Gameness Elite Gi Review


The Elite is the star of the show in all of the gis manufactured by Gameness, at least according to ourselves. In fact, thousands of fans around the world will agree with us as feedback for this go has been amazing.

With lots of detail in the embroidery and a bold red rash guard lining, it stands out and says “hey, look at me”. Not only does it look great, the Elite is very comfortable and easy to move in, with just the right among of room to see you through practice and competition.

The price tag, as expected is significantly higher than the majority of gis, but we think that the extra dollars are well deserved and will make a great investment if you are serious about BJJ.


A stunning prestige gi offered at a prestige price, the Gameness Elite uniquely (afaik) incorporates a built-in rash guard lining.

This gi is generously cut and is both simply beautiful to look at and beautiful to wear. Bold red stitching and creatively embroidered patches really stand out against the black or white gi. Patches are found on the jacket and pants and whilst they do stand out, they do not look too over-the-top.

Detailing can be found in the shape of a picture of the Gameness pitbull on the top front of the right leg and on a Gameness branded patch on the lower back of the left leg. This is one elegant looking go that will leave competitors green with envy.




Gameness Elite Gi


Feedback from those who have reviewed the Gameness Elite really like the comfortable nature of the gi and its snug fit.

The slick rash guard on the inside leaves you feeling like you are wearing a pair of pajamas, rather than a piece of performance wear. The arms and legs will fit the average fighter and we can say that the outfit is true to size with very little in the way of shrinkage.

One negative is that the Elite does lean towards the heavy side, mainly due to rash guard.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’6”105-135A-1
5’6”¬ 5’9”130-165A-2
5’9”- 6’0”160-200A-3
6’2”- 6’5”190-245A-4
6’3”- 6’5”245-300A-5

The Elite enjoys an extra large size in addition to the standard Gameness size, which is great for taller fighters.


The Gi top is Pearl weave and you feel that a lot of work and gi making experience has been put into this model. Everything is double and triple stitched.

This gi is used mainly in competitive matches as it is a little too extravagant for practice. Another key feature in the design is that the rash guard lining stops a just short from the ends of the sleeve and the collar, to ensure that an opponent isn’t able to grab hold of it and tear it during grappling

Reinforced legs, armpits, side-vents, and collar, all add to our confidence in the strength of this gi, as does the superior stitching found in the jacket and the pants of the Elite.


The GI jacket is made from pearl weave cotton, has a rashguard inner lining and contrast stitching. It is covered in woven patches and embroidered logos.

Employing the same pearl weave that is the standard of Gameness gis, the Elite’s jacket is fairly typical of most of their other gis except in two areas: aesthetics and the rash guard lining.

The new Gameness Elite Gi comes in sizes A0 to A5, and is available in white, blue and black. A gi belt is not included, so be sure to order one if you are a new jiu jitsu player.

Gameness Elite Gi


The pants are light ripstop and feel great. No waxy feeling in the pants as you will find with cheaper versions of ripstop pants. This gi feels so good while rolling in it, if you don’t mind the bling, this gi is worth the money.

The pants of the Elite pants not only great but feel great too. Two belt loops are featured on the pants and there is ripstop drawstring so you can tailor your fit to suit your needs. The pants have enough room without being too baggy and should not affect your performance.


Athletes who like a gi made from a stronger, heavier fabric and a more substantial weave, the Elite will tick all of the boxes. Gameness boasts that this gi is up there with the best in tournament outfits and we struggle to disagree with them. This is definitely a bold statement and we aren’t quite ready to agree with them, but they certainly have done a great job.