Venum Challenger BJJ Gi Review 2016


The Challenger is superb value for money and one of Venum’s most affordable gis.

This is a slick gi, with contrasting stitching, bold colors, and a lot of built in functionality including a good cut that allows for grappling in realistic situations.

The Challenger is made from a lightweight, single weave material with soft inner linings and reinforced stitching. Creative patches and stitching allow this go to stand out from conventional his and we think that it would look great in competitions.

Generally single weave fabric is not as durable as the gold weave, like in the Absolute, but still allows fighters to move around effectively. This is a lighter and more cost effective alternative to the Absolute and is a good second choice if you are a Venum fan.


With its original and simple embroidery Jiu-Jitsu logo, the Venum “Challenger 2.0” combines style and performance. Highly recommend for the newest BJJ generation.

Venum excels when it comes its uniqueness and cutting edge BJJ fashion as they are able to produce a head-turning gi without being over-the-top.

A branded patch can be found on the pants. The patch features Venum’s distinctive logo is sewn into the left shoulder, making it stand out with our being too brash.

“Jiu jitsu” is creatively embroidered down the left leg and across the back of the gi. The patches and embroidery on all of the suit are black, which is a perfect contrast to the white jacket and pants.

The gi is available in white, blue and black but like most gis does not include a belt. It is IBJFF – approved, so it’s perfect for the gym and competition.



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Venum Challenger BJJ Gi


We love how lightweight and easy this gi is to wear, it is so comfortable.

The inside of the jacket is lined with a soft material for extra comfort while the outside fabric is much more durable. Some reviewers of the Absolute have mentioned the 650gsm being too heavy, but others have not found the weight a problem at all. This certainly is one of the heaviest gis on the market and it may make it harder for some to move in them, it will depend on your personal preference and skill level.

One downside of this gi is the tendency for a lot of shrinkage, especially with the jacket that can become a little too snug after many washes. The good sizing of this gi should alleviate this problem for many, as most athletes find themselves falling in-between sizes.

Size Chart




5’5”- 5’7” 120-145 A-1
5’7”- 5’8” 145-155 A-1.5
5’7”- 6’0” 155-165 A-2
5’8”- 6’0” 165-180 A-2.5
6’0”- 6’5” 200-250 A-3
6’2” 250-260 A-4

Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI Size Chart

As mentioned earlier, the Challenger does suffer from significant shrinkage so the advice is to buy a size up, particularly if you are the top end of the weight for the size that you buy.


The Venum Absolute is the ultimate in durability but, for a single weave the Challenger is a very competitive gi that is right up there alongside it when it comes to durability. The gi offers triple stitched reinforcements in all the usual stress areas such as the crotch and knees. Reviewers have marvelled at the great strength that comes from this gi and have hailed it as one of the best single weaves around.


The Challenger jacket is made from single weave, high-quality cotton and it celebrates a soft lining, making it truly one of the most comfortable jackets you will find, with no worry about its durability.

The Challenger gi offers a virtually plain white gi with distinctive black accents. The Challenger features two Venum logos and black lapel stitching to make it stand out.

The size tag at the tip of the lapel is clear and clean, showcasing the Venum logos as well as the gi size. The logos all over are embroidered and shows the huh standard of work that has gone into manufacturing this gi.

Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ GI

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The pants of this outfit are just as impressive as the jacket, superb quality and oozing class. Featuring the distinctive Venom logo on the side of one leg and boasting super strength stitches, these pants are not going to wear thin any day soon.

The one downside of the pants is that many would like to see them fitted with a rope drawstring rather than a cloth one they currently have.


The Venum Challenger is one of the best gis on the market for its price bracket.

The shrinkage problem is an issue for us, but if you buy a size bigger and wash before wearing, you should be ok.

Overall, this gi performs on a level that is nearly unheard of for a gi of its cost, making it an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced pros alike.

With its original and simple embroidery Jiu-Jitsu logo the Venum “Challenger 2.0” combines style and performance. Highly recommend for the newest BJJ generation.