Combat Sports Dummy Review

Combat Sports have manufactured a good quality dummy that is best for practicing strikes and throws. They have put a lot of thought into making a dummy that supports strikers in this area, which means that it is limited in what it can do. This is not a good choice if you are looking for a flexible dummy, but that does not mean to say you should dismiss it.

A variety of poses and positions can practiced on this dummy, whether it be strikes or sweeps or any other move you have your heart set on perfecting. The Combat dummy has stiff limbs to give a  realistic feel, with a great level of resistance when practices takedowns and other key MMA moves.

Stay with us to read our review of the Combat Sports Dummy so that you can weigh up whether to not this is the right dummy for you.


The Combat Sports Dummy enjoys many benefits to fighters including:

  • Heavy Build — This dummy has very a very thick torso and legs and it can stand on its own with no need for it to be supported.
  • Stiff Arms and Legs — The dummy’s limbs are straight to offer the ability to strike in a number of ways to strike.


  • Legs — We like how the legs are able to support you in your strike practice, they are too stiff for many other moves. This dummy is not suitable for submissions.
  • Choking Moves — As the neck is very thick it is difficult to get a hold of to perform choke moves.

As with most pieces of sporting equipment, there are downsides, such as:


As this dummy is extremely heavy it struggles at being flexible. As it is not made for submission it will not bend as much as some other grappling dummies and you cannot perform rolls that require a bend of the waist.

If you do want a dummy that you can perform any move on, then you will be pushed to find one as they all have limitations. Consider what moves you think you need help with most and if it does not require too much bending then it will suffice.

As the legs of the dummy are very stiff, they cannot be used for performing ankle locks as they are designed to be straight. Fighters are also restricted with chokes as the thickness of the neck does not allow for flexibility.


This dummy is extremely durable and once it has broken in a little it is very comfortable without losing any of its strength. If you are a fighter who is experienced in grappling with a dummy, the initial hardness will not effect you too much.

High-quality material covers the outside of the dummy to give it a very strong appearance and confidence that it will stand the test of time. You would be forgiven for thinking that this dummy is a punching bag, it looks and feels the part and has all of the strength a fighter desires.

Combat Sports Dummy


The Legged Grappling Dummy is amongst the heaviest dummies weighing in  at 120 lbs. The additional weight gives a true resistance for take-down manoeuvres and allows the dummy to do its job at resisting strikes. If you are on the lighter side, this dummy may prove a little difficult to move around as it is so heavy.


Stretching to 5ft 10” tall, the Combat sports dummy is suitable for the majority of fighters, regardless of their size. This is great for those who have been struggling to find a high quality grappling dummy that is shorter than the average 6ft dummies.

Ability to use a Gi

It is worth noting that this dummy is incredibly heavy, making it difficult to move about and for it to be dressed in a gi. If you are looking for a dummy that you can move about more easily, this is not the best option for you.


The Combat Dummy has been designed to stand on its owns that fighters can stand away from the dummy to makes sweeps and strikes, amongst other key manoeuvres.

Whether you need to practice strikes, throws or grapples, the Combat dummy is a brilliant and versatile piece of equipment. We are sure you can carry out every move with this dummy, in the most flexible and dynamic way.

A number of BJJ moves can be made with this dummy, more so than on some grappling dummies. It may be disappointing to some that there is no chance of practising submission moves on this dummy, you cannot argue with its superior support in strike training.


If you are looking for a best grappling dummy that is versatile and comfortable to use, the benefits of the Combat dummy are hard to beat. You can be as forceful as you like with this dummy, it is so strong and durable. If ever there was a perfect training partner when your usual buddy is unavailable then it is the Combat Sports Dummy.

The brand does not please everyone with this dummy, but some fighters love the fact that they can finally find a heavy dummy that allows them to practice strikes for hours on end without becoming too uncomfortable.

We hope that we have given you a good insight to the benefits of buying a Combat Sports Dummy and that you have many productive training sessions should you go ahead and purchase.