Best BJJ Gi Brands 2020: Complete Guide + TOP 10 Jiu Jitsu Gis Reviewed

The most important piece of equipment for any BJJ practitioner is the gi, also known as the Jiu Jitsu kimono.

And if you are serious about practicing jiu-jitsu, you may want to think about investing in the best BJJ Gi possible.

Don’t be confused by differing advice from various sources, I am here to help you read up on what outfit to buy depending on your needs.

Follow this guide to the Best Jiu Jitsu Gi to suit your needs and the needs of your wallet!

Buying a gi is an exciting experience although you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed at exactly what outfit to buy. There are lots to choose from when it comes to buying a gi, so it is worth reading up on the best gi for bjj to buy.

Simply going into a store and pointing at one won’t do. You need the best jiu jitsu kimono, for the best results.

The brand behind a gi is how you know what you are getting and doing some research before your purchase will save you money and hassle. The last thing you need is a gi that is too heavy, uncomfortable and rips after your first few rolls!

To make things easier I have compiled a list of the very best gi brands in the world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Through experience, research and trials I present not only the top BJJ gi brands , but also, the best gis you can find.

But first things first…let’s find out what is the best jiu jitsu gi and what to notice when buying one.

What to Think About When Purchasing a Gi

If you want to buy that most durable and effective BJJ GU Best BJJ Gi, you will need to take a few things into consideration, such as cost, style, color, fit, durability and material.


Although traditional BJJ gis are white, nowadays people can choose from many different outfit colors, with white, black and blue being the most popular.

If you are lucky enough to practice with the IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) then blue, black and white are the officially approved colors when playing in competitions.

If you are looking to buy a gi to train in, you can be as creative as you like and choose whatever colors you like. Do check with your college or training club to see if they have any color regulations though as you do not want to fork out on expensive kit that will end up being banned from practice.


You will find that BJJ gis are more expensive than other martial arts outfits, for a number of reasons.

For starters, as BJJ is a less popular sport than, say karate, manufacturers do not produce outfits in bulk as they would do with more popular products. Also, you will pay for the extra quality of material used in gis as the outfits are tougher and more durable.

BJJ kits are very strong in all aspects of the design and are generally made from fabric that is double woven. Different brands use different technology and design features with improvements being made on every new product release.

I will talk more about different types of weave later.

Gi Sizing

Once you have decided on which brand you prefer, it is time to get to the nitty-gritty of sizing. Gis can generally be bought in sizes that go from A0 to A5. The A stands for adult and the number indicates the different sizes with the number rising the bigger the gi.

Whilst most brands try to stick to the main size guidelines, you may find that some makers of gi have slightly different sizes.

You will need to refer to the size charts for each manufacturer you buy from and do not simply go for a size that you bought from a previous brand.

Top Pick



Best For Starters
Good Cheap

Children’s gis are usually marked with an M instead of an A and mostly come in 5 different sizes, from M0 to M4.

It is imperative that you choose the right size go for your body size as you will not want to hinder your performance. If your gi is too tight, you will be restricted in your movements and if the gi is too big you may get tangled and stumble.

The aim of your gi is to be as comfortable as possible.

You will know your outfit is a good fit when it allows you to move and is reasonably loose in the crotch area.

One tip to keep in mind is to buy a gi that is made from a material that has already shrunk so that you do not end up with a tight kit after one wash.

As I mentioned earlier, you will want to consider the type of weave that you choose, when buying your first gi. You may find that as your BJJ career progresses that you will want to change your weave, but here is a quick rundown if you are unsure of what to buy for your first venture into BJJ.

I have tried to keep this information as straightforward as possible, so you should not be too overwhelmed, so here we go…

Types of weaves

Single Weave

For starters, a single weave gi is classed as the most basic BJJ gi and it is great for those starting out who do not want to spend too much money at first.

The single weave kit is usually reasonably priced and will not break the bank.

Generally, single weaves are lightweight and not too restrictive for when you are learning.

  • If you live in a hot country or are in a competition in a room with poor air conditioning, the single weave is perfect as you will not get too hot.
  • The disadvantages of owning a single weave gi are that they may not last long due to the quality and strength of the material and you may find that your opponent can grab hold of you more easily.

Double Weave

The main structure of the double weave is the same as the single weave only it is done for the second time.

The extra thickness and weight add to the strength of the gi, meaning it will last longer and will save you money in the long run.

It is very important to get the right fit of gi, so that you are not restricted in a heavy suit. You will want to think about the cost of a double weave as they are not as economical as the single weave, but the quality will make it is a lot easy to take as it dents your wallet.

Of course, cost does not mean everything and just because a gi is cheap does not mean it is good, in fact, your teacher may advise you to get a single weave when starting out and some feel that there is no significant difference in performance between single and double weaves.

