UFC on Fox 23

Fraught with title implications throughout the card, UFC on Fox 23 didn’t disappoint to bring a great show. From tactical submissions to quick, and often surprising, knockouts the high-level talent showcased their skills and the underdogs fought with everything they had until the final bell. Below is a fight by fight recap of the event.

The Best 10 BJJ Rash Guards in 2017 - Ultimate Review

In the past few years “compression wear” (a rash guard falls into this category) for athletes has been heavily researched and, well, to avoid a bunch of statistics and charts, we can tell you that results show they are pretty damn awesome and provide many different benefits for athletes and fighters alike. This has spurred companies and BJJ schools to constantly design newer, better and flashier rash guards for BJJ each year. For this reason we’ve compiled a list for you featuring only the very best BJJ rash guards you can find in 2016. We don’t want you to get

A Guide to Increasing Muscular Strength for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

No matter what stage or class of Brazilian BBJ you are in you will, at one point or another, reach a strength plateau. It can happen when you are starting out, when you are looking to take the next step and compete, or even to seasoned professionals looking to improve their strength to weight ratio. It’s important to understand that the key priority for any BJJ practitioner is to be strong in relation to his weight.

Judo Gi VS. BJJ Gi: The Major Differences

You may be looking to expand your knowledge or simply wondering what would benefit you most in your training. Or this annoying little question may keep coming up and you just aren’t sure what the answer is. Well we’re here with some answers. What are the differences between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis and Judo gi? Can both types of gis be used interchangeably for both martial arts. While the two types of gis may look similar there are several differences that you should know about, whether you are looking to use your current BJJ gi for Judo, or the other way

Fit to be Tied: A list of 8 Women’s BJJ Gis Cut For the Female Form

Have you been grappling with the decision of buying a Women’s BJJ Gi? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a traditionally male dominated sport, has won more and more brave female Jiu Jitsu disciples over the last several years. These female warriors sometimes discover that finding a gi that fits properly is almost as challenging as overcoming the prejudice they sometimes face on the mat.

The Very Best BJJ GI Brands 2016/2017: Reviews

The most important piece of equipment for any BJJ practitioner is the gi, also known as the Jiu Jitsu kimono. Simply going into a store and pointing at one won’t do. You need the best, for the best results. The brand behind a gi is how you know what you are getting and doing some research before your purchase will save you money and hassle. The last thing you need is a gi that is too heavy, uncomfortable and rips after your first few rolls! To make things easier we have compiled a list of the very best gi brands

Keiko Raca BJJ Gi Review 2017

If you are just starting out in BJJ, you will not want to splash out on a superior level gi. If, on the other hand, you are ready to step up your game and are beginning to take BJJ seriously then you may want to consider a more expensive outfit. Not only will you be forking out for the additional style, the benefits of a better quality go are significant in terms of your performance. The Keiko Raca Limited Series Gi is one of the best quality and is very reasonably priced to boot. We want to wear this one

Tatami Zero G V3 BJJ GI Review 2017

The Zero G V3 from experienced gi manufacturers, Tatami is a good quality, lightweight outfit that  is primarily used in competitions. With a reasonable price tag, this GI is great value for money. The jacket consists of 475 gsm Pearl Weave, with areas of reinforcements and a thick rubber collar. Improved version of the popular Zero-G range by Tatami Fightwear sees as a Gi that rivals their own Estilo model. The design elements are much improved and the cut is a little bit slimmer than previous versions. I still prefer my Estilo over the Zero G, but, apart from price,

Gameness Pearl Weave Gi Review 2016

The Gameness Pearl weave weighs up to 4.9 pounds dependent on size, so it not for fans of lightweight gis. If you are a fan of heavier gis, you can enjoy the great durability that the Pearl Weave hold, giving you peace of mind if you are going to use your outfit frequently. Regardless of the weight, feedback from others who have reviewed the Pearl Weave have stated that the fabric is soft and comfortable. The strength of the material along with an elegant design, make the Gameness Pearl Weave a smart option for practicing in and for competing.

