Best Stun Gun & Taser Reviews (Our Buying Guide)

Stun guns and tasers are incapacitating devices that deliver electric shocks and temporarily disrupt muscle function. While it may appear otherwise, hand held tasers and stun guns do not inflict pain or cause significant injury.

The stun gun prevents harm while protecting innocents from predators. They use a low amperage, making them a non-lethal device.

The best taser also delivers a debilitating electrical shock but uses a completely different system than the stun gun to administer its application.

The following is a thorough review of the taser and stun gun. Our taser reviews will help you pick out the best taser for self defense. You’ll learn about the difference between stun guns and tasers, and the different types for each.

We also have stun gun reviews, the legal issues behind having a taser or stun gun, understanding voltage, the criteria for buying a stun gun for women and more.

Knowing the Difference Between Stun Guns and Tasers

Taser vs Stun Gun

The stun guns use a high voltage jolt to momentarily disable muscle function. All that’s required is the user pull the trigger and touch the predator with it. After, your predator’s face will say it all.A high voltage taser utilizes electrical current to stop an assailant. A taser for self defense is basically designed for distance application. Pull the trigger and two metal probes will make contact with an assailant. A taser can also be used up close and personal.

Take note when we say “high voltage,” we’re still talking about low amperage. These devices are engineered to stop predators, not hurt them. Depending on circumstances, a device that caused serious harm can land a user in jail or in civil court regardless of the assailant’s intent.

  • Taser reviews note these devices have far range capability, offering up to 15 feet of zone protection.
  • Tasers deliver a powerful blast of electricity through two probes that should penetrate at least two inches of layers.
  • Most tasers have built-in sighting. The user lines up the red dot and fires.
  • Many tasers have a contact back up – making them something of a stun gun taser – in case you miss the target, have a misfire or the attacker is too close for a shoot.
  • The probes cannot be safely removed until the advice has stopped generating voltage. This basically means after deployment, the user will have to leave the taser behind while they escape.
  • Both probes must hit the target.
  • Some states require a felony background check before shipping a taser.
  • Taser guns tend to be more expensive than stun guns.
Stun Guns
  • The strongest stun gun can have a voltage range of as little one million volts and up to 35 million.
  • As a close range defense, you have a greater chance of putting down a predator.
  • Electrical current will not pass back to the user.
  • Stun guns tend to be less expensive than tasers.
  • These devices do not require replacement cartridges and many are rechargeable.
  • The only disadvantage to a stun gun compared to a taser is the former requires up close and personal contact. You must touch the predator with the weapon. That means letting them get close enough to potentially grab or (in case of an animal) bite. If you want to extend the distance, consider a stun gun baton.

Different Types of Stun Guns / Taser Devices

Stun guns and tasers are self defense devices that deliver an electroshock. The application is one of the most effective ways to incapacitate a predator quickly and without causing serious injury.

A taser fires probes via a flexible and thin wire. Stun guns require direct contact with the assailant to administer their charge. There are types, sizes and function that might suit one person or situation better than the other.

A compact device could include a pocket taser, mini stun gun or concealable personal tasers for a woman.

These are excellent options for individuals who don’t need the strongest taser, prefer to not let others know they are armed, but want a device that will sufficiently protect them at the worst of times.

A heavy duty device will be more like a weapon used by law enforcement and correction officers. It could be a police taser flashlight, a stun baton or taser gun large enough to need holstering.

These weapons are likely to have greater voltage than the typical personal device. The heavy duty variety may be larger and harder to conceal which is why there is a greater chance you’ll see them on a policeman rather than a jogger.

The flashlight stun gun or taser flashlight combo is becoming a standard resource in the law enforcement community and growing in popularity with the general public.

These devices serve a dual purpose, allowing movement through dark areas and providing a proper defensive weapon should the unexpected happen. There are products that fit on a key chain and large flashlight taser combos worn on belts.

Many flashlight taser or stun gun combinations are actually inexpensive while still offering all the benefits of a personal defense device.

A stun baton is a great defense tool. It not only has the capacity to stun a predator, its design also makes it an exceptional physical weapon, providing an even greater opportunity to disable an attacker.

The best stun baton gives the user a little more wriggle room for application as they will be larger than a device held in the palm of the hand. It would be advised anyone, civilian or professional, that considers using one of these get sufficient training.

When choosing a self defense taser or stun gun, carefully review and compare them to ensure you’re getting the one that fits your purposes. There is too much at risk to assume they can be effectively applied without due diligence.

