Best Boxing Gloves: Buying Guide, Brands & TOP 15 Gloves Reviewed 2020

Every fighter needs to ensure that they choose the correct pair of gloves, as simply choosing the pair that catches your eye will result in damage to your hands.

There are plenty of brands that are clever in their marketing and will do their best to make people buy the latest trendy design, but you need to see beyond what a pair of gloves looks like.

Different gloves are available for training and others are for fighting. Carry on reading to see what gloves are most suitable for you and what gloves to avoid.

Searching for the right boxing gloves can be overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. Fortunately, they can narrow down their search to specific requirements and styles of gloves in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

By learning about the various types of gloves and what they have to offer, potential buyers can find something that meets their needs and provides them the right amount of comfort, protection, and support.

By following good advice you can avoid buying overpriced or poor quality gloves.

Continue reading our ultimate guide to finding the best boxing gloves for you.

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Factors to Consider when Buying

Boxing gloves come in a wide variety of different colors, sizes, and styles. While those who are new to boxing will not be aware of the vast differences, as you start to train and compete more you will want to buy the perfect gloves for every situation.

As with most sports, the amount of products available is endless, and this can be overwhelming when choosing the right product for you and your budget.

Therefore, the goal of this site is to provide useful information on various boxing products that will allow you to make your own informed decision and feel good about the purchase you make.

What are the right type of boxing gloves for me?

That depends on what you are primarily using them for. It’s also largely dependent on personal preference.

Some people prefer smaller, more compact gloves, while others are more interested in hand protection and like a more heavily padded glove.

While a glove with Velcro straps is fine for training or sparring in the gym, boxers looking for a pair of competition level gloves will want to invest in a pair that has laces.

These add support and ensure that the gloves never slip off while in the ring. For anyone who is just looking for something to train with, Velcro is still a fine option and will meet almost every basic need.

Real Training Brands vs. Toy brands

In order to avoid injury, it is important that you choose high-quality gloves when fighting.

The market is awash with cheap boxing gloves that are aimed at kids or young people who are just getting into the sport or to people using boxing to get fit.

Large sports stores will try and dupe you with clever marketing and technical terms when really they are selling dud items.

Leave these types of gloves on the shelf, unless you want to use them for a fancy dress that is, and let me tell you what you need to buy instead.
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Different and Best Boxing Gloves Brands

Those who are new to boxing or who are observers may think that all boxing gloves are the same, but they would be wrong in their assumptions.

There are many subtle differences that make some gloves stand out more than others and many brands have a loyal following due to the keen eye for detail shown in new designs.

Let’s take a look at the top brands that are currently on the market, the good and the not so good so that you can make an informed decision as to what gloves are best for you.


Title is known for producing some of the best heavy bag gloves for beginners. Their products are affordable, yet still made with the quality and expertise that fighters require.

While the company doesn’t make the best boxing gloves out there, their brand is affordable and durable.

New fighters who don’t want to break the bank will be happy with the quality of these gloves.

Fighting Sports

This is Title boxing’s “premium” brand.

The cushion and padding are great but the wrist areas can feel a little skimpy. I have the hook & loop version and the velcro feels very cheap. Nonetheless, they feel like a great quality glove and cost considerably less than the other premium brands.


Everlast boxing gloves are very hit and miss in terms of quality as they can be very poor at times. The brand have done a great job at marketing but that does not mean their products are great.

Be careful with the vintage style gloves as they are not really fit for boxing in, they are just a gimmick, in my opinion.

However, I do like the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves as they conform to the natural shape of the user’s fist which helps to promote the proper punching technique that is required when using them.


Grants are excellent gloves, and like Winning, they are used by fighters who need hand protection but still aren’t too protective to be deemed as pillow-type gloves.


Winning is a very high-quality brand of glove that is manufactured in Japan. They’re arguably the best gloves you can get on the market in terms of their construction and long-lasting ability. You could own these things for five years and they’ll still look and feel new.


Rivals is a newer brand of glove that has become quite popular in Canada. They offer great support and a lot of power while still protecting the wearer.

These gloves are a good choice for anyone who wants both power and comfort.


Twins are a decent brand that typically produces gloves crafted with Thai leather.

Primarily designed for training and sparring, these gloves are great for protecting the wearer’s hands. Fighters looking for some good mid-range gloves will enjoy using these.

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Cleto Reyes

Believe the hype. These gloves are made to be more compact at the fist to aid the puncher.

It’s important to note that these gloves are made for FIGHTING, definitely NOT TRAINING/SPARRING.

The gloves punch harder because they have a less protective cushion so it’s important to protect your hands as much as possible in training.


