Break Point Ultra Light Gi Review


The Break Point Ultra Light Gi is exceedingly good value for money, with athletes complimenting the outfit on its comfort levels and ease of use. It can be difficult to buy ultra light gis on a small budget, but the Break Point Ultra ticks all of the boxes in terms of quality and durability.

Weighing around 3.5-4 pounds, this is a great gi for those needing to make weight at their next competition and for those who need extra support when grappling.


The Ultra Light is not eye-catching but is elegant in its design. The Break Point does not have patches but instead has embroidered logos on the gi, which is a nice design feature and something a little different than standard gis. All of the embroideries are finished off in red stitching that stands out just the correct amount, not too showy but not too discreet, we like it.

There is detailed stitching all over the gi, which contrasts greatly with the main material and gives a little bit of flair to the outfit. The stitching is not extreme and you will not stand out too much, but it just gives it the edge over some of the plain gis on the market.



Break Point Ultra Light Gi

Break Point Ultra Light Gi


Comfort is where the Break Point really ups its game and comes into its own. Ultra lights can be tricky to master but this suit does it nicely, with excellent craftsmanship and real thinking in the design.

The material is soft and lightweight, and the fit is roomy. So roomy, in fact, that some have complained that the jacket is baggier than is usually preferred, making it easier to grab during a competition. Still, the comfort of the gi is without question.

The twill cotton pants are said to be some of the lightest and softest pants available today, so much so that they appear to be the main reason the gi is able to achieve its weight of 3.5 pounds.

Concerning the fit, the Ultra Light is pre washed, meaning that shrinkage should be at a minimum, but some users have still experienced shrinking in the jacket after multiple washes.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’5”110-135A-0
5’5”- 5’8”135-160A-1
5’8”- 5’11”160-185A-2
5’11”- 6’2”185-220A-3
6’2”- 6’4”220-255A-4
6’3”- 6’6”255-285A-5


Durability is one of the most important factors to look at when looking at gis, especially if you are choosing a light or ultralight version. Many brands have failed in their attempt to make ultralight his durable, so does the Break Point manage to pull it off?

We think they do, maybe not as good as some brands, but for the ultra thin material that it uses it is certainly hardwearing. The main reason this is a durable gi is due to it being a pearl weave rather than a single weave, as many lightweights are. The pearl weave gives added strength to the gi, especially in the pants.

The main areas where you will usually see wear and tear, like the crotch are made of a twill based fabric, so they can withstand a lot of action. Feedback from some customers have mentioned a slight fraying to the jacket, particularly on the collar, but we have not found any problems so far and, in our experience, you can expect a little fraying when wearing ultra light gis.


The jacket of on the Break Point has not sticking or seams on the rear as it is made from a single piece of pearl weaved cotton fabric. We like this nifty feature even if it is very popular to see nowadays. Extra strength is added to the armpits and side vents, and seam tape is placed around the collar for extra reinforcement.

If you are on the smaller side of each size, you may find that the jacket is a little baggy, so it may be worth checking out the smaller size. Of course, the extra room in the jacket may be off comfort to some people, but be careful that the baggy nature of the jacket does not restrict your movements.

Break Point Ultra Light Gi


Whilst there are a few niggling complaints with the Break Point jacket, in terms of size and design, the pants of this gi are something we have very few issues with. The pants on the Break Point are very soft and as light as a fairy, in fact, you would think you were wearing your pajamas they are that comfortable. Durability is increased by reinforced knees and, like the top, they have seam tape running around the cuffs.

Another cool feature is the tie system to the pants which allows the wearer to control the fit in terms of roominess versus productivity.


Like we said at the beginning of this review, the Break Point Ultra Light amongst the best ultralight gis on the market in terms of value for money and effectiveness. The baggy nature of the jacket may be a negative point for some, but the comfortably soft trousers make this gi.

You can have confidence in the strength and durability of the materials used on the outfit and we can easily see this outfit being used on a professional level, as well as during long practice sessions. If you have never worn an ultra light before, the Break Point is a superb starting point. We don’t think that you will be disappointed.