Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform Review

Fuji has long been in determined to create sportswear that pushes the boundaries in every way, with everything from ease of use through to durability at the forefront of their designs. They have certainly delivered with the Kassen II, which has arguably become the best gi’s on the market.

The Kassen is very comfortable, looks cool ad will definitely stand the test of time when it comes to its lifespan. We think that this gi is the perfect suit that will take you from practice to competition with no problems at all.



Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform

Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform


With a history in judo, this BJJ gis are super simple when it comes to the design and patchwork. The Kassen II epitomizes the clean nature of Fuji’s design without comprising on quality and style.

The chest, shoulders, and right leg of the pants all have red patches with white detailing and a black background. The Kassen comes in classic competition colors of  white, blue and black, with the patches staying the same on all designs, well at least there are no distinguishable differences. We think that all three of the colors look great but the patches colors suit the black outfit more, in our opinion.

The design is ideal for players who like to look understated but smart and elegant. The Kassen is a step above the rest without possessing too much bling!


This gi is neither light nor ultralight, but you would never guess when you are wearing it as it feels as light as a feather. The Kassen is soft, gentle and easy to wear, possibly one of the lightest gi’s we have tried for a long time.

People who have written a reviews of the Kassen have been quick to praise the comfort level of the outfit and the sense of luxury it holds. For its weight, The Kassen is one very comfortable investment indeed and is a good choice if you are stuck between buying a lightweight and a heavier outfit.

Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi White Uniform

Like other Fuji designs, this outfit is very true to size so you can’t really go wrong once you have measured up. You can also relax when it comes washing this gi as it has not been shown to shrink in the machine and when we washed it the shrinkage was very slight, if we are being really picky.

If you plan on participating in BJJ for a long time, we think that the Kassen will stand the test of time I terms of comfort and durability.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’5”110-140A-1
5’5”¬ 5’9”140-170A-2
5’9”- 6’1”170-200A-3
6’0”- 6’4200-250A-4
6’0”- 6’4”225-275A-5
6’2”- 6’6”250-300A-6


One of the highlights of the Kassen is the durable nature and strength in depth of the material. The Kassen is made up of a thick and strong pearl weave, with a jacket that benefits from reinforcements with strength in the armpit as well as the side vents and chest seams. A rubber collar completes the all round strength of this product.

Reinforced pants means the bottom is just as strong as the top and run from the top of the thigh all the way down the pants leg. This outfit has the longevity that you will require for long term use.


The jacket of the Kassen is tight fitting and cleanly cut, with no fuss. Fuji has spent over 50 years tailoring al of their designs to the needs of athletes and they certainly hit the nail on the head with this gi design. The Kassen jacket is made from a pearl weave material and it is soft on the inside but more hardwearing on the outside.

The collar on this gi enjoys a good thickness that makes it strong and it has rubber padding, which mixed with the thickness of the jacket means that opponents have a tough time trying to maintain a long grip.

Keeping in line with the rest of the design, the jacket of the Kassen is discreet and tidy, with no desire to stand out. There are neat patches on both shoulders, one on the chest, and a small embroidery between the shoulder blades.


The pants of the Kassen are made from a double twill that has been reinforcedand are works well with the jacket in that they share the same durability and comfort levels. Full-width reinforcements can be found on the length of the pants legs, giving them an extra boost of strength.

Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform - Pants

A cool design feature on the Sekai trousers is the great  loops on the belt and neat bungee cord drawstring so the fit of the pants can be adjusted. There has been some feedback that the belt loops run when washed, but this is not something that we have seen during our review.


We are extremely impressed by the durability of the Kassen and it is definitely its main selling point when it comes to how incredibly comfortable this gi is. This go is perfect for practicing and for competing and will stand the test of time, however much action you get.

The Kassen is a no frills gi that lends itself well to athletes who want to get on with the job in hand and are not bothered about standing out from the crowd.