Best Stun Gun Reviews


With ultra-sharp spikes in the design, the VIPERTEK VTS-989 has a greater chance of delivering its voltage even through the thickest clothing. This is a best self defense flashlight stun gun for the price.

It features Snatch Prevention with the device having plates on the sides that delivers stun gun voltage if anyone attempted to take it from you. The product comes with a lifetime warranty, a non-slip coating and an internal rechargeable battery.

These are excellent stun guns for women, joggers, postal workers, carriers and other individuals vulnerable to dangerous predators or vicious stray animals. Potent and efficient, it will give its owner a strong sense of confidence and sense of safety.

Technical Specifications

Product dimensions6.5 x 2 x 1 inches
Weight / Shipping weight9.6 / 9.6 ounces
Model numberVTS-989
  • With its internal and rechargeable battery, this device requires no expensive replacement parts.
  • The VIPERTEK stun gun displays an intimidating electric pulse and sound, providing a serious warning to potential attackers to back off.
  • Snatch Prevention stops assailants from taking the device out of your hand.
  • The VIPERTEK VTS-989 has a LED flashlight, making it a practical tool as well as a defensive one.
  • This heavy duty stun gun has been known to break on first use.
  • Some have complained the voltage is too low and has no impact at all.
  • The battery charger has been known to not work at all.


SABRE Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

The SABRE Tactical Stun Gun with LED Flashlight would easily find its place in any best stun gun flashlight reviews.

It comes with a belt clip, wrist strap, holster and link to a training video. It’s the perfect defense tool for security guards, law enforcement and bodyguards. It has an impressive 1.139 uC charge, which represents its level of intolerable pain.

The LED flashlight can be set for high, low and strobe lighting, giving you what you need based on specific situations.

Technical Specifications

Product dimensions5 x 2.8 x 9.5 inches
Weight / Shipping weight9.6 / 9.6 ounces
Model numberS-1000SF
  • This rechargeable stun gun with flashlight has been independently tested for its strength and ease of use.
  • SABRE is one of the world’s most trusted brands in personal defense and used widely by law enforcement in 40 countries.
  • The manufacturer gauges the potency of their devices based on measurements devised by the National Institute for Justice.
  • The stun gun does not require a change of batteries.
  • The flashlight is known to fail even after a long period of charging.
  • The holster has been called ineffective with the possibility of the stun gun falling out.
  • Users have complained about the flashlight’s awkward operation: off, hi, off, low, off, strobe, off. The light also has a tendency to go out.
  • Charger eventually fails leaving users with no way to recharge the device.


Guard Dog Security Diablo 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Concealed Stun Gun

The Guard Dog Security Diablo 160 Lumen Tactical Flashlight with Concealed Stun Gun was designed for defense and practicality.

The electric stun gun flashlight has no visible prongs so its attack function won’t be evident until you want an assailant to see how much trouble they’re in. The concealed stun gun is a patented inner-stun tech. It is completely embedded within the flashlight’s outer layer.

The stun gun promises 4.5 million volts.

The flashlight offers optimized brightness via an enhanced reflector system and a 160 Lumen tactical field light that has a life span of 100,000 hours. The device comes with a rechargeable battery and a nylon carrying case.

Technical Specifications

Model numberTLSG-GDD4500F-Parent
  • These stun gun concealment devices encompass a fully embedded technology that leaves the stun gun hidden in the device’s outer layer with powered probes.
  • The concealed stun gun carries a jaw dropping 4.5 million volt discharge.
  • The body is Type III aircraft grade aluminum with an anti-roll design.
  • The product comes with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
  • The stun gun has been said to operate only a few times before completely failing.
  • The discharge has been called weak by users, requiring an impossible period of time before it affects an assailant.
  • Users have been disappointed with weak construction and faulty parts.


VIPERTEK VTS-880 – 25,000,000 V Mini Stun Gun

It may be a pink stun gun and perhaps a perfect accessory for a lady’s personal self defense, but there’s nothing girlish about the VIPERTEK VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun.

It has the voltage to drop even the largest assailant without much effort and will do it surprisingly fast. The rechargeable battery means no expense to replace that accessory.

The VIPERTEK VTS-880 is also equipped with a LED flashlight. Its compact size is ideal for a purse or coat pocket.

Technical Specifications

Weight / Shipping weight4 / 4 ounces
Model numberVTS-880P
  • Customers are impressed with how much force is contained in this small device.
  • The stun gun comes with a high performing LED flashlight.
  • As with any of the best stun gun flashlights, this product is easy to use and has a short learning curve.
  • While some users can appreciate the intimidating sounds a stun gun can make, most find the sounds coming out of the VTS-880 to be more annoying than anything.
  • The construction has considered to be extremely poor.
  • It’s been said the device has been incapable of stopping an average sized grown man.


