Keiko Raca BJJ Gi Review 2017

If you are just starting out in BJJ, you will not want to splash out on a superior level gi. If, on the other hand, you are ready to step up your game and are beginning to take BJJ seriously then you may want to consider a more expensive outfit.

Not only will you be forking out for the additional style, the benefits of a better quality go are significant in terms of your performance.

The Keiko Raca Limited Series Gi is one of the best quality and is very reasonably priced to boot. We want to wear this one again, it was so fun to fight in.


The Limited gi comes in five colors, black, navy blue, blue, red and white. Obviously the red is not IBJJF legal, but the rest of the colors are, making these competition ready gis.

The carefully crafted patches on the gi look very good indeed and adds to the professional look of this outfit. The embroidery also has a lovely colored font that contrasts well with the main body of the gi and gives this BJJ gi its classy look. The lapels are made from a rubberized material that is stiff and difficult for an opponent to grab hold off during competitions.

Keiko Raca Limited Series

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All Keiko Raca Gis are pre-shrunk all over, in the hope that it is true to fit. The pant length and sleeve length are shrink-to-fit. Keiko Raca Kimonos are well known to be a good fit for tall and thin athletes due to the superior tapered cut. This slimmer cut also makes these Gis great for BJJ competition.

Although this is a very durable and heavy duty Gi it still breaths fairly well. I normally wear a t-shirt or rash guard under my Gi and it has not been too hot.


The Keiko Raca Limited Edition is a heavy duty gi made to last for years to come! Made from 800 gsm double weave material, the gi is solid with double reinforcement on the stress points and a think EVA foam collar.


While this jacket may not be to everyone’s taste, we love the design features on this gi, it is fun and offers something different from the norm. The black trim on the cuffs and the bottom give it a clean look, much like the Atama Mundial models but without the script on the edge.  The shoulder patches are simple and more-or-less out of the way, the flag and embroidery at the right and left elbows are not distracting

Small embroidery patterns are found on the arms and behind the neck of the jacket. If you’d want to remove the patches you should be able to with a sharp knife or a stick pick. The gi is compatible with international competition standards, provided you buy an acceptable color.

Sleeves have large openings. This can pose a problem as they are pretty easy to grab ahold of.Keiko Raca Limited Series

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The pants have a good fit, and the skirt is just perfect for most sized athletes. The trousers are made from 10oz cotton. They are very durable and have a rope waist tie. The area from the knee to the shin is reinforced and so are all of the major stress points.

However, this gis pants has one main negative. Because it was created in a classic style, has no ripcord technology, but we can live with this, although the cord can fray very easily and becomes difficult to knot.

The trousers are made from an average weight cotton and use a rope drawstring to keep them up, reinforcing at the shins and knees is also found.


All in all the Keiko Raca is an extremely good choice for both the beginner and advanced level BJJ practitioner. The Gi is of the highest quality, extremely durable and very comfortable. While this go is more expensive than many other Gis, it is competitively priced and will not hurt your wallet too much.