Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes for Wing Chun 2019

Feiyue History

Feiyue are made by a company called DaFu and began life 1920s Shanghai. The shoes are an essential aspect of all those who practice wushu and for athletes in China, with even Shaolin monks using them alongside kung fu experts. Not only are the shoes popular in China, they are now a staple addition to martial experts all around the world, starting from students and going right up to professional fighters.

Originally just labelled as a cloth shoe by DaFu, but years later they were modified to make the Feiyue, a variation on a civil Jiefang shoe. Now Fueyue Vintage, Fueyue Plain, Fueyue Clounds, Fueyue Delta, Fueyue LO, Fueyue Soldier, Fueyue Style, Fueyue Kid series are all firm favourites in the world of martial arts and some other sports.

Feiyue shoes are still worn today for sports but in China people were for general use and are a staple fashion accessory for many. Athletes who take part in parkour, boxing, running and tai chi, also favour these shoes, alongside people taking part in many other sports. If these shoes are good for Shaolin monks then they are good for us.

We will look into why Feiyue is used for martial arts shortly, but the most popular reason is that they are very lightweight and have a super thin sole that is very flexible for athletes.feiyue shoes

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Why use Martial Arts Shoes?

Most of the time, martial arts is practiced in a school gym or sports hall that is fully equipment and has a comfortable floor, which makes it great for training barefoot. We know that training in such well-designed building is not always possible, so at times shoes will be a necessity.

Feiyue martial arts shoes are a great alternative to going barefoot, with the thinnest of soles and ultimate flexibility as part of their design. When bare feet are just not an option, these Feiyue are a godsend.

They will allow you to train as close to nature as possible and are a delight to train in for millions of martial arts fans all around the world.

If you are practicing or fighting outside, then you will need to invest in a pair of Kung Fu shoes and they will also benefit you if you tend to practice on a hard surface at times. They will help give your feet a well-earned break and can help prevent injuries and strains.

The Benefits of Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes?

The ultimate aim of wearing kung fu shoes is to protect your feet and you cannot put a price on the health of your feet if you are serious about martial arts.

As with any clothing or show products, there are a various price points when buying martial arts shoes. you will be glad to know that these shoes do start at low prices, some significantly lower than standard sports shoes.

Feiyue is the most famous brand of kung fu shoes, but there are plenty of others on the market. Having been in business since 1920, you can rely on this company for experience and attention to detail. We like that the original style is still available and that kung fu masters have been wearing these shoes for many years.

Feiyue have kept up with the times and have developed funky shoes to match modern trends, making them available in many colours and designs.

The shoe’s soles are padded but remain thin enough that you can feel the ground underneath. The canvas upper allows the foot to make a full range of motions. Ideal for kung fu, these shoes are also worn by practitioners of tai chi, parkour, kickboxing, barefoot running, and many others.

The lower priced shoes will be easy on your wallet and if you choose to buy big then we think that you would be investing wisely.feiyue shoe

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Shoe brands, such as Adidas manufacture more robust martial arts shoes, making them the preference for many athletes and they will stand the test of time more than some lower priced Feiyues shoes.

If you do not want to buy shoes that are specific to martial arts, you will find that good quality indoor sports shoes, that will work well in other sports will be ok too.

These thin soled shoes are a great alternative to cushioned soled shoes, which can potentially be harmful to your feet, if used when taking part in martial arts.

Shoes with cushioned soles can make your feet less sensitive, which can translate your the brain not getting enough information to activate the shock-absorbing capabilities of the muscles in tour legs and back, which then heightens the force of the impact of the floor each time your feet hit it.

For indoor martial arts sessions, this is not really an issue, but excessive sole cushioning does make it much harder to feel the absorbance of pressure during the movements.

All in all, we think that the evidence in favour of wearing Feiyue shoes does in fact weigh up. Starting at a very reasonable price, there is no debate over whether to invest in a pair of these shoes if you feel you may not last the course when starting up.

Things to consider when buying martial arts shoes

  • Budget – how much do you want to spend
  • Support for feet
  • How long they will last
  • Do you need a pair strong enough to wear outside

Another thing to think about, when wondering what kung fu shoes to buy is to make sure that it is ok for the place you will train in. Check with your club or school trainer to make sure it fits in with their requirements, especially if your club follows.

Whether you decide to opt for Feiyue shoes or go with another brand, the most important things is to make sure that your feet are protected and the shoes cover off all of the things that your feet need, in terms of comfort and sturdiness.

We hope that we have given you some insight into what Feiyue shoes are and the benefits of using them for martial arts.