Atama Mundial 9 Gi Review


The Atama Mundial 9 is one of the best gis on the BJJ market and is an excellent choice for those who take the sport seriously and will be wanting to compete.

Perfect for training or competition. Tapered body and sleeves leave less for your opponent to grab and cut roomy in the shoulders for mobility, making this go very much desired by fighters of all levels.

It’s a terrific gi with stylish, understated detailing, all embroidered so it will continue to look good for a long time.


The Atama Mundial 9 is Atama’s most recent offering since the Mundial #7 (successor to the Mundial #5). The most noticeable change from the mundial 7 to the Atama mundial 9 is the change in looks. The mundial 9 is the exact same material as the mundial 7 and the same cut.

The gi has branded Atama tape on the inside pants leg and on the wrists of the jacket, as well as the bottom of the jacket’s skirt.

The design of the Atama Mundial 9 is very simple but very effective, in a ‘less is more’ way. Classic cuts, creative patches and high-quality material is what this go is all about, nothing fancy but every aspect is top notch.

Made from “Carioca Weave” material, the gi features a seamless back from a single piece construction. The gi is cut for competition removing excess material making it tough for your opponent to get grips, rubberized stiff collar cover in ripstop, ripstop pants.


The GI jacket is made from pearl weave cotton and all major stress points are reinforced. The lapel has an EVA rubber core that helps keep it thick and stiff making it hard for opponents to grip. The lapel is covered in ripstop cotton making it extra durable.

Unlike some GI brands available, the Mundial has considerably short arms. The top of the GI is made from a durable light pearl weave. Because of this, it is light in weight and feels very gentle and comfortable when worn.

Some reviewers have complained about the extreme stiffness, but it does have its benefits, as mentioned above. The only other negative we see is that some people think that the pants go quite baggy after a few washes.

Size Chart




5’2”- 5’5”110-145A-1
5’5”¬ 5’9”140-175A-2
5’9”- 6’1”175-210A-3
6’2”- 6’5”210-255A-4
6’0”- 6’6”255-305A-5

As mentioned earlier, the shrinkage is limited and it takes several washes before the pants reach their ultimate shrinkage.


Additionally, the collar and pants are made from “rip stop” material. This is reinforced material to give greater strength and tear resistance in a lighter material. Includes all embroidery/patches as pictured. Perfect for training or competition. Tapered body and sleeves to leave less for your opponent to grab and cut roomy in the shoulders for mobility.


The Mundial jacket is made from a thick woven pearl weave and it is quite stiff and rough when you touch it, staying that way even after many washes.

The rubber collar is average in size and thickness but again, it is incredibly tough. Imagine stacking up a dozen credit cards and then trying to bend and flex them, that’s the nearest we can begin to describe how the collar feels on the №9.

The lapel is made from a core of EVA foam and is covered well in ripstop. The foam core helps the collar keep its original shape. The collar makes it difficult for opponents to enjoy a strong grip during fights.

The sleeve cuffs of the jacket are elegantly lined with tape, featuring branding. In some BJJ gis, the tape can be very scratchy, but thankfully the material is soft on the Mundial 9. Some Atama gi. Many have also commented that the side vents of the jacket as very generous. They are lined with more ripstop that gives them a sturdier look.


The collar and pants are made of ripstop material. It’s really a great gi for training or for competition, but not as light as the lightweight gis on the market. It’s comfortable for everyday use and really sets the standard in the market for a true balance of competition cut and mobility in a gi.

Some have said that the pants run a bit short and the cord of the pants is short also. We did not note any significant shortness, but you may want to look into the measurements more closely if you are tall.


The Atama Mundial 9 is an amazing BJJ go that is made from the highest quality materials and very well executed by an intelligent design team. Great care and attention has been paid to all aspects of this outfit and we have honestly struggled to find anything negative to say about this gi.

There are, of course, certain aspects that could be improved on slightly, but these are small things in the grand scheme of things and do not detract from this excellent BJJ gi.