best BJJ Gi for you, well then just check out other BJJ Gi brands to find your perfect match.