Tatami Estilo 4.0 Gi Review

The Tatami Fightwear Estilo was the latest in the Tatami range and at 4.0 it surpasses all expectations of a GI. The gi is designed for the BJJ fighter who is looking for a BJJ GI that is made from the highest quality fabric and superior craftsmanship but also with a cutting edge design and clever detailing The Estilo is packed full of reinforcements is made up of a 550gsm, single piece, pearl weave jacket. Any fighter wearing the Estilo will breathe an extra air of confidence as this go looks great, feels great and can definitely enhance your performance. We

Koral MKM Gi Review 2017

Review This Koral gi is a common sight in BJJ competitions all around, other most common gis being a Shoyoroll or a Atama. You also see top fighters such as Rodolfo Vieira, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida and Michael Langhi competing in this gi. This Gi is a good value for the money and while it is a very plain outfit, it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to performance. This is an example of a gi that does not require any fancy features to make it shine, it simply does the job at hand.

Gameness Platinum Weave Gi Review

Review The all new “Platinum Weave” Gi – Lightweight and durable, this is a favorite during hot summer camps at a great value. This gi is Pre-shrunk and Mercinized (color stayed). This Platinum Weave gi is made out of the finest cotton and woven to our specifications. This is one of the best Bjj gi’s to train in to prepare for competition. A collar that has extra thickness is a special design feature that makes it hard to grip, but it is not stiff or restrictive as you may expect. The strength and durability of this gi is its selling

Tatami Sub Zero Ultra-Light Competition Gi Review

Overview The latest edition to the Zero G range is the Sub-Zero Ultra Light Competition. This is a Gi that is up there with some of the best, and probably one of the lightest non-ripstop GI’s on the market weighing just 1.2kilo for the jacket and the pants. The Sub-Zero features a new cut and longer pants to give you the best possible competitive advantage. On the BJJ circuit, ultralight gis are becoming more and more popular and are on a different level than standard gis. Competitive fighters love to wear ultralight gis for comfort and superior movement. If you

Gameness Feather Gi Review 2016

Review The Gameness Feather variant is the new and improved version of the traditional and more popular Gameness Pearl gi. The Feather too has a Pearl weave making it light yet strong at the same time. Additionally, the type of cotton and used by Gameness gives the Feather a soft touch both inside and outside. This gi may not be as fancy as some of the other gis on the market, but it does the job in hand and should certainly not be looked down on. A great practice outfit that could easily transfer to competitive playing, as long as

Atama Mundial 9 Gi Review 2016

Review The Atama Mundial 9 is one of the best gis on the BJJ market and is an excellent choice for those who take the sport seriously and will be wanting to compete. Perfect for training or competition. Tapered body and sleeves leave less for your opponent to grab and cut roomy in the shoulders for mobility, making this go very much desired by fighters of all levels. It’s a terrific gi with stylish, understated detailing, all embroidered so it will continue to look good for a long time.

Venum Challenger BJJ Gi Review 2016

Review The Challenger is superb value for money and one of Venum’s most affordable gis. This is a slick gi, with contrasting stitching, bold colors, and a lot of built in functionality including a good cut that allows for grappling in realistic situations. The Challenger is made from a lightweight, single weave material with soft inner linings and reinforced stitching. Creative patches and stitching allow this go to stand out from conventional his and we think that it would look great in competitions. Generally single weave fabric is not as durable as the gold weave, like in the Absolute, but

Submission Master Grappling Dummy Review 2016

Grappling dummies are reasonably new to the MMA and BJJ market but are now an essential to a fighter’s training regime. The dummies are vital to fighters who need to practice as much as possible in a realistic way.

Fuji Gi Review 2016

With an outstanding price tag, this BJJ gi offers great value for money and then some. The attention paid to the details that matter – quality materials and copious reinforcements as well as good cut and fit – ensure that this is a great gi for everyday use. A great gi for all stages, from beginners to experts. We love the classy look and nifty design features that make the Fuji sat and out from many other brands in the same price bracket.

