Best Grappling Dummies for BJJ & MMA + TOP 10 Dummy Reviews 2019

Do you want me to let you in on a little secret?

If you want to look smart in class, you will need a little help from a dummy.

I get it!

Dummies might look “silly” to your friends or fellow practitioners might tell you they are a waste.

You may have some awkward moments if someone walks in on your training session to find you rolling around on the floor with an inanimate object.

Forget about it!

Drill for 30 min in the morning with the best grappling dummy and go to class in the evening and watch those moves you practiced magically show up as you grapple in real life.

The victory is YOURS!

Here is the truth:

Class is great. Instruction is great. Training with real partners is ideal. But class time is limited and you only get a very small amount of time to practice what you learn.

In this article I am going to talk dummies.

I will show you what a dummy can and can not do, quickly review dummy types, list a few things to think about before picking out your inanimate BFF, and give you my best grappling dummy reviews.

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What Can a Dummy Do for You?

What a dummy CAN do:

  • Allow you to practice the same move over and over until you perfect it.
  • Take your time practicing NEW moves from DVD or class until you are comfortable using them with a real partner.
  • Act as a supplement to training with real people.
  • Be hit, kicked, punched, ground and pound harder than a real training partner.
  • Allow you to practice one single technique to the point of muscle memorization.

What a dummy CAN’T do:

  • Replace practice with a real partner.
  • Actively defend and train you to counter.
  • Reveal holes in your attack strategy.
  • A dummy can’t damage you further if you are drilling while injured.

Types of Grappling Dummies – Grappling vs Throwing

Grappling or submission

What are they for: Submission moves, Side Guard, grappling, mounts, Choke holds, arm bars.

What makes them different: These dummies are usually in a kneeling position. Many have hips with a fixed 90 degree angle and can be placed on their hands and knees. They generally have longer arms and weigh less than Striking dummies.

Throwing or Striking

What are they for: Throwing, takedowns, Ground and Pound, Kicking, punching.

What makes them different: These dummies are strait and rigid, in a fixed standing position. A few manufacturers make this style where the dummy can hang on a chain, like a heavy bag, and be hit.

Things to Think About before Choosing YOUR Dummy

Filled or Unfilled

Your dummy will come either filled or unfilled. There are benefits to both.

Benefits of buying a dummy already filled:

  • A prefilled dummy can be used right away.
  • Filling your own dummy is a PITA. You need stuffing material, rags, old clothes or linens, possibly PVC pipes or posts and a lot of patience.


Unfilled dummies have their own benefits:

  • They are far less expensive, and cheaper to ship.
  • You can stuff an unfilled dummy to your specifications and use material that feels right to you.

Height and Arm Length

The best grappling dummy is similar in size to your average drilling partner, although truthfully, most dummies tend to be shorter and lighter than real partners.

Look for a dummy with a height similar to you, and a weight maybe 20 to 30 lbs lighter than you.

Arms are an important consideration. Some dummies have short arms, making arm bars and other moves impossible to practice. Look for arms that are long enough to drill with.


This has to do with dummy type. Grappling and submission dummies are usually in a kneeling position.

Striking and throwing dummies are in a fixed standing position.

Both are called grappling dummies so go figure.

Decide which type you want to practice with and buy accordingly.


The outer material matters a lot. Vinyl and faux leather are washable and do not soak up sweat and odor, so personally, I prefer them.

There are a few nylon fabric dummies on the market and they are popular, but they are not washable.

Dummy Tip:

You can, and probably should throw a Gi on your dummy, and that you can wash regularly.

Hands and feet

Some dummies come with hands and feet. Some even have feet positioned at a fixed angle so you can practice ankle hooks and such.

Dummy Drills

The Basics – How to use a grappling dummy

This simple video addresses the philosophy of using a dummy and gives advice to get the most out of your grappling dummy.

Basic BJJ Drills

This video covers basic Jujitsu moves including side mounts, hip switches, ideal foot positioning and tips on how to move.

Grappling Dummy Submission Flow

Covers moving from Kimura to Guillotine to Tepee to Triangle.

MMA Dummy Drills

The video quality is not the best on this video, I admit. The reason I chose the video is because he explains the moves as he demonstrates, and shows how to escape, what your alternatives are in certain positions.

If you can get past the video quality, there is valuable info here.

TOP 10 Best Grappling Dummy Reviews 2019

Ring to Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy

Ring to Cage Deluxe Grappling Dummy

Review: This Ring to Cage Ground and Pound 3.0 represents the best value for the money and earned a spot as number one in our list.

It is the best grappling dummy value. Buy it prefilled for the best performance and you will be able to use this guy for arm bars, foot locks legs triangles, you name it.


  • Realistic proportions.
  • 4’6” height.
  • Has hands and feet, plus long arms.
  • Made from vinyl which is totally washable and does not take on sweat or bad odors.


  • It is hard to find fault, but it could be a tad taller.

Takeaway: This will be the one you wish you bought first. Of all the reviews here this is the best grappling dummy reviewed.

Combat Sports Grappling Dummy

Combat Sports Grappling Dummy

Review: Pre-stuffed and available in weights ranging from 70 to 140 lbs, this life-size, vinyl takedown dummy will add dimension to your MMA or JUI JITSU training.


  • Realistic height between 5’6” and 5’10” depending on weight.
  • Stands on its own.
  • Appropriate for double leg takedowns.


  • Short arms.
  • The legs get less stable with use making standing a challenge.

Takeaway: A decent choice if you are looking for a takedown dummy.

Click HERE for a FULL Review.

DAAN Grappling Dummy for Martial Arts

DAAN Grappling Dummy for Martial Arts

Review: Weighing in at 55 kilos or about 120 lbs (filled), this dummy stands at 70 inches tall or a generous 5’ 10”. Made of washable faux leather that does not hold on to sweat and bad odors.