Designed to look cool and offer protection, Ringside is a fantastic brand for any fighter. On top of the unique design, these gloves will last forever.

They are some of the best heavy bag gloves and are good for sparring too. Even after taking countless hours of abuse, Ringside gloves still look brand new.


Century gloves are very poor quality and I would not recommend them at all. If you read any review of these gloves you will see user issues with the gloves fallen apart after just a few hours of practice


TKO are quite deceiving as they look a lot tougher than they are. They will do the job for younger kids who are not really serious about boxing, but they will soon begin to feel the strain once they are used on a regular basis.


A lot of people are drawn to ProBoxing equipment due to the fact that it often appears to be good. It isn’t. Rather than throwing money away on these gloves, which break down within months, buyers should skip these and find a better brand. There’s no sense in wasting money.


Buying the correct glove size is highly important.

Different gloves are padded and sized based on weight class. A fighter needs to make sure that they purchase gloves that are appropriate to their own physique. Doing so will protect their own hands and will keep opponents from being injured during sparring seasons.

Just about every boxer has a pair of gloves that they use for all training purposes. When you go buy boxing gloves, you will see many different kinds advertised.

The only ones you really need are TRAINING GLOVES or SPARRING GLOVES.

Basically, training gloves can be used for all types of boxing training like hitting the bags and sparring. Below are general guidelines for body-weight and size of boxing training gloves recommended.

  • 120lbs & down (12oz or 14oz)
  • 120lbs — 150lbs (14oz — 16oz)
  • 150lbs — 180lbs (16oz — 20oz)
  • 180lbs & up (18oz & up)


Does color really matter?

The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

If you are using the gloves for training then you can use any color you choose. It is common these days to see gloves in pink, white, black, red, yellow and other color patterns.

In amateur boxing glove color is important because red and blue are used to denote different corners. The different colors help the judges in scoring the competition.

For amateur boxing you will usually see gloves that are either red or blue and have a white knuckle area. The contrast between the white knuckle area helps the judges determine what punches are landing/scoring.

In professional boxing the color of the gloves is usually chosen or approved by the promoter of the fight.

Lace-Up VS Hook & Loop

The glove should be tight, but not to the point where your hands are going to be deprived of blood.

Your fingertips should fit firmly against the top of the glove and it should lace up or velcro tight around your wrist.

You should consider where you will be using the boxing gloves. If you are training by yourself then opt for a velcro fastener. It really sucks trying to get your gloves on and lace them up by yourself.

Velcro will make it slightly easier — although it still takes some practice.

boxing gloveboxing gloves for heavy bag s

What Types are Available?

Boxing Gloves are generally divided into several categories: Sparring gloves, Pro contest gloves & amateur contest gloves. Many people also use a small boxing glove for bag & pad work, providing extra protection.

Buyers should always avoid aerobic or cardio gloves which offer poor protection.

You should also make sure to avoid using bag gloves in sparring seasons.

Additionally, buyers should try and find quality gloves that match their price range. Shoppers should also always try and visit a store that sells gloves and try on a few pairs before making an investment.

This way they don’t end up with the wrong size, or equipment that is uncomfortable for them.

All Purpose Boxing Training Gloves

These gloves do exactly what the title would imply. While all-purpose boxing training gloves don’t really stand out in any particular area, they are versatile enough to hit the bag and spar with. These gloves are very easy for beginners to work with and are a great value.

Bag boxing gloves

Bag boxing gloves are predominantly used in training and are generally full-sized and feature heavy padding. The heavily padded glove allowed for fighters to train for longer periods and to practice new moves without risk of injury. They will give wrists and hands ultimate protection as well as comfort.

Sparring gloves

Whether you’re training to get fit or training for a fight sparring is one of the most crucial parts of boxing training. So having the correct set of gloves is crucial in protecting your hands and your sparring partner, you don’t want to get hurt or hurt your partner before a fight.

Generally, the most popular gloves weights are 14oz-20oz depending on your weight and how intense the sparring is with the higher weighted gloves offering the better protection.

Sparring gloves are designed to bridge the gap between competition and training gloves.

These still have a lot of padding and support so that wearers can stay safe even while doing strenuous and lengthy exercises.

While some people recommend using competition gloves during practice, most inexperienced boxers will want to avoid doing so.

Competition gloves

Competition gloves are split into two different categories. There are amateur competition boxing gloves and professional boxing gloves.

Aside from the obvious price difference, each style has several other unique attributes to consider.

Amateur competition boxing gloves

Amateur boxing gloves, often referred to as competition gloves, are those that are used during amateur boxing contests. Different countries will have different guidelines in terms of glove padding and sizing etc, so be sure to check out the regulations of your local club before rushing out to buy a new set of gloves.