  • The double weave will make it a little less difficult for your opponent to grab hold of you, as he or she will not be able to get a good grip instantly.
  • One negative of the double weave is that you may not be as agile whilst moving about, particularly when reacting to your opponents moves.

Gold Weave

If you cannot quite decide on whether or not to buy a single or a double weave gi you may find that buying a gold weave is your answer.

The gold weave’s goal is to take the best aspects of the single and double weave to make the ultimate gi. The outfit is thick, strong and reliable but still manages to have a low weight, so the competitor is not weighed down.

The gold weave is something that you will only want to think about buying once you have become accustomed to BJJ, as they are pricey and I would not want to see you waste your money if you find that you do not really want to practice BJJ long-term.

Other Weaves

Premium BJJ gi producers have their own personal weave that is unique to them. Examples of such weaves are the ripstop weave, pearl weave, honeycomb weave and platinum weave.

brazilian jiu jitsu bjj


Typically an average sized single weave has a weight of 3.9 lbs (1.8 kg) up to 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg). Gold weaves tend to weigh more and the double weave is the heaviest of the three weaves. Of course, these weights will change from manufacturer to manufacturer, so do look out for brand specifics.

Remember, your performance will be impacted by the weight of your gi.

A new trend in modern gis is what is the ‘ultra light gi’. The ultra-light’ comprises of thin, material that works out a lot cheaper than other weaves and are easy to wash and dry if you are going to be using it frequently.

These outfits are very compact and easy to carry around in your sports bag without any problems, making them great for those who train a lot or who enter lots of competitions.


The thickness of a gi is something to be considered as the thicker the outfit the more difficult it is for the opposition to grab on to the outfit. Opponents, of course, will always be able to grab onto your outfit but if your suit is thick and heavy, they will not be able to maintain their grip for too long.

Think about it, if you are wearing a thick woolly sweater, it is much more difficult to grab for a long time as opposed to a lightweight cotton shirt.

Collar Fill

Most BJJ gi collars are filled with cotton or rubber, with rubber being the most popular.

Experienced sportsmen and women will say they like the cotton collar best as it is more comfortable and not as restrictive. Rubber collars can make you more susceptible to choking instances from your opponent, so the less risk you have the better.

That is not to say rubber collars are bad, they just have different qualities.

One great advantage of rubber collars is that they do not harbor germs and any bacteria will not be able to be stored inside the collar, eek! In competitive BJJ, rubber does tend to be more popular and is generally a cheaper option.

brazilian jiu jitsu gi


Another aspect of your BJJ outfit to check out is the sleeves.

How can sleeves be important you may ask?

Well, essentially big sleeves are a disadvantage to a competitor and an advantage to their opponent. Again, this is down to the ease of grip your opponent will have if your sleeves are too big. That is not to say that you should have tight sleeves as this will make you feel restricted and your arms will not move as freely as you want them to.

Arms that are too narrow can actually lead to disqualification in some competition rules, implemented by the IBJJF. The rules clearly say that the gi sleeve opening should be 2.7 inches (7 cm) when fully extended.


Trousers are perhaps the most important piece of clothing in your kit and there are many competition rules in terms of how your trousers are constructed. Judges will check for weaver stitching, size and weight of trousers to ensure they follow tournament guidelines.

Belt ties also need to be thought about and the higher quality belt ties tend to have knotted ends and are significantly thicker than cheaper gis found in stores today. The greater thickness of the belt will ensure that your tie does not easily come undone, as it can do if it is too thick.


Perhaps the most important thing you will want to consider when buying a gi is how long it is going to last. You will want your gi to be put through its paces if you are going to be wearing it a lot during practice and competition. The last thing you want is for it to fall apart after just a few months.

Like I mentioned, a double weave will be more robust and a single weave will perhaps need replacing sooner.

Who knew that there were so many things to consider when buying the best BJJ gi, right?

Without further ado, let’s jump into BJJ gi reviews.

Best BJJ Gi Brands 2020


The company’s foundation is based on history and tradition and using those principles, Fuji has become one of the best jiu jitsu gi brands, as well as one of the most recognized brands in BJJ over the past 50 years.

Professional fighters tend to use Fuji fight-wear more than any other brand in the world. Some of the biggest names sporting their gear include Jimmy Pedro, Rick Hawn and Jena Bishop, and the list goes on and on.

So that must mean it should be one of the best jiu jitsu gi.

The reason for this support is simple:

Fuji’s extreme focus on quality, functionality and affordability puts them ahead of the game.

Their gis, as well as their other products, are some of the most commonly used in the world of BJJ and Judo.