This model comes unfilled, so you must stuff in yourself.


  • Large capacity, 120 lbs max.
  • Tall, 5’ 10”.
  • Can stand on its own if stuffed properly.
  • Well made, reinforced stitching, internal reinforcements at stress points.


  • Recommend using PVC pipe in the leg as you stuff, otherwise the torso weight will collapse the dummy.

Takeaway: Best grappling dummy for takedowns if you are willing to stuff it carefully, it can be a great bargain on a large and tall grappling dummy.

Ring to Cage Unfilled MMA Grappling Throwing Dummy

Ring to Cage Unfilled MMA Grappling Throwing Dummy

Review: This dummy comes un-stuffed. The manufacturer provides wood poles for the legs so you can prop the dummy against the wall and use as a takedown dummy.

It will stand as you grapple, provided it is stuffed correctly. The max stuffing weight is 140 lbs, and 5’10” height make the largest model quite formidable.


  • 5 sizes available, from 30 lbs up to 140 lbs available.
  • Washable surface won’t absorb sweat and stench.
  • Includes two wooden posts to internally support legs.


  • Ships unstuffed, care must be taken while stuffing for the best performance.

Takeaway: A respectable takedown dummy that can be made to be heavy and tall.

Ring to Cage MMA and Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Ring to Cage MMA and Jiu Jitsu Grappling Dummy

Review: These MMA Jujitsu dummies are made for floor grappling. They stay in a seated position and have stretch cords in the arms that allow them to move back and forth.


  • Stretch cord arms allow the dummies arms to move more naturally.
  • Large bottom/backside, allows the dummy to be stable when seated.
  • One of a kind pose, hard to find a similar dummy.
  • Has hands and feet.


  • Nylon fabric, may take on sweat and odor, but is quite durable.

Takeaway: Perfect for Jujitsu, MMA and Judo, the unique position and stability of the dummy make it a great practice partner.

Click HERE for a FULL Review

TITLE MMA Legged Grappling Dummy

TITLE MMA Legged Grappling Dummy

Review: This dummy comes filled and is designed to hang from an included 18” chain. It can be used for throw downs, practicing throws, kicking and punching.


  • For throws, punches and kicks, can be used as a heavy bag.
  • Hangs from a chain.
  • Comes prefilled, no need to stuff it.


  • Arms hang from the front.

Takeaway: Best MMA grappling dummy for kicks and punches in a standing position.

Click HERE for a FULL review.

Celebrita MMA Vinyl Grappling Dummy

Celebrita MMA Vinyl Grappling Dummy

Review: This dummy comes unfilled, available in three sizes and can be filled to a max of 120 lbs for the largest size. The dummy is in a standing position, perfect for kicking, punching and takedowns.


  • Made from Durable Vinyl, very washable.
  • Long arms, compared to others, long enough for submission training.


  • Arms are attached to the front, instead of attached at the sides.

Takeaway: Best MMA grappling dummy for submission moves.

ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilian Jujitsu

ROX Fit Grappling Dummy Brazilian Jujitsu

Review: This submission style grappling dummy can be positioned on it’s knees and maintains a 90 degree bend in the hip in whatever position you put it in. This dummy comes unfilled.


  • Hip bent at stable 90 degree angle.
  • Includes feet and hands.
  • Available in 4 sizes and 4 colors.


  • Unfilled.

Takeaway: Best jujitsu dummy for submission work.

ROLL HARD BRAND Jiu Jitsu MMA Ground and Pound Dummy

ROLL HARD BRAND Jiu Jitsu MMA Ground and Pound Dummy

Review: Roll Hard Ground and pound Submission dummy is available filled or unfilled, you choose. The dummy is in a kneeling position and is stable in that position thanks to strategically placed sand packs in the shin.


  • Long limbs, arms attached at the side.
  • On the filled dummy, the shin area is sand filled for stability.
  • 6 feet tall.


  • Nylon cover may not repel sweat like vinyl.

Takeaway: An excellent choice submission grappling dummy. Best grappling dummy for BJJ.

Fairtex New GD2 “Maddox” Grappling Dummy

Fairtex New GD2 Maddox Grappling Dummy

Review: This well designed Fairtex GD2 Maddox model grappling dummy is created with a shoulder system that allows for realistic triangle, arm bars and choke holds.

The legs are partially sand filled, adding superior stability and the neck is thick, again, allowing for choke holds.


  • Well supported head, thick neck.
  • Partially sand filled legs for excellent stability.
  • Better fight posture, has a forward lean.
  • Long limbs, excellent for arm bars.
  • Faux leather cover, very washable.


  • Pricy.

Takeaway: What is the best grappling dummy for jiu jitsu? This one is!

A Few Extra Dummies

Pro Submission Master Grappling Dummy

This nylon dummy poses in kneeling position, hands and knees position and maintains a 90 degree hip angle. The dummy is made from durable nylon, comes prefilled, and has long arms and legs, perfect for joint locks, arm bars and more.

Bubba Grappling Dummy

Although the Bubba dummy has been popular over the years, it does not stay in a kneeling or standing position. For a full review click the link above. As far as dummies go, this one falls flat. There are better grappling dummies out there.

Don’t wait!

Improve your grappling today! Get one of these grappling dummies to use as you practice at home and gain the advantage.

My favorite budget priced unfilled dummy is the Ring to Cage Deluxe MMA Grappling Jiu Jitsu Dummy 3.0 and for those that can afford a little more the best grappling dummy is the Fairtex New GD2 “Maddox” Grappling Dummy as it comes stuffed and ready to roll!