Gameness Elite Gi Review 2016

Review The Elite is the star of the show in all of the gis manufactured by Gameness, at least according to ourselves. In fact, thousands of fans around the world will agree with us as feedback for this go has been amazing. With lots of detail in the embroidery and a bold red rash guard lining, it stands out and says “hey, look at me”. Not only does it look great, the Elite is very comfortable and easy to move in, with just the right among of room to see you through practice and competition. The price tag, as expected

Venum Competitor BJJ Gi Review 2016

Review MMA enthusiasts are sure to have set their eyes on many Venum gis as they are popular amongst UFC competitors who are sponsored. Venum is one of the most well-known brands of BJJ gis in the world and all of their outfits are top class. The Venum has a large line of single weave and gold weave BJJ his and they lead the way in terms of innovation in the MMA and BJJ industry.

Moya Sapphire Kola Gi Review 2016

Review The Moya Sapphire is one of the most superior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis available today. This is an IBJJF – approved gi and features white contrast stitching and a matching trim. Moya Brand is today’s world’s leader in tomorrow’s Jiu Jitsu trends! The Moya Brand mission is to enhance athletic performance through passion durability and the relentless pursuit of image and innovation. With the Sapphire, Moya does not disappoint.

Gameness XT Limited Edition Gi Review

Review Gameness currently offer a wide range of gis, with the XT standing out as being very different from their other products. The outfit packs a punch with a heavy 550 gram pearl weave, with both the jacket and pants coming out heavier than most gis. Reinforcement in the elbows are a unique feature of the XT and there are 10 belt loops on the pants, which is unusual. Overall, the XT Limited Edition is a great go that adds something a bit different into the Gameness product range.

Atama Single Weave Gi Review 2016

Overview The Atama is a Single Weave Brazilian design that is lightweight and easy to wear. This gi is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for training in warm conditions and places that experience hot weather. Although the material is light and airy, it is very durable and its single weave design makes it very comfortable indeed. The Atama comes with embroidered Atama Jiu Jitsu logo on both sleeves. The pants are reinforced on the knee area to provide extra protection and durability. The outfit is approved by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation for use in competition and

Top 6 Reasons Your Kids Should Learn BJJ

Short of being with them 24/7, what can you do to keep your children safe? Some parents are turning to self-defense classes to teach their children how to stand up for themselves. We are all conscious about our child’s physical abilities, mental health and social insecurities too, which gives us a lot to worry about. We think that learning self defense is a great thing and can teach kids much more than fighting. Here are 6 reasons why practicing Brazilian Jui Jitsu can help your children.

Tatami Nova Gi Review

Review Tatami Fightwear are proud to introduce their New Nova range of Basic BJJ GI. With minimal styling and no patches these BJJ GI are ideal for beginners and experts alike. If you like your BJJ GI plain and simple you won’t beat the Tatami Fightwear Nova BJJ GI range for style and value. The gi is slim fitting and light, with a soft lining and a stronger out layer to the jacket. This is a very reasonably priced gi and whilst there are even cheaper gis on the market, you amy get more for your money from another brand.

Bubba Grappling Dummy Review

A grappling dummy is a brilliant solution for people to hone their throwing, submission, and grappling skills while away from the gym as two or three hours practice a week is not enough if you are taking your fighting seriously.

Ring To Cage MMA Grappling/Jiu Jitsu Dummy Review

This Ring To Cage MMA Grappling/Jiu Jitsu dummy is ultimately made for practicing grapples and submissions. There are a number of other moves out can make and the limbs are flexible enough to put into different poses and positions.

Amber Legged Grappling Dummy Review

The Amber Legged Grappling Dummy is very reasonably priced and will allow you to hone your grappling skills. This dummy is primarily uses for striking and throwing, but there are limitations on moves that require a more flexible dummy. The dummy comes in a number of sizes and weights, which is great for fighters who are not happy with a one size fits all model.

Combat Sports Dummy Review

Combat Sports have manufactured a good quality dummy that is best for practicing strikes and throws. They have put a lot of thought into making a dummy that supports strikers in this area, which means that it is limited in what it can do. This is not a good choice if you are looking for a flexible dummy, but that does not mean to say you should dismiss it.

Title Freestyle Throwing Dummy Review

The Title Freestyle Throwing/Grappling Dummy is primarily a dummy for practicing throws and strikes and it is a good choice for those not too worried about doing a lot of submission work. This dummy is cheaper than some dummies, so will suit  those on a low budget or those just starting out in the sport.