Let’s take a look at some of their best BJJ gis:

Fuji Bjj Gi

fuji bjj gi
  • The Fuji gi is one of the best bjj gi for the money.
  • One of the best beginner BJJ gis, the gi is most suited for practice.
  • It is strong, durable and well-fitted and so, can take a “beating” and be pulled and thrown without issues.
  • The gi is comfortable and functional, making training much easier.
  • One of the best quality BJJ gi.
  • Being a very basic gi it lacks the flair and little accessories of the more expensive gis. The gi is a little thick for a single weave, lightweight gi.
  • It also has limited sizes, making it difficult to fit perfectly on some users with different body types.
  • I recommend carefully checking the size guide of the gi before ordering, as Fuji sizes and other gi sizes often differ slightly.

Fuji Sekai Gi

  • Possibly the best feature of the Sekai gi are the extremely light, triple-reinforced rip stop trousers. They guarantee flexibility without fear of ripping or tearing.
  • With contrast stitching, a stiff collar with extra stitching and some cool patches on the arms the Sekai gi is stylish enough to have the compliments pouring in.
  • It also includes a very sturdy trouser cord that keeps them firmly in place when rolling around.
  • Great for anyone looking to step up their BJJ and buy an amazing gi by one of the best BJJ gi brands in the world.
  • Sekai gi may put some people off, especially beginners and those who don’t take BJJ too seriously.
  • As with most Fuji gis the size is a problem, so many practitioners recommend buying the gi at one size bigger and then shrinking it to perfection by washing.


Venum is renowned for being an innovative forward-thinking company.

They are constantly improving and upgrading their most successful gis, so you will find that some have 2.0 or 3.0 or 4.0 at the end of the name.

Their gis are stylish with an aggressive edge, an edge that just looks cool on a fighter. The company is known for extreme quality and high attention to comfort. After all, their gis are made with some of the finest cotton around.

It’s no surprise that Venum gis are worn by many successful figures in the world of BJJ and martial arts, including BJJ World Champion Rodolfo Vieira and famous UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva.

Here are the best BJJ gis fromVenum to keep an eye out for:

Venum Challenger 4.0 Gi

  • The premium, pre-shrunk Pearl Weave cotton used makes the Challenger gi comfortable and well-fitted
  • Helps absorb moisture, making it extra handy for those long, intense training sessions.
  • The knees, cuffs, collar and shoulders have been reinforced for better resistance and a special triangular yoke has been sown into the crotch area of the pants to give the wearer a better range of motion.
  • The cord holding up the trousers may not stay on after a few washes as it is rather delicate.

Venum Absolute 2.0 Gi

  • The Absolute 2.0 is a very attractive gi. The heavy-duty Gold Weave fabric stops it from ripping and tearing.
  • The entire gi is fully lined with spandex making it more comfortable and helping with control moisture.
  • The gi comes with a stylish cotton backpack to keep it in.
  • As with many Venum gis, the rope lace for fastening the trousers isn’t very durable and comes loose easily.


Tatami hasn’t been on the scene for quite as long as many of the other brands, therefore not among the most popular jiu jitsu gi brand names. but they have came in strong and left their mark, and are now regarded as one of the very best BJJ gi brands out there.

While many pro fighters are choosing to wear Tatami gis these days, Tatami’s focus as a company is to make the sport of BJJ accessible to everyone.

They do this by making high quality gis and selling them at very affordable prices.

The quality, comfort and durability of Tatami gis can all rival the more established brands.

Have a look at:

Tatami Nova Gi

Tatami Nova 2015 BJJ GI
  • Tatami Nova is a high quality gi, making it perfect for beginners who aren’t ready to spend a fortune on a gi.
  • Some features include a rubberised collar for sweat absorption, triple stitching across all stress points and a rope drawstring to keep the trousers tightly fastened!
  • The new Tatami shoulder patches also make it an attractive gi.
  • A free belt is included as well!
  • One of the best BJJ gi for the money
  • The gi isn’t as thick as most, and some have been known to rip after too many washes and intense training sessions.

Tatami Estilo Premier 6.0

  • The Tatami Estillo is the crème de la crème of Tatami gis, and the Premier is an updated version of the original.
  • The original Tatami Estilo canvas pants and light Pearl Weave jacket are still part of the gi but the updated version now offers a few new features.
  • Y shaped jacket vent and a sublimated yoke on the collar improve the look and fit of the gi.
  • A new special tape lines the inside of the arm cuffs, leg cuffs and jacket ends, all for increased quality, better moisture control and durability.
  • The only downside is that this gi is a little pricey, however, for the truly dedicated BJJ practitioners that is a small price to pay for such a high quality gi.


Gameness has been on the scene for 15 years and in that short time the company has come to be regarded as one of the best in the industry.