Terminator 35MV Stun Gun with Flashlight

For a reliable and cheap personal protection option, Terminator 35MV Stun Gun with Flashlight is one the best stun guns on the market. It comes with a long lasting battery that only needs charging once every five months.

The device promises to deliver a debilitating blow to every attacker every time. Use the LED flashlight to find your way or to blind a predator before striking with the stun gun.

The Terminator 35MV promises to be a resource that will let you move about with confidence, knowing you have one of the most powerful stun guns available for protection.

Technical Specifications

Weight / Shipping weight3.2 / 3.2 ounces
Model numberSGT7800
  • The device promises to deliver a debilitating blow every single time.
  • The flashlight is designed to provide sufficient lighting and offers the ability to temporarily blind an assailant.
  • The rechargeable battery will keep the device running for months at a time.
  • The Terminator Stun Gun is supported by a no questions asked, no hassle free replacement warranty.
  • The device has been reported to stop working completely after a few days.
  • In some cases, either the flashlight or the stun gun will not work.
  • Customers have complained about receiving a product that wasn’t from Terminator.


Best Taser Reviews

Taser Pulse with Laser

The Taser Pulse with Laser has proven to be one of the best taser guns in its category. Noted with high regard in taser gun reviews, the Taser Pulse has a tactile trigger for ease of use and a safety feature to avoid accidental firings.

It simplifies targeting with laser sighting and has an amble 15 foot range, ensuring you can stop predators before they get too close. In case you miss the target, the device also has a backup stun gun, giving you a second opportunity to immobilize the assailant.

The taser also comes with a high intensity LED light for moving safely in dark areas.

This is a subcompact weapon with strength comparable to that used by law enforcement. The packaging includes the taser, two live cartridges, a lithium battery, conductive targeting, a protective soft cover and a guide for use.

  • The Pulse Taser has a tactile trigger to ensure ease of fire without excessive pressure as well as a safety feature to prevent firing by accident.
  • The device offers an impressive 15 foot radius and laser precision firing.
  • In case of a mishap with the probes, the taser has a backup stun gun.
  • The included flashlight is a practical addition, giving users another use for this most powerful taser.
  • The manufacturer guarantee includes unit replacement for life if, after use, the device is not recovered.
  • This device is on the pricey side.


Taser Bolt

If the highest voltage taser is on your bucket list, jot down the Taser Bolt. It comes with LED lighting, a pair of live cartridges, one soft holster and a lithium power magazine.

Though it has law enforcement stopping power, this taser was built with personal safety in mind. It promises to drop an attacker from up to 15 feet away. It offers an incredible knock down, giving you sufficient time to escape and contact the authorities.

Lightweight and powerful, it has a 30 second output duration. The device, small and discreet, is compact enough to fit in the pocket.

Technical Specifications

  • The device comes with everything you would need to use and carry it, including a holster.
  • Fitting in the palm of your hand, the taser has unparalleled stopping power, providing its user with a high level of protection.
  • This is the same tech law enforcement uses to end hostile encounters.
  • The included manual thoroughly shows how to use this taser.
  • This taser is probably best in the hands of experienced shooters.


Taser Bolt C2 LED Laser Gold Kit

The Taser Bolt C2 LED Laser Gold Kit has an exceptional flashlight with taser, putting the best personal defense in your hands. It utilizes self-contained cartridges and can be fired up to 15 feet.

Once the device’s probes make contact, expect everything from freezing in place to involuntary spasms from the predator. Along with the current, the device fires 20 to 30 pieces of anti-felon ID confetti, allowing for easy identification if the assailant somehow managed to leave the scene.

The weapon comes with a safety feature for avoiding accidental firing. Also, if the safety were left off for longer than 20 minutes, the Taser Bolt will go into a mode that will not allow the gun to fire without the safety being closed and reopened.

The taser can fire up to fifty 30 second bursts over its life span.

Technical Specifications

  • The taser has laser pointing. You only need to see where the red indicator is on your target and that’s where your probes will go.
  • The taser gun comes with a high intensity LED flashlight for visibility in dark areas.
  • The device is powered by a lithium power magazine.
  • This taser uses confetti-like anti-felon ID tags that will make finding and identifying the predator easier.
  • This taser for self defense is on the pricey side.

Are Stun Guns and Tasers Legal?

The answer to that question depends on where you reside. The majority of states allow the carry and use of electroshock devices like stun guns and tasers.

