Different Self Defense Weapons for You & Your Home

Protecting your family and your property is your right and responsibility. We live in too volatile a society to ignore the potential threats that’s being reported every time we turn on the TV, radio or go on the Internet.

The law allows reasonable force or violence to safeguard loved ones and possessions, but it is a complicated matter. The guidelines and laws can differ state to state. There are seemingly absurd rules about how much force you’re allowed to use. You can be arrested if it’s determined excessive force was applied, even if an attacker was in your home and especially if you used an illegal weapon. In many states, if someone strikes you in your home and you strike back, you could both be arrested.

Unfortunately, a parent may not consider what the law wants when their children are at risk. If someone is in your house, the threat is evident and incalculable. You cannot take the time to gauge an intruder’s temperament or capacity to harm. You want to be prepared with the best home defense possible.

Alarm Systems

Hopefully, you’ll have the best personal alarm system your money can buy. These systems can sound alarms, notify police, light up invaded areas, video tape intrusions or perform any combination of these. These will be the first line of house defense and are a sound investment for protecting family, possessions and property. If you want to read more about this, click here.


Depending on the laws, you might be able to turn to the best personal protection handgun. They are probably the most powerful deterrent for discouraging criminality. These are lethal weapons and they can be dangerous to yourself and innocents, let alone attackers.

If your house defense is a firearm, you should have the best self defence handgun you can fit into your budget. You want to keep it safely locked away, especially if there are children in the house. Accidents with firearms in the home – especially in homes with children – are too commonplace to be ignored. The weapon has to be maintained even during storage. Firing systems are delicate and can lose effectiveness for any number of reasons, including lack of use. Your gun safe should have quick access features. These will let you get into the safe and remove the gun with one hand while the other uses the phone to call the police.

No one who hasn’t been trained or never fired a gun should be using one under stressful conditions. Firearms require the steadiest hand and a calmed mind. Accidents when a gun owner was trying to do the right thing are common. The best personal defense gun can be a threat to everyone around, not just the intruder.

Flashlights & Stun Guns

You could consider the best self defense flashlight with a stun gun hidden in its design. This is an up close and personal weapon, but a trained user will be able to deploy it successfully and safely. The light can blind the assailant before you attack with the stun gun.

Self Defense Knives

If you’re familiar to the material on this site, you’ll see we believe in the virtues of a good best self defense knife. There are many options in this category. They are perfect up close weapons. A trained user can take down an opponent without causing serious injury to them and – most importantly – to themselves, even in the dark. This cannot be said of a firearm. It can be dangerous to use a gun in the dark. It can also miss or misfire. A personal defense knife will never do that.


Self Defense Made Simple

 Self Defense Made Simple


Psychological Defense Mechanisms

 Psychological Defense Mechanisms


Security Strategies

 Security Strategies

Pepper Spray [Gel]

Another great option is to look for the best self defense knife. There are many types created for an varied array of options. For home defense, we strongly suggest gel pepper spray. Other forms can build in the air, potentially making the user or innocent bystanders as much victims as a perpetrator. This can be minimized outdoors, but indoor cross contamination is greatly increased. But a gel doesn’t create the same conditions as a stream, spray or fog cloud. Gel pepper spray will only strike, stick to and affect whatever it touches. It’s also easy to clean up.

You do have the right to use a personal defense weapon against imminent threat. But this has to be done with a clear head. Whether using a taser or self defense keychain weapons, you are going to be held accountable for what happens after you put any defense into play. Potential victims have actually found themselves sitting at the defendant’s table in criminal court for injuring or killing someone that broke into their home. After having the tables turned on them by victims using a defense weapon, criminals have had the audacity to take those victims to civil court and sued them for injuries the predator suffered. And they win more often than lose by arguing the victim used excessive and unnecessary force.

This is why when you consider any sort of personal or home defense weapon, you consider what it’s capable of and how far you want to push that button. While defending yourself is your right, the law and society is going to see what you’ve done differently. Plus, you have to decide if you could live with the worst case scenario.