Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform Review

Lightweight gis are becoming very popular in the BJJ world and Fuji Sportswear’s version, the Sekai is a very good example of how this type of gi works. Fuji did not want to just produce the same old lightweight gi as its competitors, so they spent a long time bringing us the Sekia. The key to this go is the amazing durability considering it is to light. Gis can often look very similar and do not really stand apart from one another but this outfit really is eye catching.



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Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform


The Sekai is available in blue, black and white, which are the main colors required for Bjj competitions. Each of the three designs feature a contrasting color in the seam stitching and for any patches or embroider sections. The blue gi has white stitching, the black one red, and the white one black.

Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform Black

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All the patches are branded and feature a Japanese inscription. There are patches on each shoulder and on one leg, the right. You can also enjoy a nifty embroidered image of a world map on the inside of the gi jacket. The design of the Sekai is very simple as there is no need for flamboyance when it comes to BJJ outfits, the outfit allows the athlete to shine. We love the sleek and streamlined design that is not fussy.


People that have tried the Sekai agree that the fabric is very lightweight and is gentle on the skin, almost like you are practicing in pajamas!

There is a bungee drawstring to help you adjust your pants so they are better fitting. You will be pleased to know that the Fuji does not shrink after washing, at least not to the point that it os very noticeable. This is something that we like very much as shrinkage is a common problem with gis. Some athletes have complained about the trousers feeling too big around the crotch, which could pose a problem when carrying out some moves, but we feel that this is not a huge issue.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’5”110-140A-1
5’5”¬ 5’9”140-170A-2
5’9”- 6’1”170-200A-3
6’0”- 6’4200-250A-4
6’0”- 6’4”225-275A-5
6’2”- 6’6”250-300A-6

Some people have said that even the smallest size of the Sekai is too big for their small frame, so this will be something that you will want to look into before buying. The best bet is to measure up fully, rather than going for the size that you would usually get in other brands.


Durability is one of the most important factors to look at when looking at gis, especially if you are choosing a light or ultralight version. Many brands have failed in their attempt to make ultralight his durable, so does the Sekai do any better?

The answer is yes.

Fuji have spent over 50 years tailoring al of their designs to the needs of athletes and they certainly hit the nail on the head with this gi design. The Sekai has a number of rows of stitching and great material reinforcement that is as good a quality as a double weave outfit. We think it is one of the strongest ultralight his out there at the moment and are very impressed.

Ripstop features on the trousers, extending from the top of the thigh to the ankle. It looks like it is so far so good in terms of the trousers or jackets ripping, which we thought would be the case as Fuji do whatever they can not to disappoint their athletes.


We really like the simple but classy jacket of this gi. Feedback is that comfort levels are good and that athletes find the jacket easy to move around without it being too baggy. The thicker lapels on the jacket mean that it is hard for opponents to get a grip of the collar during choke moves.

There has been some debate about the rubber illustration featured inside the jacket, of the world map. It certainly looks good and makes the jacket stand out a little, but some people have fed back that it becomes sticky and loose over time, meaning that it may start to become uncomfortable.The jury is out on this feature. You can take a look at the cool designs to see for yourself.

Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform Blue

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The pants are the stand out feature of the Sekai, particularly due to the ripstop material being so soft and comfortable. Lots of Sekai fans have commented on the ease of use and the durability of the pants in the crotch area. The material is certainly thin, much like a single weave outfit, but with adequate reinforcements we believe that it will stand the test of time.

A cool design feature on the Sekai trousers is the great loops on the belt and neat bungee cord drawstring so the fit of the pants can be adjusted. There has been some feedback that the belt loops run when washed, but this is not something that we have seen during our review.


Overall, it appears that Fuji have really done their homework when designing and manufacturing the Sekai and this gi gets very few complaints from us.