How to Find the Best Heavy Punching Bag in the world

It’s essential that you get the best heavy bag, especially if you punch hard and often. It’s where you can practice your boxing technique and combinations. Even if you don’t compete as an amateur or professional fighter, a quality heavy punching bag ensures that you will get a great work out and blow off some steam.

While there is no single best punching bag, there are certain ones that have a lot of great features and will appeal to a particular person.

However, before going out and making a random purchase, people must consider factors like bag weight, size, and style. They also have to be aware of how each bag will affect their training and what to avoid investing in.

By learning about all of the different options out there and the unique advantages that each one brings, potential buyers can make the right decision and choose a bag that will compliment their own personal training needs. Planning ahead and reading through reviews is crucial.

What Types are Available

Heavy bags are designed to be used for just about anything you can hit them fast or hard you can throw any punch on a heavy bag and as long as the punch is delivered correctly you will connect successfully on the bag.

These are the perfect bag for a beginner to use as a heavy bag will move very little allowing the focus to be on the punches thrown and also allows the boxer to practice a variety of shots on the bag effectively without being thrown off by its shape as they are normally straight or its movement.

Heavy Hanging Bags

Heavier bags sway less than lighter bags. Ideally, the bag sways a little when hit, but if it swings too much, it hinders your ability to practice landing kicks and punches. A male who punches harder might require a 60- or 70-pound bag. Bags that weigh 100 pounds are designed for boxers who are heavy hitters. Some punching bags are filled with water, which allows you to choose the weight by filling them to the desired level.

With that said, there are certain bags that really stand out. Some of the better options for fighters are Everlast bags. This well known company produces high quality and durable equipment that can take a lot of abuse over a long period of time.

Shoppers who are looking for a good heavy bag should try to find one that is made out of leather. These bags last the longest and are fairly comfortable to hit. While they are a little pricey, leather bags are worth the money and are a great investment for serious fighters.

People on a budget may otherwise be interested in vinyl bags. These aren’t quite as good as leather, but offer many of the same features and are capable of holding up for a very long time.

Free Standing Heavy Bags

Not all houses are gyms can accommodate a regular heavy bag, so a free-standing bag may be your only option. Free-standing bags are great as they can be moved about from room to room, but generally they are not as hard wearing as standard heavy bags.

If you are a heavy fighter you will need to do your homework to ensure you get the heaviest bag possible as light bags may be at risk at toppling over.

Best Free Standing Heavy Bags



Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training BagCheck Price on

Century The Original Wavemaster Training Bag

Power Systems PowerForce Free Standing Punching BagCheck Price on

Power Systems PowerForce Punching Bag

Century BOB XL with Base UnitCheck Price on

Century BOB XL with Base Unit

Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai also known as Thai boxing and Kick Boxing Bags are longer and heavier than punch bags, because you use your hands, feet, elbows and knees to attack the bag. The heavier bag gives the fighter more resistance in his training on the bag and helps develop power and strength.

The heavy bags used in Thai boxing come in lots of shapes and sizes. Some of which are even long enough to touch the floor, which gives the ability to train leg kicks.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags



Muay Thai Heavy Punching BagCheck Price on

Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag

Muay Thai Heavy BagCheck Price on

Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai Heavy Bag 6ft 150lbsCheck Price on

Muay Thai Heavy Bag 6ft 150lbs

Maize Bags

Maize bags or slip bags are not punched with great force, but are used in boxing training to improve the athlete’s head motion and ability to evade an opponent’s punch, their name deriving from the fact that traditionally they are filled with maize.

Fighters who use these bags are supposed to work on their dodging and evasive skills, rather than simply trying to strike the bag. As such, maize bags are smaller than heavy bags and weigh significantly less as well.

Maize Bags & Maize Ball’s are ideal for improving lateral body movement upper cuts and foot work skills.

Angle Bags

An angle bag is a specialty bag that has been designed to allow fighters to practice their uppercuts and curl punches.

These bags are made for a very specific purpose, although they can still be used for traditional training too. These bags can often be found in gyms and at boxing clubs, since they allow fighters to really work on their uppercuts in a safe and effective manner.

The angle of this punchbag makes it easier to practice a great range of punches compared to a normal punchbag.

The bags are a good choice for anyone who really wants to work on their uppercuts at home and doesn’t want to use a normal heavy bag to do so.

Best Angle Bags



Ringside Body Snatcher Boxing BagCheck Price on

Ringside Body Snatcher Boxing Bag

Ringside Angle Boxing BagCheck Price on

Ringside Angle Boxing Bag

Angle Punching Bag - UnfilledCheck Price on

Angle Punching Bag – Unfilled

Wall Mounted Bags

A wall mounted punching system is not actually a bag. However, it is an accessory that, as the name implies, mounts to the wall and provides fighters with a massive padded target to strike at.

These devices were made famous by Mike Tyson and have gained a lot of popularity ever since.

However, most fighters would be better off using these at a gym or boxing club, than in their home.

While there is nothing wrong with these units, they are simply too impractical for the average person to get much use out of. They are specialty items and are quite expensive.

A fighter who has a lot of extra income might want to consider buying one of these, but most people would be better off with a normal bag. This isn’t a tool that is essential for training. It’s more of a luxury item.

