Fuji Gi Review

With an outstanding price tag, this BJJ gi offers great value for money and then some. The attention paid to the details that matter – quality materials and copious reinforcements as well as good cut and fit – ensure that this is a great gi for everyday use.

A great gi for all stages, from beginners to experts. We love the classy look and nifty design features that make the Fuji sat and out from many other brands in the same price bracket.


From an aesthetic point of view, this gi is minimalistic and beautiful. The white model had navy contrasting embroidery and details which we really like. There are hardly any patches (1 small one at the bottom of one lapel) and just a couple of embroideries. The lack of patches may be a downside for some, but for the price and the rest of the great points about this gi, there are no real qualms from us.




Fuji BJJ Uniform


Feedback from many users has been mostly positive, especially when it comes to comfort. This gi is different to many beginner level BJJ gis, the single weave material is very breathable and soft. This is different from many entry level BJJ gis that utilize pearl weave fabrics.

The gi has been washed, tumble dried and hang dried for so many times over the course of two years. Unlike the Fuji Summerweave Gi, the Fuji All Around BJJ gi never showed a significant amount of shrinkage.

The sleeves on this outfit are slightly too long, just by half an inch or so, which can be a problem for some. Besides this, the material is medium weight and is perfect for most weather conditions, not too heavy and not too light.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’5”110-140A-1
5’5”- 5’9”140-170A-2
5’9”- 6’1”170-200A-3
6’0”- 6’4”200-250A-4
6’0”- 6’4”225-275A-5
6’2”- 6’6”250-300A-6

This gi enjoys very little shrinkage so there should be no issues with sizing, apart from the issue with the slightly long sleeves on the jacket.


A great feature of this gi is the lack of stretching in the material. This is such a necessary function. When you’re passing the guard the last thing you want is your opponent being able to pull added dexterity from your gi material. The Fuji Gi material does not stretch. This makes breaking grips and controlling grips much easier; as any give in the gi only strengthens your opponents grips.

The rubber collar makes this jacket very strong and also helps when opponents are grappling. Although lightweight, there are significant reinforcements to strengthen the jacket and pants, especially in high-stress areas.


The jacket is well made and all the stitching is clean. The embroidery is also rather nice and it seems to be manufactured well. As was stated in the specifications, it definitely seems like a gi intended to last for years as it shows no signs of slowing down. It has reinforcements in all of the right places. The collar is actually good for a gi this price and is comparable to a Lucky gi collar.

The thick collar is great and it is less stiff than other BJJ gi collars. The reinforcement on the jacket is impressive, especially on the cuffs that are tapered with a strip of twill cotton.

The material’s softness also avoids itchiness that some woven material can cause. There is effective taping along the inside of the jacket as well as along the outside skirt, which is a nice design feature.

Fuji BJJ Uniform blue


The pants feature a minimalist 4 belt loops that are set low enough to do their job as I had no issues of the stretchy cord drawstring belt riding up during training.

The pants feature two layers that cover the knee, extending all the way to the ankle to ensure full knee coverage in every position.This ensures that the user’s knees have adequate coverage in any position. The interior gusset panel has little triangular patches made from cotton fabric. Those acts as reinforcements for stress areas.


We are extremely impressed by the durability of the Fuji Gi and it is definitely its main selling point when it comes to how incredibly comfortable this gi is. This gi is perfect for practicing and for competing and will stand the test of time, however, much action you get. The Fuji Gi is a no frills gi that lends itself well to athletes who want to get on with the job in hand and are not bothered about standing out from the crowd.