Best MMA Gloves and TOP 5 Reviews 2016/2017

MMA gear has quickly become a big business. With the popularity waning in boxing and more and more fight fans switching their loyalties to the UFC and WEC, it is no wonder that sales of MMA gear and clothing have risen dramatically. Not only has the fan base increased but so have the people who enjoy participating in the sport.

Most of the participants of course are amateurs and are receiving the benefits of a physical activity that has cardio and other health benefits and learning self defense at the same time. Very few are working towards the pros. We take a look at the most important factors to consider when choosing good MMA gloves.

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What to think about before you buy

Different varieties of glove

  • MMA Grappling Gloves

For grappling practice, you want a light glove that lets you use your entire hand and thumbs. Normal fight gloves, MMA sparring gloves, and general training gloves can all be used for grappling.

  • Training gloves

If you are a competitive MMA fighter you will need to ensure that you have a set of gloves for training as well as a pair for competing. As you train you will need more protection as you practice and put pressure on your hands for longer periods than you would whilst in the ring.

It is also worth investing in two pair of gloves so that the more expensive pair can be saved for fights, which will mean that they will last much longer than if you used one pair for both purposes.

Training gloves are generally heavier than competition gloves or standard gloves, coming in at anything from 8-16 ounces. The extra padding will definitely make your training sessions much more comfortable.

  • Competition Gloves

Competition gloves will generally have a lot less padding than training gloves, as they are likely to be worn for a shorter time period. There are a few pairs of gloves that would be suitable for training as well as fighting, but we would always recommend that you buy two sets of gloves for ultimate performance.

If gloves are 5 ounces or larger then they will not be accepted in competitions by UFC. We would never recommend using fighting gloves to spar in as this can be very dangerous for your hands.

You can buy hybrid gloves or use the same gloves for different applications, but as a serious athlete it is always better to invest in the right equipment for each aspect of the sport you participate in.

Glove Size

The size of the glove that a fighter should get depends on the width of one’s hand. Sizes range from small (7 inches) to extra large (8.5 inches). While some gloves are wider, they all continue to have the same weight in order to offer a fair fight while in the ring.

A simple method to determine the size of the glove you’ll need is to measure the circumference of your hand, just below the knuckles. If your right handed, use your right hand and vice versa.


It is important to consider what material you want your gloves to made out of. Leather is always the best option for gloves, or if you cannot afford full leather gloves then make sure the main parts of the glove are.

If you choose leather gloves you will need to make sure that they are treated regularly and that they are stored away properly if you are not going to use them regularly. Polystyrene gloves will still need to be stored away but they will not need to be treated, so they are a popular choice for many fighters.

As you will soon find out, some gloves are padded a lot more than others, but the UFC guidelines state that there must be at least 1 inch of padding over the knuckle area and this should the standard.

The purpose of wearing gloves is to protect your hands so there should be no arguing over the amount of padding that your gloves has.

Most gloves are made from synthetic materials as they are more durable than cotton gloves, which can still be bought, but are much less popular and may be more expensive because of this.

MMA Glove Brands

  • Everlast – Everlast has done well and listened to the MMA fighters to give them what they want — a sturdy, padded glove that provides protection for the hands & knuckles yet still flexible enough to lock in a kimura.
  • Fairtex – Fairtex are a great option if you are intending to use gloves longterm as they are very durable and we are always impressed by the quality and design of these iconic gloves.
  • Hayabusa – Hayabusa makes great quality gear, equipment and clothing. With a product lineup featuring everything from foot-grips to heavy bags, you can even buy a box of Jiu Jitsu black belts to hand out haphazardly like the Nogueira brothers. Hayabusa gloves are some of the best MMA sparring gloves on the market and we have never been disappointed with any we have tried.
  • Combat Sports – Combat are the #1 selling MMA fight gloves in the world because they cater to cage fighters desires and are designed to meet the needs of professional MMA fighters.


Keep in mind that when you first walk into an MMA gym, you aren’t going to be able to put on a pair of gloves and start sparring right away. Instead, it’s going to take months before they let you throw your first punch. Therefore, MMA fighting gloves may not be a primary purchase that you make when you first start training.

Keep in mind that in certain promotions, like the UFC, they have their own official fight gloves and you won’t be able to wear your own. Like we said, MMA gloves aren’t as important as you might’ve first thought!

TOP 5 best MMA gloves with reviews

1. Fairtex Ultimate Combat MMA Gloves – Open Thumb

If you’re a professional fighter, or even an amateur with a couple matches behind you, you’ve probably already clicked the button to add this to your cart, since there’s no question that Fairtex gloves are the real deal.

Fairtex Ultimate Combat MMA Gloves

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2. Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves

Already with the know how of making high quality fighting gear for years, with the rise in popularity of MMA, Everlast is looking to grab market share from the more established brands in the industry.

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7

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3. Combat Sports MMA Sparring Gloves

These MMA training gloves have a simply get an esthetically pleasing design and are highly durable. There is not need to change your gloves during your training sessions as you can strike and grapple in these gloves. These gloves can certainly withstand high levels of pressure, with multiple layers of padding for your comfort.

Combat Sports MMA Sparring Gloves

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4. Hayabusa Official MMA Tokushu 4 oz.

The Hyabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves, at 4 oz., are official regulation weight MMA gloves. Ultimate stability and responsiveness is delivered via their Y-Volar design by keeping the glove tight to the hand. The patented Dual-X Wrist Closure offers the superb wrist support for so you can strike with 100% power.

Hayabusa Official MMA Tokushu 4 oz. MMA Gloves

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5. Hayabusa Tokushu Hybrid Gloves, Smoke, Large/7-Ounce

If you want to go with a hybrid glove for training instead of specific gloves best suited to each application, these gloves will serve you well over time. They are padded enough for light sparring, offer enough support for moderate bag use and are flexible enough for grappling.

Hayabusa Tokushu Hybrid Gloves, Smoke, Large/7-Ounce

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Traditional boxing gloves wrap around as much as half a fighter’s forearms and are held in place by laces similar to those on your shoes. Mixed martial arts gloves rarely cover more than the top of the wrist and are held closed with a wrapping strap and Velcro tabs. Modern boxing gloves are also available with the strap-and-Velcro closure, a style used more often in training than in competition.