Gameness Air BJJ Gi Review 2019 – One of the Lightest Gis on the Market

Gameness currently offer a wide range of gis, with the Air gi being one of their most popular products to date. The outfit packs a punch with a heavy 550 gram pearl weave, with both the jacket and pants coming out heavier than most gis.

Feedback from those who have tried the AIR have complimented Gameness on the lightness of the gi, weighing in at an average of 3.2 pounds which is pretty impressive.

At around 6 ounces lighter than most competitive gis, this makes the Air live up to its name and is a solid investment if you are looking for a gi with a difference.

Gameness Air Gi - BJJ Gi - Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi


The Gameness Air is a plain looking gi, and seems to be designed more towards a no-frills crowd. Unlike all the other gis in Gameness’ line-up, this is the only one that does not have a chest patch.

The shoulder patch is updated to be larger and longer compared to the 2010 Pearl, although this is the case with all the newer Gameness gi line-ups.

The patch is very dominant as it consists of bold letters with ‘Gameness Air‘ and a large ‘G’ written across it. Although the writing is bold, some reviewers have complained that the patch is very understated and it could have been jazzed up a bit.

If you really do not like the patch it can be removed and as the overall design is simple, you can always add your own patches.

This outfit is available in black, white and a classic blue color, all of which meet BJJ regulations.


The Air is one of the lightest jiu-jitsu Gis on the market, making it great for training in hot climates, when you need to save some weight at your next tournament, or just a comfortable every-day Gi.

There has been some feedback about sizing issues of the Air, with some saying that the jacket comes out a little large and the pants can be very tight.

As you would guess, this can cause issues as you cannot simply go for a smaller size to cater for the pants issue as you would have huge problems with the jacket.

Another issue is that the pants have four strings rather than the standard two strings, which means that fighters who have a larger waist would find them unsuitable.

Size Chart

6’5” >255-300A-5

As discussed, this gi does have a few sizing issues, with the jacket coming out a little large and the pants a little tight. Keep this in mind when ordering and make sure that you look at the full measurements before buying.


Strength and durability are areas where the XT stands out. This gi is certainly not the most comfortable, but it will withstand anything that is thrown at it, which makes it great for competitions.

This Gi is made from a 100% cotton weave and celebrates expert stitching and seaming detail. Problem areas, such as the crotch and knees have been reinforced effectively to give fighters confidence that they can stretch their outfit to the limit.

Some have commented on the flimsy look of the Air, but I think that with a lightweight gi this is to be expected to a certain extent and I definitely don’t see any durability issues with this kit.

Gameness Air Gi - BJJ Gi - Lightweight Jiu Jitsu Gi Black


The jacket is quite generously cut. It is reasonably long on the body length, compared to say a Break Point Deluxe (which is very short), but not as long as my Fushida Komodo.

I generally like gi skirts to be on the short side, but it did not bother me too much. A longer skirt offers more room to show off the base patch.

The Air jacket comes with a seamless back, a rubber-core collar, and ripstop pants. The Air BJJ gi weighs in at just under 3 pounds, making it possibly the lightest jiu jitsu gi ever made.

The jacket has two layers outside of the lapel by the chest regions, extending to around 5 inches, which is a different design feature. Good reinforcements have been introduced to the armpit with fighters finding an oval-shaped layer in the comb weave.


The pants are mostly ripstop, with the exception of the reinforced areas in the crotch area. This is made of high-quality cotton material but there is no taping, which some athletes are not pleased with.

I have also mentioned problems with the sizing, with most saying the pants are too tight, especially if they have plumped for a smaller size due to the jacket sizing issues.

The drawstring set-up could use a little work. Instead of having 2 drawstrings in the front, 4 evenly distributed would fit better. Especially for the guys who need a larger gi due to their upper body being much larger than their waist.


The Gameness Air is perfect for practicing and fighting in warm conditions, making it a perfect summer piece. I love how the outfit allows you to breathe and not worry about sweating issues, which certainly can be a problem in hot weather.

This is a lightweight gi that stands the test of time when it comes to durability, mainly due to excellent quality reinforcements in high-stress area.

Overall, despite the sizing issues, the Gameness Air provides lots of great features for a very reasonable price.

If you’re not pleased with the problems caused by sizing factors, then look into different top rated BJJ Gi brands.