Bubba Grappling Dummy Review

Best grappling dummy can be a brilliant solution for people to hone their throwing, submission, and grappling skills while away from the gym as two or three hours practice a week is not enough if you are taking your fighting seriously.

If you are looking for a versatile grappling dummy, the Bubba II Grappling Dummy up there with the greatest grappling dummies available. The dummy can be used for striking moves as well as practicing grapples. It enjoys a true to life body with anatomically correct arms and legs. The Bubba has limbs that are very resistant and  it can be used in a sitting or standing position.

The dummy is a one-piece model and is made of a wooden construct with strapping and padding effective. Tape is wrapped around the main body and it has clothing over it to make it more realistic.


Bubba II Grappling Dummy

Bubba II Grappling Dummy

The arms and legs can be bent into numerous positions and can be changed very quickly from one pose to the next. This is without a doubt one of the most flexible dummies on the market, and whilst it will cost quite a bit, it is a worthwhile investment if you are serious about your sport.

Fighters looking to practice many moves will gain a lot of benefit from investing in this grappling dummy.


  • Realistic – The Bubba dummy celebrates a patented design that has realistic arms, legs and joints for ultimate reality.
  • Versatility -This dummy is great when learning a number of positions and possess, whether that be grappling or strike practice.


  • Pressure – Some fighters have reported having a very tricky time training in submission moves because  of the pressure of the dummy, which is difficult to adjust to. Escaping  from mount moves may also prove tricky with this dummy, as some reviewers have stated.
  • Kneeling – You may have a hard time practicing sweeps from a guarded stance. The Bubb is tricky to position into a position on the knee without the legs remaining tied together.


The Bubba II grappling dummy can take on a standing or sitting position and enjoys extreme flexibility.

The dummy is strong and tough and has very realistic arm and leg movements. We love how this dummy offers the opportunity to be but in a seated or standing position and the arms can be bent however you want them to be, with ease.

If a fighter is going to fork out good money on training gear, he or she needs to have confidence that it will be worthwhile. Whilst a dummy is never going to match the real thing, this Bubba can become your best friend at times you need to train hard.

Bubba II Grappling Dummy train

Once you have decided on a position, you can be assured that it will remain in that position until you choose to change it. This can happen without the dummy feeling too stiff and unrealistic.


Some grappling dummies can look flimsy, especially if they claim to be easy to manage, but we think that the Bubba does well in this area. The dummy may look like it can break easily, but we have been impressed by the strength it offers.

To make it sturdy, the brand have researched the best packing material and it has come up with a tightly packed foam interior that makes it strong and able to withstand many poundings.i

Your dummy will have to endure plenty of training if you take your sport seriously, so it will need to be very durable in order to get value for money. The Bubba ticks all of the boxed for us in terms of its ability to stand the test of time.


Weighing in at approximately  65 lbs it comes in at a lighter weight that most grappling dummies on the market without losing its strength and durability. The weight is a clever piece of engineering from Bubba as the last thing you want is a bulky dummy to look drag around.


This dummy measures 5 foot 10 inches which is an average size and will accommodate most fighters. This is another feature we like as some dummies come out on the large size and will not suit shorter fighters.

Can it fit a Gi?

There is no real need to add an outfit to this dummy as it already comes with pants and a sweater so anything more may make it too unrealistic. It is always good to grapple with a gi, to make it as life like as possible, but there really is no need to with this dummy. Of course, you can always give it a go if you need to.


Whether you need to practice strikes, throws or grapples, the Bubba is an amazingly versatile piece of equipment. You name it, this dummy can do it, in the most flexible and dynamic way.

A number of BJJ moves can be made with this dummy, more so than on some grappling dummies. The foam inside is tightly packed and at first the dummy can be a little tough and you may feel a little sore after the first few days or weeks, but the dummy will soon break-in and become your friend.

Bubba II Grappling Dummy training

If you are training to get your throws up to top notch level, be certain you lift your dummy from the ground as slow as possible so that you do not hurt your elbows.


Of course, there is no replacement for a real life fighter to train with, but Bubba comes a close second and could tie you vital time to get your moves right before a big fight. If you are lucky enough to have a training partner as eager as you to train all of the time, then you may not see the benefit of buying a dummy, but like most people, you probably want to train at different times than everybody else.

Overall, the Bubba has the realistic feel that we desire in a dummy, is sure to stand the test of time and gives you the flexibility you need for effective training.