Common sense would say a taser gun for women makes far more sense than a .45 Magnum, even in a state where such a firearm is allowable. But not all legislative bodies would agree.

Even in a state where one of these devices are allowed, using one does not absolve one of legal culpability.

For instance, there are circumstances where if the assailant is injured or died as a result of a stun gun, the user could be arrested for any number of charges, including aggravated assault or manslaughter, especially if it’s determined the weapon was used irresponsibly.

And, unbelievably, many a user has been sued by their assailant in civil court and lost.

For the record, stun guns and tasers are illegal in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., and Rhode Island. They are also prohibited in certain cities, including Philadelphia (PA), Chicago (IL), Annapolis, Baltimore, Baltimore County and Crawford County (MD).

Depending on the region, there may be restrictions on the type of device you can own. Reputable online retailers will not ship to restricted areas.

Before getting your hopes up about owning a taser for women or having a solution for dealing with roaming dogs, perform a little due diligence to see what the laws are and how much trouble you could get into for having or using a taser or stun gun.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Stun Gun or Taser

There are two major things you want out of an electroshock defense weapon: protection and safety. In order to get both out of a police flashlight taser or stun gun, you want to look at the following criteria.


The higher the voltage on a device, the faster and better you immobilize an assailant. The higher voltage will also more likely pass through clothing layers.

Layers can diminish the impact of the charge. In fact, tests have shown that two inch layers or thicker can possibly stop a self defense weapon altogether.

Courtesy of Marcelo Freixo

The Reveal

When powering up, a stun gun can create quite the show. There can be a loud crackling noise.

Depending on voltage, there will be a bright crackling bolt of lightning between the prongs. Pulling out a taser and aiming it like a weapon can also have a powerful effect.

If these actions do not send an assailant running the other way, they deserve what they get.


These weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and factors like these should play a part in the final decision. An over sized baton flashlight taser might be unyielding in the hands of a petite jogger.

Top rated stun guns can fit into a pack of cigarettes. You may like the idea of completely hiding your weapon, choosing a design that looks like a pen, lipstick or cellphone. Larger models will be difficult to conceal.


A flashlight stun gun or taser combo are becoming commonplace. Many of these designs are LED flashlights in shape and design with a powerful weapon hidden in its engineering. Besides its practical uses in the dark, a high intensity flashlight beam can also blind a predator.

Another feature that’s growing fast with tasers are backup stun guns in the engineering, giving users a second chance at defense if they miss with the probes.

You also want safeties that prevent accidental discharge.


Some devices have a personal alarm. Like a police whistle, this can scare off predators. This action alone could diffuse the situation.

Disabling Pin

There are stun guns and tasers with wrist straps attached to a disable pin on the device. If an assailant did manage to take the unit away, the strap would pull out the pin.

Without that piece, the assailant won’t be able to use the weapon on you. There are also devices with features which prevent the device from being snatched at all. The VIPERTEK VTS-989 has spiked plates on its side that will jot anyone attempting to grab it.


Your device’s battery life has to be sufficient. Stick with a rechargeable unit. Even though non-rechargeable batteries can last longer, a rechargeable unit saves money.

Where to Buy the Stun Gun

You need to know where to buy a stun or taser gun. Poor quality weapons are everywhere. If you want to increase the possibility that even your cheap stun guns will be reliable and safe, you should first buy from a reliable retailer.

While you can certainly go to a local gun shop or Wal-Mart, you increase your chances of finding the best stun gun on the market when you shop online.

An Amazon stun gun will be vetted by the company’s stringent quality policies. Finding a taser gun on Amazon is also going to provide a lot more options than any local retailer. From brand names to specific features, you can compare and investigate, and are less likely to compromise on the model you want.

Before asking yourself “Where can I buy a stun gun or taser?” ask yourself “What do I want from a taser or stun gun?” The answer to the latter will lead to the answer for the former.


It’s a dangerous world. Someone is sexually assaulted every two minutes.

While aggravated assaults have been dropping in numbers for almost a dozen years, there are still close to a million victims a year.

The idea that we need to defend ourselves is evident. More and more pedestrians are turning to a Barracuda stun gun or a stun gun flashlight combo for personal protection.

With the proper training, electroshock weapons are the safest way to protect ourselves without harming others or potentially getting hurt ourselves.

We believe anyone that checks out our reviews, tips and advice on the best taser and the best stun guns have an excellent primer for making sound decisions about personal protection.

Absorbing this info, you’ll know what to look for and where to look. You’ll also know why it’s important to be responsible with these weapons. Most importantly, you’ll understand why you’re spending your hard earned coins on any specific unit.