Break Point Ultra Light Gi Review

Review The Break Point Ultra Light Gi is exceedingly good value for money, with athletes complimenting the outfit on its comfort levels and ease of use. It can be difficult to buy ultra light gis on a small budget, but the Break Point Ultra ticks all of the boxes in terms of quality and durability. Weighing around 3.5-4 pounds, this is a great gi for those needing to make weight at their next competition and for those who need extra support when grappling.

Venum Absolute BJJ Gi Review

Review This premier Kimono was built with BJJ’s expert’s needs in mind. Heavier than the “Competitor” GI, The “Absolute” GI is very resistant with its reinforced gold weave stitching and a hard collar with absolute durability. This gi is without a doubt the brand’s star of the show, in every way. It is that good that it is the top choice for BJJ champion Rodolfo Vieira.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform or Gi Premium Blank Review

Review This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform is one of the most popular choices for those starting out in the sport. Just like the athlete themselves, this go is a blank canvas with no frills to boast of. That does not mean that it does not have the potential though as it does the job in hand and can easily have decorations added for your own customized needs. Whilst the outfit is as basic as gis come, it is perfectly priced for beginners and we think that if it does the job in hand that we cannot complain too much. The

Vulkan Pro Light Gi Review

Review The Prolight is Vulkans flagship GI model and one of my favourite GIs. I own 2 Prolights and many other top brand GIs and the Prolight is my GI of choice when it comes to my training. This gi is made of Honey Comb Weaved Fabric and Rubber Lapel providing lightness, quality and faster drying. The Ultra Light model is even lighter than the Pro light, it weights about 2.6 lbs. It is the best option if you are close to being over the weight limit of your division at tournaments.

BJJ For Self Defense

If you have ever considered the need to learn about self defense, we cannot recommend Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enough. Many people are put off my learning BJJ as they feel it too difficult to master, and whilst this may be the case at some point, you will be learning to defend yourself as opposed to entering competitions.

Gameness Air Gi Review

Gameness currently offer a wide range of gis, with the Air gi being one of their most popular products to date. The outfit packs a punch with a heavy 550 gram pearl weave, with both the jacket and pants coming out heavier than most gis. Feedback from those who have tried the AIR have complimented Gameness on the lightness of the gi, weighing in at an average of 3.2 pounds which is pretty impressive. At around 6 ounces lighter than most competitive gis, this makes the Air live up to its name and is a solid investment if you are

Bad Boy PRO Series Gi Review

The Bad Boy PRO Series is one of the more expensive outfits available, but it is a wise investment and the chances are you will not have to buy another outfit in your playing career. The thickness of the material and the reinforced stitching gives this outfit extra strength and increases durability, but it feels light enough when practicing or competing. The extra thickness of this lightweight means that this go is good for use in winter or for those who live in a cold place. It has all of the great features of a heavier outfit and all of

Fuji Kassen II BJJ Gi Uniform Review

Fuji has long been in determined to create sportswear that pushes the boundaries in every way, with everything from ease of use through to durability at the forefront of their designs. They have certainly delivered with the Kassen II, which has arguably become the best gi’s on the market.

Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best BJJ Gi

If you are serious about practicing jiu jitsu, you may want to think about investing in a traditional gi, jut as the Brazilians do. Buying a gi is an exciting experience although you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed at exactly what outfit to buy. There is lots to choose from when it comes to buying a gi, so it is worth reading up on the best go to buy. Don’t be confused by differing advice from various sources, we are here to help you read up on what outfit to buy depending on your needs. Follow our guide to the

Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform Review

Lightweight gis are becoming very popular in the BJJ world and Fuji Sportswear’s version, the Sekai is a very good example of how this type of gi works. Fuji did not want to just produce the same old lightweight gi as its competitors, so they spent a long time bringing us the Sekia. The key to this go is the amazing durability considering it is to light. Gis can often look very similar and do not really stand apart from one another but this outfit really is eye catching. Picture Product Check Price on Amazon.com Fuji Sekai BJJ Uniform Design