BJJ For Self Defense

If you have ever considered the need to learn about self defense, we cannot recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enough. Many people are put off my learning BJJ as they feel it too difficult to master, and whilst this may be the case at some point, you will be learning to defend yourself as opposed to entering competitions.


These are the reasons why BJJ can help you gain confidence and to defend yourself without the need for violence.

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is unique and it can’t be imitated. Time and effort is put in to developing your skills and soon you will find that your overall physical ability improves.

    You will never feel as fit as when you have been training in BJJ for a few months When you are training, even reaching 50% of your potential, you are improving your body and brain on how to react to improve you position.

  2. There are no pads or helmets used when training in BJJ, so you will have no crutch to rely on, just when you are out on the street. With no tools or weapons to rely on, your confidence will come from within.

  3. Of course, there are a number bad positions that you will find yourself in, whether that be in side-control, mounted, or back-control, you will find yourself in a submissive space.

    All of these dangerous positions will gradually teach your body to become more aware of your surroundings and to look at everything that happens in potentially dangerous situations. It will also allow you to gain confidence and know how to remain calm in hectic and dangerous situations.

  4. You may end up with your fight going to ground but in actual fact you can start BJJ standing up, gaining vital opportunities away from your attacker. Timing is everything in BJJ and when you may be at risk of attack.

    A street fight can end up like a free for all but BJJ is all about smart thinking and expert grips, no violence is required at all. You can use your BJJ skills to remain controlled and stop your opponent just from standing or use it to take them to the ground to subdue them if need be.

  5. The Berimbolo, Spider Guard, or Flying Arm Bar are all moves that you will learn when practicing BJJ, but the main thing that you need to learn about is distance. The ability to , control the distance, whether you are on your back or on your feet is an essential learning tool that you will need to drill in to yourself at all times.

    The ability to lay on your back and keep your attacker away from you with low place kicks to their shins and knees, it cause the least harm to you and your attacker.

  6. Perhaps the most important factor in BJJ being the best for self defense is that there is a huge ego boost involved in both practicing and fighting.

    Training in BJJ allow you to reevaluate your ego levels, making you relax more and think about how you can impact others and how others can quickly impact you, regardless of how immortal you feel that you are. Staying calm and remaining cautious are two of the most important aspects of self defense.

We hope that we have helped you gain insight into just how BJJ can help you defend yourself in a safe and controlled way.