Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes for Wing Chun 2016

Feiyue History Feiyue are made by a company called DaFu and began life 1920s Shanghai. The shoes are an essential aspect of all those who practice wushu and for athletes in China, with even Shaolin monks using them alongside kung fu experts. Not only are the shoes popular in China, they are now a staple addition to martial experts all around the world, starting from students and going right up to professional fighters.

Wall Bag Training for Wing Chun

Why use accessories in Wing Chun? Wing Chun is a practice in which accessories can really improve your fighting skills. To perfect your wing chin technique you need to train your body, mind, and soul, but you can improve your skills further by using proper equipment. Even the legends of this ancient martial art used tools alongside rigorous practice and daily repetition to solidify their technique. There are many accessories on the market and we think that the wing chun wall bag is one of the best.

Kung Fu Belts and Sash - Everything You Should Know About Kung Fu Belt System

What is Kung Fu? The term Kung Fu refers to the martial arts of China. Kung Fu originated in a place called the Shaolin Temple, where monks practiced Kung Fu for health and self-defense during their quest for enlightenment.

The Ultimate Guide to Wing Chun Wooden Training Dummies

Those who practice Wing Chun will know the importance of owning a wooden dummy. If you have never practiced Wing Chun before, but are wanting to take up the sport, we have put together an essential guide to buying a wooden dummy.

What is wing chun kung fu - Secrets revealed

Any time anyone says that they know kung fu, be sure to ask them what style. To anyone who actually understands Mandarin Chinese, the term “kung fu” (more properly pronounced “gong fu” or “gung fu”) actually refers to any skill or task that is mastered through hard work. This doesn’t necessarily have to apply to only martial arts; it could actually apply to anything, from cooking to painting.