As one of the best BJJ gi brands they excel in both quality and innovation, going above and beyond to make training and tournaments comfortable.

The style of their gis is unique, so when you wear Gameness people will know!

The company is known for their quick and helpful customer service and Gameness staff go above and beyond to make their customers happy.

All their hard work can be seen through the many awards they have received, more awards, it should be mentioned, than most of other brands out there.

Gameness gis are as good as they come and here are the jiu jitsu gi reviews from Gameness:

Gameness Elite

Gameness Elite
  • Firstly, the Elite gi by Gameness looks really damn cool! Beautiful contrast accents and high stitch count embroideries all make it an eye-catching gi.
  • There is a built-in rash guard in the jacket that makes rolling more comfortable than ever. Gameness was the first to introduce the rash guard to their gis, and have pretty much perfected the process.
  • The pants are made of high-grade rip stop fabric, providing increased durability. The technical draw cord and the 6 loop system keeps the pants in place and fitting perfectly, no matter how much you roll and pull.
  • Whichever angle you look at it, the Elite gi rules!
  • The gi is a little costly, much more than many practitioners are willing to part with. It is, however, a great tool for any passionate BJJ fighter.

Gameness Pearl Weave

  • The Pearl Weave gi has won an award for its quality. That fact alone screams on its own – best jiu jitsu gi for you!
  • It is made of the highest quality cotton and the newly upgraded twill pants, made with a cotton/poly blend fabric, ensure maximum comfort and durability.
  • As the gi seems to be upgraded often, make sure you know which edition you are buying, be it the 2013 edition, the 2015 edition, or a different year’s Pearl Weave gi.
  • The style of the gi is very clean and plain, and although that may work for some it lacks that edge and flare that many competitors look for in a gi.


Koral is one of the smaller gi makers and operates out of one location in California. However, this hasn’t stopped the company from selling their products to over 25 countries worldwide and reaching international success and recognition.

The main reason Koral has become one of the best gi brands in the world is their innovative manufacturing system.

By using live models to perfect the sizes of theirs gi, using pre-shrunk cotton and putting their gis through a secret processing system, the sizing problem wearers confront with most gi brands is non-existent when you choose Koral.

Their gis fit perfectly and feel better, right out of the packaging.

They offer a limited range of gis, but they are all made with attention to detail and hard work.

Here are some favorites:

Koral MKM Competition

Koral MKM Pro Competition
  • True to it’s name, this gi is perfect for competitions.
  • It is fitted, making it harder for your opponent to grab onto you, yet still providing you with enough room to move freely.
  • An EVA foam rubber collar slows the growth of bacteria, dries quickly and, again, makes it harder for your opponent to grab you.
  • The MKM gi looks professional and edgy and is made with the classic Koral methods- model-sized to fit and pre-shrunk premium cotton.
  • Just in case you are skeptical and think you’ll be cheating with such an amazing tool, rest assured- the gi has been approved for IBJJF and CBJJF competition.
  • The gi is rather expensive and is more suited for competitions.

Koral Classic

Koral NEW Classic Gi
  • The Koral Classic is a strong gi, for both competitions and intense training sessions.
  • The top is made with one piece of fabric and no seam at the back, making it stronger and more durable.
  • It includes the same EVA foam rubber collar as the MKM but differs, as the gi is made with slightly lighter fabric than other Koral gis and provides a looser fit.
  • Cool Koral logos are embroidered on the sleeves.
  • The Koral Classic is a beautiful gi, but the look can be considered too plain for many fighters attending competitions.


As you can see, deciding on the best gi for you is a lot more confusing than you may think, so you will want to spend time thinking about all of the issues that have been brought up. In essence, all of the different suits that I’ve talked about each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or competitor, the perfect gi is out there waiting for you.

With some of the best BJJ gi brands in mind you are off to a great start and one step closer to finding the gi for you.

Here are a few more tips to help you along:

  • Get the size right, read and read some more, and find out which size is best for you! Brands differ!
  • Know what you want, be it training or competition, before even beginning the search for the perfect gi.
  • Decide how much you will put into this. The last thing you need is to buy an expensive Gi and end up training once.

Do consider browsing through BJJ gi reviews, asking fellow BJJ fans what works best for them and get advice from your teacher.

It may be worth writing down a list of the pros and cons of each gi to ensure you choose correctly, especially if you plan on finding the best jiu jitsu gi for the money.

I mean, make your money’s worth.

In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a good BJJ gi from Koral which invests lots of time and effort upgrading their gis year after year.

But I hope that my pick of the top rated jiu jitsu gis and BJJ gi reviews have made you come closer to buying your very own gi!

As I like to say – buying a gi is a very personal matter.

Now that we’re suited up, let’s get training!