Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Gloves Review

Fairtex was founded by Philip Wong, who practiced Muay Thai as a hobby and the brand is now one of the most well-known Thai boxing brands on the market.


Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Gloves are one of the Best Muay Thai Gloves available to boxers. Boxers who practice Muay Thai boxing will know these gloves very well and those who don’t soon will.

World champion fighters, coaches and promoters across the world are big fans of the Fairtex brand  as their gloves offer very high quality and performance. The brand has been involved in training, managing and promoting Muay Thai fighters, boxers and MMA fighters since 1975. Watch a fight on your at your local arena and you are sure to spot a pair of Fairtex gloves.

If you have been thinking of buying a pair of Fairtex, but are not quite sure if these are the gloves for you, read this review to see if the gloves live up to the reputation that they have built up over the past few decades.


  • Impressive hook enclosure with wrap-around detail that give wrists ultimate protection
  • 100% high leather that is very durable and will withstand heavy punches
  • Snug fit without being too restrictive
  • Padding is not too bulky and the gloves look very streamlined
  • Great for heavy bag and pad work as well as sparring


  • Very basic design, with no standout features
  • Not suitable for western style boxing so they are not good for those fighting in multiple styles.
  • Break-in time can be quite long meaning that for the first few weeks the gloves are very stiff

Protection And Padding

Like many standard boxing gloves, Fairtex Thai boxing gloves have a lot of padding and the padding in these gloves is very noticeable. Fairtex is very good at combing effective padding without losing mobility, so fighters will never feel restricted.

This is a very classic looking glove with a unique curved padding that starts thinly from the wrist and widens out to the punching surface. There are 2 layers of padding that leave the hands well protected, especially in the knuckle area.

The design moulds nicely to the hand but still provides a strong layer of padding to absorb impacts and prevent bottoming out. The amount of padding in these gloves means that the gloves feel quite stiff for a while, but after a few weeks of practice they will soon feel more comfortable.

Fairtex Muay Style Sparring Gloves red

It is important for Muay Thai fighters  to be able to grab their opponents gloves, something that these gloves allow you to do very well. It is one of the main reasons that these gloves are loved so much in the Thai boxing world. The ability to grab does not deter from what they are ultimately designed to do—protect your hands.

Quality And Durability

It is difficult to find a fault with these gloves and they are certainly amongst the most durable on the market. They can withstand the most powerful of punches and fighters have fed back on the great grappling ability these gloves have, without losing the protection they require.

The key thing that makes these gloves so durable is the fact that each pair is hand made in Thailand. They are stitched out of leather and have a quality that is virtually unmatched. You can be confident that these gloves are made with you in mind and they are not a marketing ploy to make a few bucks.

Design And Aesthetics

Fairtex gloves are available in many different colors, including the traditional red and black. The premium leather finish means that gloves look awesome without the need for extravagant detailing.

While some people might be underwhelmed by their appearance, these gloves are functional and don’t really need a flashy presentation. The gloves have a classic look and stick to traditional Thai boxing styles. When a glove performs to such a high standard it doesn’t really matter what they look like.

Fairtex Muay Style Sparring Gloves white

There are a few limited edition gloves that do show off a little more, including a US flag design and loud green ‘hulk’ style gloves. If you fancy showing off a bit then you could give these gloves a go and add a bit of pizzaz to your performance.

Read on to see how we think the feel of the glove is much more important than the aesthetics.

Fit And Comfort

Designed and manufactured in Thailand, Fairtex gloves make gloves with fighters in mind and every aspect of the design is spot on. You can’t really go wrong when buying a pair of quality gloves from the home of Thai boxing, can you?

You can tell just by looking at the gloves that they are designed to a high spec and no stone has gone unturned in finding the best material for the ultimate performance. The gloves are made of high quality leather that feels as good as they look. The high quality leather mean that they are very durable and if they are looked after properly they will last a long time without losing their snug fit.

Some fighters may be put off buying these gloves as they look very bulky and, whilst there is a lot of padding, it does not take away from the comfort of these gloves. The extra padding means that you can spar and train for long periods without feeling the strain on your hands, so whilst they may not look the most comfortable we can vouch that they are.


Fairtex gloves can be bought in the industry standard sizes of 12, 14, 16, and 18 oz weights. For the best advice on what size gloves to buy, you can speak to your trainer or gym instructor for advice.

Experienced boxers will automatically know what size to buy, but beginners will need a little help. Generally, the lighter you are the lighter glove you require and the later you are you will need a heavier glove to protect you hand during powerful punches.

If you are sparring you should stick to 16 oz gloves for ultimate protection, anything less will put you at risk of damaging your hands or wrists.


Fairtex gloves don’t seem to be as popular as Twins or Top King in Thailand, however, Fairtex makes high quality gloves and we were very happy to finally try them out. Overall, we found these gloves to be of very good value and are particularly impressed by the strength and durability of these Fairtex gloves. Although there is not a lot of padding in these gloves they are comfortable and we thick that they will last for a good few years.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves for sparring and training you will do well in investing in a pair of gloves made in the country that the sport began. A new favorite for us and I think they will become a firm favorite for you too.