All safety gear for boxing are scrutinized so that they are deemed safe, so always buy your gloves from a reputable retailer and don’t be tempted to buy second-hand gloves that you may not know the full history of.

TOP 15 Recommended Boxing Gloves and Reviews 2020

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

Winning Training Boxing Gloves 16oz

Review: The best quality training boxing gloves manufactured by Winning in Japan. These are amongst the best gloves that I have ever tried. Floyd Mayweather has been seen wearing both Winning gloves and Grants.


  • Advanced heavy bag protection
  • Layered padding
  • Excellent wrist support- extended wrists
  • Anti Thumb stopper, Palm lock and grip hose
  • Made from Real leather


  • Expensive

Takeaway: You show them you are serious about boxing when you pick up a pair of Winnings gloves. THE top rated boxing gloves.

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Review: Manufactured with the best quality control in leather and all materials. An attached thumb prevents eye injury and also prevents thumb from being broken or sprained.

Manny Pacquiao was sporting a pair of Cleto Reyes when he knocked out Oscar de la Hoya. Incidentally, so was De la Hoya. These are the best boxing gloves for sparring and competition.


  • Goatskin leather
  • Attached thumb to prevent injury
  • Two full inches of latex foam protecting the fists
  • Velcro style closure, get on and off fast
  • Excellent wrist support


  • Not the best boxing gloves for heavy bag, will hurt hands.

Takeaway: The Pros trust Cleto Reyes on fight day, and you can too. Excellent competition and sparring gloves.

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

Review: Many fighters, Including MMA and UFC’s George St Pierre, use these gloves above others.

They are top class when it comes to design and durability. They are built to last, aesthetically pleasing, protective and are anti-fungal amongst other things.


  • Dual X close and fusion zone wrist splint mean superior wrist protection
  • Durable synthetic leather, plus charcoal bamboo antimicrobial lining
  • Good for sparring and some of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag


  • Snug fit, some don’t like that

Takeaway: They look good, feel great and will have a huge impact on your performance. Among the best boxing gloves for sparring and the heavy bag alike.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Review: With interior mesh panels, Venum “Elite” offers enhanced thermal regulation for improved comfort even as you push your limits.

Meanwhile reinforced palms, long cuffs, and triple density foam provide unrivaled shock absorption, protecting your hands and wrists, and extending your training time.


  • Triple density foam, very protective
  • Great for sparring or heavy bag work- best boxing gloves for beginners to intermediate
  • Larger hand bag, good for big hands
  • Lightweight and protective


  • Some find them too bulky, however, they are great for the heavy bag

Takeaway: One of the best value boxing gloves with a hip design and many stand out colors available.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves BGVL-3

Twins Special Boxing Gloves BGVL-3

Review: Flyweight Brazilian MMA and 5th ranked UFC fighter Jussier Formiga wears twins. Who doesn’t love twins?

These Twins Special Boxing Gloves are made with real leather and have a Velcro close, making them easy to get on and off during training.


  • Attached thumb
  • Great for training with mitts and the heavy bag
  • Offer good wrist support without being too bulky
  • Well padded, protects knuckles


  • Hand bag is on the small side

Takeaway: The best boxing gloves for training.

Fairtex Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves

Review: Swiss Boxer Volkan Oezdemir wears fairtex boxing gloves, and the gloves are famous for a reason- they are beautiful, high quality, and handcrafted in Thailand.


  • Large hand bag compartment, good for bigger boxers
  • Super strong, wide Velcro style wrist wrap that holds secure and gives decent wrist support
  • These gloves have no grip bar, which some boxers like.
  • Some of the best training boxing gloves for boxers with large hands


  • Gloves are stiff and take a lot of breaking in.

Takeaway: Great all purpose training gloves which you can put on and tear off quickly.

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Gloves

Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Gloves

Review: With 21 knockouts on record so far, Welsh boxer Gary Lockett uses Ringside boxing gloves.

These Ringside APEX gloves are great training gloves and feature Velcro style close, mesh lining that stays dry, and injection molded foam which offers more protection than layered foam.


  • Injection molded foam offers superior protection.
  • Includes a grip bar for a tight fist
  • Very affordable considering the quality and brand reputation
  • Stay dry anti-microbial lining


  • Not the best with the heavy bag, won’t hold up as well.

Takeaway: best value boxing gloves, perfect for training, sparring and beginners.

Ringside Hook and loop Sparring Boxing Glove

Ringside Hook and loop Sparring Boxing Glove

Review: Another popular model by Ringside, their Hook and loop sparring glove, are all leather, have 2.5 inch padding around the knuckles and also have the same Injection molded foam as the Apex gloves.


