Amber Legged Grappling Dummy Review

The Amber Legged Grappling Dummy is very reasonably priced and will allow you to hone your grappling skills. This dummy is primarily uses for striking and throwing, but there are limitations on moves that require a more flexible dummy. The dummy comes in a number of sizes and weights, which is great for fighters who are not happy with a one size fits all model.

While there is no real substitution for a real-life partner, this Amber dummy comes a close second and will allow you to step up your training game.

If you are considering buying this best grappling dummy, read this review to see the positive and negative aspects that will give you a true feel for what it will be like.



Amber Legged Grappling Dummy

Amber Legged Grappling Dummy


We like many things about this dummy, including:

Choice— The fact that this dummy comes in a variety of weights is very good. No longer to do you have to put up with a one-side fits all dummy, you can almost have a personal service!

Quality—This dummy is extremely durable and will stand the test of time due to the superior fabric and stuffing used.


These are the main things that we think Amber can improve on to make it a better dummy

Restricted number of moves—The dummy is not very flexible so there are some moves that you cannot do because of the stiff limbs.  Submission work can only be done in very limited amount.

Arms—The arms are fixed in the overhead position, which means that you cannot perform many locks, other than the Americana

Distribution of weight—There is an uneven weight distribution which means guard training is limited, if not impossible.


As the Amber dummy is extremely heavy it struggles at being flexible. As it is not made for submission it will not bend as much as some other grappling dummies and you cannot perform rolls that require a bend of the waist.

If you do want a dummy that you can perform any move on, then you will be pushed to find one as they all have limitations. Consider what moves you think you need help with most and if it does not require too much bending then it will suffice.

As the legs of the dummy are very stiff, they cannot be used for performing ankle locks as they are designed to be straight. Fighters are also restricted with chokes as the thickness of the neck does not allow for flexibility.


Some grappling dummies can look flimsy, especially if they claim to be easy to manage, but we think that the Amber instills a lot of confidence in terms of durability. The dummy may look like it can break easily, but we have been impressed by the strength it offers. This unit is a very strong and has a sturdy covering of a synthetic fabric that is difficult to tear.

Some dummies can retain a lot of moisture, but the material of this unit allows moisture to drip off so that your grappling is not effected.

Amber Legged Grappling Dummy

Your dummy will have to endure plenty of training if you take your sport seriously, so it will need to be very durable in order to get value for money. The Amber ticks all of the boxed for us in terms of its ability to stand the test of time.


The Amber dummy comes in a variety of weight, starting at 70 pounds and going up to 140 pounds. Not many grappling dummies come in different sizes so this is a welcome introduction from the Amber team. If ever there were a dummy that you can buy to your personal needs this is it.


As there are different weights of this dummy, there are a variety of heights too. If you buy the small dummy, the height will touch 5 Ft 4” and the heaviest weight will stretch to 6ft 4”. Again, fighters who usually struggle with a standard height have welcomes such variety from Title.

Ability to fit Gi

The Amber dummy is  designed to  sit in the Americana position thus it creates an awkward bend. This feature means that this unit is not suitable for adding clothing and it is not worth the effort to try and give it a go.


Whether you need to practice strikes, throws or grapples, the Combat dummy is a brilliant and versatile piece of equipment. There is an element of submission work that can be carried out but as it is not as flexible as some other dummies designed specifically for submissions, you may struggle with a lot of this type of work.


For fighters looking for a cost effective dummy that allows for good throw and strike practice, the Amber grapple dummy is a good choice. Whilst there are some negatives to consider, on the whole the durability and weight options make it an all-round good option.

We hope that you have benefited from reading our review and if you decide to buy this unit, we wish you luck throughput your training.