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My name’s Mark. I’m super excited you’re here, because every visitor of makes +1 member to the family of Martial Arts.

That’s the reason I decided to make this page in the first place – to build a community and bring closer a group of like-minded people all over the world.

Another reason why this page has come to life is probably thanks to my dad, who put me in Judo classes when I was just 7 years old. Let’s just say I was a very active first grader, the energy had to go somewhere, rather than coming home with it and doing nothing.

That’s the thing. I hate just doing nothing. It goes together well with my love for martial arts. I’m always on the search for the latest news on martial arts, especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Time flies when I look deeper into topics on BJJ – gear, techniques and tips.

Since my expertise comes from BJJ and I don’t want to just say something on MMA just for the sake of content, I’m always in the lookout for experts in their field (like, MMA, judo, karate, etc) to write on the topics they know best time, so you can get the best possible gear reviews and basic knowledge on the sport.

If you feel you can bring some quality value to the family, please contact me, so everyone else can also have access to your knowledge.

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