Tatami Nova Gi Review


Tatami Fightwear are proud to introduce their New Nova range of Basic BJJ GI. With minimal styling and no patches these BJJ GI are ideal for beginners and experts alike. If you like your BJJ GI plain and simple you won’t beat the Tatami Fightwear Nova BJJ GI range for style and value.

The gi is slim fitting and light, with a soft lining and a stronger out layer to the jacket. This is a very reasonably priced gi and whilst there are even cheaper gis on the market, you amy get more for your money from another brand. That is not to say that the Nova should be avoided altogether, it does have some strong points that we will discuss in this review.


The new Tatami Fightwear Nova BJJ Gi has been designed for beginner students and experts alike. Several enhancements have been made to the new Nova BJJ Gi to make is better than its predecessor in several areas

What Tatami chose to call High Tech Weave actually looks like a marriage between traditional Judo diamond weave and regular pearl/single weave.

The Tatami Nova is a great GI at a great price. Its made to a very high standard and also comes with a free white belt. Its ideal as a first GI or added to your rotation of GIs if you train a lot.



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Tatami Nova Gi


The fit of the gi is definitely meant for someone who was is a bit long and lanky. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend it for those who are too out of shape. If you are short and stockier type of guy or girl it may be a better fit. The sleeves are a good length but the skirt may be a little too long for some people’s liking. Despite the slimmer cut though, we find that there is plenty of shoulder mobility and room in the chest area.

Size Chart




5’4”- 5’6” 125-154 A-1
5’7”- 5’9” 154-198 A-2
5’10”- 6’0” 198-220 A-3
6’1”- 6’3” 220-276 A-4

As we mentioned the sleeves and the pants legs are shorter than most gis but this is within regulation guidelines and will be ok for competitions. Other than that, the outfits are true to size and do not suffer from too much shrinkage during washes.


The 2015 model is constructed from the same reliable 425 GSM High Tech jacket and new 10 oz. twill cotton pants, with added drawstring loops and a round stretch drawstring. The new Nova is equipped with a strong rubberized collar, triple

This is good news for BJJ enthusiasts who like their uniforms plain. It also has a very strong and flexible weave that is triple seamed. This makes this gi perfect for beginners as well as experts.

Unlike other brands, Tatami has created this apparel with a white belt BJJ size uniform. Its practical design also makes the Nova the least blinged gi in Tatami’s product line.


As stated earlier, the Nova has minimal styling and no patches but this BJJ gi is ideal for beginners and those wanting an extra go for practicing in. The jacket is very plain, with no fancy features that make it stand out. The jacket is made of lightweight material, weighing in at just 425 grams per square meter.

The jacket’s mesh is made from a single weave fabric and is quite soft, although more durable than you would think. It is certainly more durable than some of Tatami’s earlier models.The gi’s collar is rubberized for extra comfort and makes it a little more difficult for opponents to grab hold of during fights.

The material makes it easy to air dry the jacket quite quickly, so it is very easy to wash and hold little in the way of bacteria.


The pants are made from high-quality cotton twill and are relatively lightweight. Although light, the pants are not too flimsy and are pretty hard wearing in relation to the price.

In keeping with other Tatami gis, the trousers are tied with a bungee cord rather than a flat drawstring. I’m still coming round to the idea of a bungee cord, but having used it for some time now with other gis, it’s growing on me.

Tatami Nova Gi pants

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If you are looking for a simple and functional gi, the Tatami Nova is great value for money and an outfit that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Tatami is one of the famous BJJ brands and you can certainly see why, even though there are many features that can be improved on.

This gi may not get people talking in terms of its appearance, but it will quietly get on with the job in hand and let you focus on your winning moves.