Bad Boy PRO Series Gi Review

The Bad Boy PRO Series is one of the more expensive outfits available, but it is a wise investment and the chances are you will not have to buy another outfit in your playing career. The thickness of the material and the reinforced stitching gives this outfit extra strength and increases durability, but it feels light enough when practicing or competing.

The extra thickness of this lightweight means that this go is good for use in winter or for those who live in a cold place. It has all of the great features of a heavier outfit and all of the benefits of an ultralight, without the super pricey dent in your wallet.


There are plenty of patches on the PRO Series making them stand out without being too brash. This is certainly an outfit that will catch your eye without it being too overwhelming.

Bad Boy patches feature the name and logo and are situated on the shoulders, pants leg, at the back near the shoulder blades. The Pro Series gi comes in  traditional colors of white and blue and have red detailing and black borders to the embroider patches.



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Bad Boy PRO Series Gi


Some athletes have fed back on the extra weight that this gi carries and we can certainly see their point. We think that this gi is superior in quality and other reviewers share the same love for this Bad Boy. We did note a small shrinkage in the jacket after washing, so this is something to be mindful of. The jacket is a quite roomy so a bit of shrinkage on one wash will not be too problematic, but if it were to happen on several washes this could be an issue.





5’2”- 5’6” 120-155 A-1
5’7”¬ 5’9” 155-190 A-2
5’10”- 6’ 190-225 A-3
6’1”- 6’2″ 225-265 A-4
6’2”- 6’4” 265-300 A-5


The Bad Boy gi is superior it terms of its strength and we are sure that you will have this outfit in tip top condition fort a long time. The PRO Series follows previous Bad Boy outfits in that it is extremely durable. The cuffs of the gi are strengthened with heavy canvas and tape that is seamed along the edges.

With all of these claims of being super light and comfortable, you may be worried that the material will not stand the test of time but we think that you would be wrong as lightweight does not mean that it easily worn out. This is a superbly durable piece of kit that will impress professionals.

Bad Boy Jiu Jitsu Gi - White

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To outfit is made up of pearl weaved cotton with reinforced heavy canvas, for extra strength. The jacket of the PRO Series is reasonably roomy and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods. Some lightweight gis can seem a little flimsy, but the PRO series is very well made and it does feel like you are wearing a quality piece of kit.

The jacket collar is made from rolled canvas, which makes it hard for appoints to grip than the standard rubber collars that most gi’s have. The rolled canvas collar also makes the whole jacket stronger. Feedback from some quarters has said that the collar is a little restrictive, but this will be down to personal taste and we are guessing that this feedback has come from experienced athletes who take BJJ very seriously and are super picky about what they wear.

Bad Boy Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black

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The jacket is quote roomy, which some people may not like. If you like tighter fitting jackets then this may not be the best option. If you like boxy jackets and like a little more freedom of movement, then look no further.


The canvas pants are made from a lightweight material, and these Pro Series are said to be lighter and softer than ultralight gi trousers that are far less durable. Well reinforced at all the stress points and at the cuffs, the pants of this gi are likely to never wear out.

Durable rope drawstrings, as opposed to the traditional twill, are a neat feature and there are four drawstring loops on the pants for a functional fit.The drawstring loops can be a little tricky to adjust and other reviewers have shared the same feedback, but I guess this is being slightly picky.


Making a lightweight gi that is also incredibly durable is something all gi manufacturers strive for and whilst the PRO Series is  still a little way off, they are on their way to achieving this. This outfit is a bit heavier and warmer than other lightweight gis, but these features are very forgiving.

Quality can be seen in the make-up of this gi, with features that have been hand sewn in Brazil, making them tight and comfortable.

This is one of the best lightweight gi’s on the market and if you are in BJJ for the long haul it is definitely worth the investment.