Best Wall Mounted Bags



Windy Wall Mount Uppercut BagCheck Price on

Windy Wall Mount Uppercut Bag

Wall-Mount Leather Uppercut BagCheck Price on

Wall-Mount Leather Uppercut Bag

TITLE Wall Mount Target BagCheck Price on

TITLE Wall Mount Target Bag

Factors to Consider when Buying

There are generally three different sizes of heavy bag to choose from: hanging bags free standing bags and wall mounted bags.

There lots of options for fighters within these three main categories in terms of weight and shape, so whether you are tall, short, light or heavy there is a heavy bag out there to suit you. The standard heavy bag is most popular and is best for simple boxing techniques and for regular training sessions.

Punch bags come in an array of different shapes and sizes so you must be sure to pick the right one to suit your training. Speed bags are the smallest out of your range of options; they are almost always inflated and are rarely bigger than 10 inches in length.

They are perfect for focusing on your speed and accuracy and to help you build up a rhythm with your training, they primarily target your upper body and are great for hitting your shoulders and arms.


There are many different weight of heavy bag on the market and choosing the correct weight is one of the most overwhelming choices. Whilst there is no sure fire formula, generally a bag that is half of your weight is the most suitable. A 40-50 pound bags is aimed at kids or light women and 70-80 pound bags will suit somebody around 170 pounds.

For fighters that weigh more than 170 pounds it is safer to use a bag that weight over 100 pounds. Your gym instructor or trainer will help you out with advice on choosing the correct bag.


Filling of the bag will have a direct impact of how it feels when you strike it. A bag filled with sand will have a different feel that one with old rags, and water filled bags are another product of their own. Sand filling is usually avoided these days as it usually sinks to the bottom, creating an unbalance in the feel of the bag.

Furthermore, sand is also very harsh on the bones and joints when you strike it. The preferred method is to shred and cut old rags, clothes, or bedsheets. Water bags have the most realistic feel of hitting a human, but after time the bladders have been known to crack and break down with intense usage. In the end, the fill you choose for a heavy bag depends on your preferences and physical limitations.


Different bags are made of different materials. The three main options that fighters will usually see are leather, vinyl, and canvas.

The covering really depends on your budget and expected use. A leather bag will last longer than either a synthetic or canvas bag, but is more than twice the price. For the home user or commercial club that is unsure how much use the bag will get, we suggest a synthetic bag.

We recommend a synthetic covering over a canvas one because the synthetic bag is much easier to clean and resists mildew. For professional, military or heavy commercial use we suggest a professional leather bags. If your budget can afford it, you may want to opt for the professional bags which are the most durable.

Other Considerations

There are a few other factors that shoppers might want to consider while they look at all of the bags on the market. They should think about whether brand names matter to them and which brands they want.

While this isn’t something that will effect everyone, many people do take pride in using a particular company’s product. Also, they should consider whether or not they will be able to hang their bag.

People who rent, or are not very experienced with home repair projects will probably want to buy a bag that doesn’t require any drilling or home modification. Instead they should get either a free standing heavy bag or a boxing stand that they can hang their unit from.

They should also think about what sized bag will benefit them. Smaller fighters can get away with using smaller bags, while bigger fighters will need a heavier bag to practice on.

Hanging Your Heavy Bag

Hanging a punching bag, whether you’re hanging it in your home, garage, apartment, outside, or in your basement, it is very important that the bag is hung securely. If you are in any doubt of your ability to hang the punching bag yourself you should seek out a professional handyman or tradesman.

The following is not a technical manual on how to drill holes for eye hooks, locate beams in your ceiling, or tie chain around tree limbs. All of that information can be found in the instructions included with the hanging system you decide to purchase.

If you do plann to put together a hanging system yourself, we have provided some great YouTube videos on this page with more specific instructions on the hardware, tools, and accessories you will need to hang a punching bag properly.

Top 3 Best heavy Bags

1. Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

The Century Wavemaster XXL is definitely our favorite free standing heavy bag and the top bag we recommend for home use. The bag is well made, durable, and provides a great forgiving experience even with power punches and kicks. The XXL is actually an enhanced version of the original Century Wavemaster.

Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

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2. Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

The Thai Heavy-bag is one of the strongest and most durable on the market. With an attractive Powerhide cover this bag looks the part as well as being very reliable and is very popular in gyms around the world.

Ringside Muay Thai Heavy Bag

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3. TITLE LiquiShockTM Foam & Water Heavy Bag

This heavy bag features an exclusive LiquiShockTM water filled system that has taken the boxing world by storm. The bag features a unique TPU urethane bladder that will last the duration even with the hardest of punches. The bladder is situated in-between by 3″ of medium and high density shock absorbing foam for ultimate protection and comfort.

TITLE LiquiShockTM Foam & Water Heavy Bag

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With so many different types of heavy punching bags to choose from, it can be confusing when deciding which one to go for, especially when you’re limited to just one.

A free standing heavy bag should only be considered if you’re limited on space you don’t do rigorously train everyday. However, they tend to be more expensive than conventional heavy bags, often being double the price for good quality models.

In any case, I would always recommend conventional heavy bags or the angle heavy bags. They’re essential for serious fighters and athletes that want to gain the most from their workouts.