  • Attached thumb
  • Sturdy and protective enough for the heavy bag, while also being a good sparring glove
  • Affordable price for gloves that last a long time and hold up to abuse
  • Elastic cuff plus Velcro style close. Good wrist support.


  • Even though they have Velcro style close, they can be challenging to get on.

Takeaway: A versatile glove for power punches, good at the heavy bag and with sparring.

Top King Gloves

Top King Gloves

Review: Top King gloves have a little longer forearms than some other brands, which offer good wrist support and added protection. They have a small hand compartment, which means a snug fit, even on smaller hands.


  • Several layers of molded foam absorb impact well
  • Small hand bag
  • The wrist straps are tight and secure
  • Mid range price, more affordable than some, but not budget priced.


  • Run small

Takeaway: Sturdy, with a snug fit and great wrist protection.

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVLA 2

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing gloves BGVLA 2

Review: These Twins BGVLA Air flow Gloves earned this name due to the mesh panel inside the fist. These gloves are real leather, and made to fit snug.


  • Great air flow and ventilation helps your hands stay cool
  • Small hand bag, good for smaller hands
  • Very comfortable and well padded – best boxing gloves for hand protection


  • Wider and puffier than other gloves

Takeaway: Good all around gloves (sparring and bag work) for those with smaller hands.

Everlast Protex2 Training Gloves

Everlast Protex2 Training Gloves

Review: Connor McGregor wore Everlast gloves in his fight against Floyd Mayweather and George Forman often cleaned clocks with the famous brand as well.

These Protex2 gloves by Everlast have all the best features including mesh panel breathability and excellent wrist protection.


  • Best boxing gloves for heavy bag training, well padded
  • Well padded wrist
  • Extremely affordable, great for those just starting out


  • The wrist strap is short, not good for those that use wraps

Takeaway: The perfect beginner or hobbyist level glove at a great price.

Original Deportes Casanova Boxing Gloves

Original Deportes Casanova Boxing Gloves

Review: Yo! Adrian! These are the real deal. Made in Mexico, from real cowhide, with a foam latex interior, these are the same gloves Sly Stallone wore in Rocky I.

They are lace up, and offer extended forearm coverage and excellent wrist support.


  • Exceptional wrist support, attached thumb
  • Made from Quality Cow Hide leather
  • Latex foam padding
  • Wide hand bag


  • Can be a little stiff, run large, but leave room for wraps.

Takeaway: Superior punching; Pro level boxing gloves.

adidas Power 300 Excel Training Gloves

adidas Power 300 Excel Training Gloves

Review: Undefeated Swedish boxer Erik Skoglund collected 26 wins wearing adidas gloves.

These adidas Power 300 Excel Training gloves are amongst the best boxing gloves for training because they have good wrist protection and Injected molded foam technology for protection.


  • Made from cowhide leather
  • High compression injection molded foam, superior to layered foam
  • Full leather wrap around strap and extended forearm for advanced wrist support
  • Perforated panel for good air flow


  • Pricy

Takeaway: Performance and quality from a trusted brand.

Rival Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Rival Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Review: Russian Boxer Petr Petrov has 19 KO’s on his record and counts Rival among best boxing gloves.

These rival super bag gloves are the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training, as they are stiff and well padded with two inch multi layer foam.


  • Wrap around wrist strap provides wrist stability
  • Nylon liner and triple stitch seams add quality touches
  • Made from full 1 mm quality leather, durable, made to take (and give) a beating.


  • Stiff, will need a break in period

Takeaway: As far as Heavy bags gloves go, there is no Rival to these Super bag gloves.

Everlast Prime Boxing Gloves

Everlast Prime Boxing Gloves

Review: American Boxer Demetrius Andrade is another huge fan of Everlast, and with 16 KO wins already under his belt, I should take this up and coming southpaw seriously.

These affordably priced Everlast gloves make the perfect entry level gloves; have added wrist stabilization, and an attractive design.


  • Appealing price point
  • Striking design
  • Vertical foam wrist stabilizer
  • Moisture wicking lining


  • The wrist strap is short

Takeaway: Great budget level gloves for the beginner or occasional user.

To sum up

1. Know the purpose of the glove: Sparring, Heavy Bag training or competition

2. Know your level: Beginner, hobbyist, frequent trainer, in the gym punching a bag EVERY DAY, amateur competitor or Pro boxer?

3. Remember: You get what you pay for. If you plan to train everyday, with a partner or heavy bag, mid-range to higher end gloves are appropriate. If you are new and do not know if you will continue, or you use the gloves infrequently in some cross training style class, there is no need to invest a large sum.

Once you have this settled, finding the right pair should be straightforward.

There are several top brands, each with their own merit, and all make fine choices.